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Bitter leaf has so many medicinal values and benefits to human health and lifestyle. This vegetable is known as onugbu in Igbo language, ewuro in Yoruba language, chusar-doki or shuwaka in Hausa language and etidot in cross river and akwaibom state, ndoleh (Cameroon) and olubirizi (Lusoga), mululuza (Luganda), labwori (Acholi), olusia (Luo) respectively.

Some people may not find bitter leave so fantastic due to its bitter taste. But the health benefits will go a long way to changing your perspective about bitter leave. In this article I’m gonna be telling you the benefits of bitter leaf.

Nutrition bitter leaf health benefits

The health benefits of bitter leaf includes:

1. Bitter leaf helps to clear fever

Bitter leave contains Flavonoids which has powerful antioxidant effect in treating fever. A glass of bitter leave juice is a strong herbal medicine that helps to combat malaria symptoms and reduce fever effect.

2. It lowers high blood pressure

Bitter leave lowers high blood pressure. Chewing fresh bitter leaf or drinking the juice extracted from the leaves are commonly known to control blood pressure due to its bitterness.

3. Bitter leaf treats stomach upset

Bitter leaves are the major agents that are recommended as a natural remedy for intestinal problems, stomach upset, Diarrhoea, dysentery and stomach cramps.

Get a handful of fresh bitter leaves, wash very well with a little quantity of salt and water, squeeze very well to extract the juice, then take a glass of this juice twice a day, to treat stomach upset.

4. It is good for bones and teeth

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It contains Vitamin c and k, which is a strong antioxidant minerals that helps in the maintenance of the bones and teeth, as well as prevention of deficiency and bone tissues weaknesses.

5. It prevents cancer risk

Presence of anti-cancer properties in bitter leaf makes it effective in preventing and managing cancers.

6. Bitter leaf treats diabetes

It contains plant compounds which contribute to the bitter taste. These compounds hinders the rising of the glucose in the blood, which leads to the risk of diabetes.

7. Bitter leaf improves fertility in women

It is very effective in women’s reproductive life. For its capability of providing balance, in the genital hormones.

8. It detoxifies the body

The juice extracted from bitter leaf has detoxifying properties that helps in pumping out impurities from the body.

9. It helps in weight loss

Most of the properties of bitter leaf has a direct association with weight loss. incorporating bitter leaves as vegetable in daily meals or eating a few fresh leaves a day or drinking the juice helps to reduce excess calories which can cause weight gain.

10. Bitter leaf helps in treating several infections

Aside from all the health benefits I mentioned earlier, bitter leave have the properties to treat skin holes.

It can also help in treating mouth inflammation, tooth ache, typhoid, ear inflammation, tuberculosis, and respiratory tract diseases.

It is an excellent vegetable, loaded with a lots of health benefits. It contributes to certain healthy lifestyle and human outlook on the skin, bitter leave is so effective because it helps to wipe out wrinkles, due to ageing effect and causing skin problem.

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Warning: Upon all the benefits, a warning also follows that its leaf should not be given to infants, and individual with kidney problems except on recommendation by health practitioner.


With all these health benefits, please make sure you prepare bitter leaf soup for your family because it is very nutritious.

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