Christmas tree lot attendant jobs in Canada with Free Visa Sponsorship

Christmas tree lot attendant jobs in Canada with Free Visa Sponsorship 2024 [Apply Now]

Christmas tree lot attendant jobs in Canada with free Visa Sponsorship 2024: Finding work in Canada is beneficial, whether skilled or unskilled. The good news is that, these jobs come with visa sponsorship and you can earn as much as $40,000 yearly. If you want to know how to apply and secure any of these jobs, then read every line of this article as we show you all that it entails.

Canada has one of the fastest-growing commercial economy in the world. However, it does not have enough manpower to cater to the available jobs created by the increasing growth rate. Therefore, the government has opted to bring immigrant workers, especially in the semi-skilled and unskilled sectors including christmas tree lot attendant jobs.

It is recorded that there are insufficient qualified christmas tree lot attendant workers in Canada hence it is in the National Occupation Code 6341 (NOC) List for Immigration and Work Permits. Interestingly, jobs in this category are mostly with visa sponsorship from employers. However, certain requirements must be met and you must apply the right way. Continue reading to see how to apply as well as every other information that you will need to get the job.

Summary of Christmas Tree lot attendant Jobs in Canada with visa Sponsorship

  • Host Country: Canada
  • Job Industry: Agriculture
  • Job Task: Christmas tree lot attendant
  • Experience Required: Non
  • Age Limit: Not Required

Now, let’s discuss about the duties of a christmas tree lot attendant in Canada.

Duties of a Christmas tree lot attendant Jobs in Canada

Christmas tree lot attendants oversee the seasonal retail operation of Christmas tree lots. They aid customers in choosing, carrying, and loading trees, ensuring a well-organized display. Attendants maintain tree freshness through watering, manage inventory, process sales, and provide information on tree care. They uphold safety measures, secure trees on vehicles, and manage lot cleanliness. Additionally, attendants assist in lot setup and closure, contributing to a seamless and enjoyable holiday tree-buying experience for customers while maintaining the lot’s functionality and appearance throughout the season.

What are the Career Advantages of Being a Christmas tree lot attendant in Canada?

  1. Visa sponsorship is required for all candidates and foreign workers who apply for a Christmas tree lot attendant employment. They will not be charged a visa application cost, and the Canadian embassy in their native country will also assist them with paperwork.
  2. Medical Insurance: Throughout their stay in Canada, all employees and farm labourers will be provided with medical insurance. This insurance will cover all of your medical, injury, and accident expenditures.
  3. Accommodation Support: All workers arriving in Canada will receive full accommodation support. Your housing will be provided by the employer for whom you will be working.
  4. After three years of working as a Christmas tree lot attendant in Canada and remaining loyal to one specific company, the employer will apply for your permanent residency on your behalf. Following that, you may bring your family (spouse and dependent children).
  5. Relocation Assistance: Once you arrive in Canada, your employer will give you with full relocation assistance. This means you will receive full relocation assistance until you are completely satisfied with your surroundings and flat in Canada.
  6. Tickets for flights to and from Canada.

Christmas Tree Lot Types

  • Pop-up Christmas tree lots
  • Farm-based Christmas tree lots
  • Retail parking lot Christmas tree lots
  • Non-profit organization Christmas tree lots
  • Garden center Christmas tree lots
  • Chain store or big-box retailer Christmas tree lots
  • Christmas tree lots at local markets or fairs
  • Home improvement store Christmas tree lots
  • Fundraising organization-operated Christmas tree lots

Who can Apply as a Christmas tree lots attendant in Canada in 2024?

Workers from all around the globe with all nationalities can apply for these Christmas tree lot attendant Jobs in Canada as there is no nationality restrictions. But the applicants from the following countries will get preferences.

  1. Zambia
  2. Ethiopia
  3. India
  4. Nigeria
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Kenya
  7. Philippines
  8. Canada
  9. Cameroon
  10. South Africa
  11. Saudi Arabia
  12. Ghana
  13. UAE (United Arab Emirates)
  14. Trinidad
  15. Tobago
  16. Mexico

How to Apply for Christmas tree lot attendant Jobs in Canada 2024? (Process of Application)

All applicants for the Christmas tree lot attendant Jobs in Canada 2024 must complete the following steps:

  • Visit the website of the province in Canada where you want to work as a Christmas tree lot attendant.
  • Apply for the Christmas tree lot attendant Jobs position, which also provides visa sponsorship for overseas employees.
  • Submit an application for the desired position.
  • Submit all necessary paperwork as well.
  • After double-checking the application form, submit it.
  • Allow time for the application to be approved.
  • The employer will contact shortlisted candidates through email.

General steps you can take to find Christmas tree lot attendant Jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship

  • Check the Canadian government’s job board: You can look for available positions for Christmas tree lot attendant on the Canadian government’s job board. These positions may include visa sponsorship or other perks for foreign workers. The job board can be found at
  • Contact recruiting agencies: There are various recruitment agencies in Canada that specialize in placing foreign workers in agricultural employment. You might inquire with these organizations to see if they have any employment openings for Christmas tree lot attendant that include visa sponsorship.
  • Search for job ads on online job boards: You can find job postings for Christmas tree lot attendant in Canada on online job boards such as IndeedGlassdoor, and LinkedIn. These job listings may also mention whether or not the firm is willing to sponsor international workers for visas.

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