Itchy Vagina While Pregnant? What to do and How to Treat (Vaginal Infection)

itchy burning vagina while pregnant

Itchy Vagina While Pregnant? What to do and How to Treat (Vaginal Infection)
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A woman’s vagina is far from a sterile environment. On the contrary, the vaginal flora – or microbiota – is colonized by a set of microorganisms, starting with those responsible for its protection: the Doderlein bacilli.

These friendly bacteria protect the vagina against the intrusion of pathogenic bacteria. Doderlein’s bacilli feed on secretions from the vagina and convert them into lactic acid.

They allow the vagina to maintain an acidity rate between 3.5 and 4.5 pH.

However, it happens that the pH of the vagina is unbalanced, especially during pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations.

Mycosis And Other Vaginal Infections: The Causes

Itchy Vagina While Pregnant? What to do and How to Treat (Vaginal Infection)

Vaginal infections can occur if you wash too much, use harsh soap, or douching.

In this case, the Doderlein bacilli are eliminated and the pathogenic bacteria take the opportunity to settle.

It is better to use intimate hygiene products, known to be gentler on the intimate area, or even to be confined to washing with clean water.

The vagina is said to be “self-cleaning”: there is no need to clean the inside, this happens naturally.

Another factor that can kill good bacteria is antibiotics.

If you have taken oral antibiotics, these can also kill Doderlein’s bacilli and therefore lead to infection a few weeks later.

Finally, sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonococcus (Neisseria gonorrhoae), chlamydia or mycoplasma, can lead to vaginal infections.

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Before we look at what to do in the case of itchy vagina while pregnant and how to treat, let us look at the symptoms.

Vaginal Infections: Symptoms And Treatment


The symptoms are easy to recognize. You will feel a burning sensation when you urinate, when you urinate, or you will see your vaginal discharge change color.

They can be brown, yellow or even black like rulers, and become smelly.

Blame The Fungus Candida Albicans?

If your discharge is milky, curd-like, and you have burns, the infection is probably caused by a microscopic fungus, a parasite of the human body, Candida albicans.

Usually Candida is present in the body, but following antibiotic treatment it can start to multiply and develop abnormally in the vagina.

This fungus secretes aggressive and irritating substances for the mucous membranes, hence the inflammation.

The fungus spreads everywhere, in the folds and damp areas, mucous membranes in the first place. This is called candidiasis or mycosis.

How To Treat Itchy Vagina While Pregnant (Vaginal Infection)

The treatment can be purchased directly in a pharmacy and is carried out in two ways: you can soothe the burn on the vulva with a cream and insert an egg into the vagina which will act locally.

Some eggs may contain Lactobacillus rhamnosus. They will “reseed” the vagina with protective flora.

Others make it possible to promote the “recolonization” of the vagina by restoring its acidity, by administering, among other things, lactic acid.

On the other hand, if the vaginal infection comes from an STI, it will be necessary to go, with your partner to the doctor.

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The latter will take a sample with a small swab and send it to the laboratory to find out the pathogen responsible for the infection.

Depending on the results, it will give you and your partnera targeted antibiotic treatment to destroy the germ in question.

During this time, abstain from having sex, or protect yourself with condoms, so as not to recontaminate each other before being treated.

What To Do And What Are The Risks In Case Of Itchy Vagina While Pregnant (Yeast Infection)?

Itchy Vagina While Pregnant? What to do and How to Treat (Vaginal Infection)

If you are pregnant and have symptoms of itchy in your vagina, tell your midwife or gynecologist.

Vaginal infection is only dangerous for the fetus if the water sac is cracked or ruptured, which can lead to infection of the uterus (chorioamnionitis).

Fortunately, this case is very rare, and most of the time your baby is well protected in his sterile pouch.

The doctor will give you antimycotic and / or antibiotic treatment compatible with the pregnancy. To see more post on Women’s Health click here.

Itchy Vagina While Pregnant? What to do and How to Treat (Vaginal Infection)

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