Benefits of drinking clove water for fertility

Benefits Of Drinking Clove Water For Fertility, Ovulation, Twinning & Menstruation

In this post we’ll be talking about the Benefits of drinking clove water for fertility, ovulation, Twinning & Menstruation, How to prepare cloves water for fertility.

Apart from cloves water being used as a remedy for vaginal tightening or to get rid of infection, clove water is also a known fertility booster for both men and women.

And it has been shown to have the ability to treat infertility in both male and female. Usually, Cloves is soaked in water, people filter and drink the water to treat infertility and also to boost fertility.

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Benefits Of Drinking Clove Water For Fertility

Clove water in glass jug

This is how cloves water help boost fertility and benefits of cloves water for conceiving:

1. Enhances Erection

Drinking a cup of cloves water help improve erection before action. cloves increase blood flow to the genitals. Clove soaked in water can be used to last longer in bed. However, there are no scientific backed prove to show that clove water enhances erection.

2. Boosts Libido

Drinking clove water helps increase testosterone level in the blood. Testosterone is the primary libido booster in both males and females. It also helps a man overcome premature ejaculation and helps him last longer in bed.

3. Boosts Ovulation

Drinking cloves water is believed to boost ovulation and increases a woman’s chances of conception. Many women trying to conceive take clove water to aid ovulation. Cloves is believed to increase the secretion of LH. LH is the hormone that stimulates the ovaries to realease egg during ovulation and menstruation.

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Can i drink clove water during ovulation? Yes. you can.

When to take cloves water for ovulation? Immediately after your last menstrual period. Take daily in morning and evening till your next ovulation.

4. Twinning: Cloves For Conceiving Twins?

Clove water for twins?

Since drinking cloves water is believed to boost multiple ovulation, the chances of a woman who take clove water for ovulation getting pregnant and giving birth to twins is higher.

Note: That there are no scientific backed prove to show that cloves water causes twin gestation.

5. Regularization Of Menstruation And Cramps

Women with ceased menstruation had their menstrual flow restored after taking clove soaked in water every morning and evening.

Also, drinking cloves water during your ovulatory period reduces menstrual cramps and can cause you to release many eggs.

6. Boosts Sperm Count And Sperm Motility

Drinking cloves water early in the morning has been shown to helped in boosting sperm count, increase sperm production, improve motility, and semen / sperm volume. It is believed to treat oligospermia and azoospermia. Although this claims have not be proven scientifically.

How To Prepare Clove Water For Fertility

What some people do is that, they just soak some cloves in clean water overnight and start drinking the water.

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But, let me show you another method of how to prepare clove water therapy for fertility in just 4 simple steps:

Step 1. Take 3 – 4 clove sticks and grind

Step 2. Put like 2 cup of clean water in a pot and boil for at least 15 – 20 minutes.

Step 3. Bring it down from fire and filter the cloves with a clean clothe.

Step 4. Tarararaa! Your clove water is set for drinking.


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Benefits of drinking clove water for fertility
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