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Causes of Breast sagging and its Prevention: Does pressing Breast cause Sagging?

Women are synonymous with curiosity as this reflect in the manner with which they explore their body, trying to figure out how each part functions or reacts to changes. With the breast being a center of attraction on the woman’s body, their curiosity often leaves them asking – does pressing the breasts cause sagging?

Statistics indicate that the breast is the most operated area in cosmetic surgery, which indicates that we are concerned, not only about the size, but the shape and how it is affected with the passage of time.

The main parts of the breasts are the mammary gland , the tissues that surround it and mainly the fat.
Fat or adipose tissue constitutes 90% of what we know as breast or more popularly “boobs”.

The breast has a specific function of producing and secreting breast milk , which is why in addition to the gland there will be the ducts that will lead the milk to the nipple and its opening.

The amount of milk they can produce or secrete is not proportional to its shape or size .
The mammary gland rests on the thoracic tissue and Cooper’s ligaments are responsible for supporting them.
In the lower part of the breast it is attached to the thoracic wall by a fascia, covering the pectoral muscles, in the upper part it is the skin that supports the breast.

Does pressing the breast cause sagging?


This question has been frequently asked by people (women especially) and the answer, not really.

We will be vividly explaining some of the common causes of breast sagging which you might not be aware of.

Reasons for breast sagging?

Does pressing breast cause sagging?

Breast sagging formally called breast ptosis occours when there is an inappropriate distance between the nipple and the lower fold.

There are different reasons why the breasts can change shape and lose its smoothness and position even when you are young.

Mainly, the law of gravity is responsible, not necessarily its squeezing.

The upper part of the breast is held by the skin layer and the lower part by muscles, when these parts lose their strength to stay or relax, they will fall.
Obviously, small breasts will suffer less from this problem than large ones in which the weight is much greater.
The lack of strength for the skin and muscles is basically due to the passage of time . Just as the rest of the body loses smoothness, so does the breast.

Sometimes when we lose weight quickly , the breasts also lose an amount of internal fat, so it will take a while for the skin to regain shape, less or more depending on age and resilience.
Most women suffer breast sagging when they are pregnant, reason being that the breast gains volume ( as the mammary gland is preparing ) and when they breastfeed , these glands are in full swing. Some women notice that their breasts lose shape and drop somewhat when they stop breastfeeding. While it is true that the nipple becomes more resistant, the feeling is not always correct, the change in appearance is what causes us to worry enormously.

The excess weight can also cause the fall of the breasts. When the skin and muscles do not hold, they have a tendency to sag.

Sometimes menopause can also cause the breast to sag, due to loss of volume or fullness of the breast and in turn the loss of strength of the upper skin that supports it.

Radioactivity also causes a contraction of the muscles and skin around the chest.
Likewise, many women notice a change in the shape and volume of their breasts when they take contraceptives.

Solutions to Breast Sagging.

Physical Exercise

Does pressing breast cause sagging?

Exercise or training, is the most effective solution to prevent the breast from falling. It helps prevent breast sagging by giving strength to the muscle that supports the breast underneath and simply making the grip stronger.
The most common exercises to strengthen these muscles are linked to exercise with weight or resistance of your own weight.
Some of the physical exercise for preventing sagging breasts are bench press and swimming.
In the bench press, position the hands in a prayer posture, high and in front of the chest.

Cosmetic Treatment:

Does pressing breast cause sagging?

Cosmetic treatments has been indicated to improve the texture and strength of the skin that supports the breast.
It also helps hydrate the breast and in turn give it a healthy appearance.
It further gives a filling effect on the skin and thus hide the effect of sagging chest.
Creams with silicon content are the most recommended because it gives strength to the skin and improve its structure.
Cosmetic treatments really helps if consistently applied, but the star treatment is exercise

Breast Treatments (Surgical, Aesthetics and Medical).

Surgical Treatment:

Does pressing breast cause sagging?

Breast surgical treatment also called mastopexy is similar to the breast reduction operation. Though the treatment leaves scars that are T-shaped and quite visible, it is necessary to ensure that the scars heals as well as possible and use the treatment only when there is real need for it.

This treatment should apply depending on how severe the breast ptosis is.
Other times, the problem can be solved by implanting a breast prosthesis, especially when it has lost volume.

Aesthetic Treatment:
Aesthetic treatment for a sagging breast include the cold water jets, padding tricks and nutrition.

Cold Water Jets: This simple method only requires applying cold water to the chest for two or three minutes.

Padding Tricks
The bra, more than a trick, is an immediate solution. Push-ups are miraculous. Although for very large sizes it is better that they do not have pads, rather a good support will do.
There are also strips that are glued under the chest to increase its support.

Wearing a bra daily prevents the skin and muscles from being overweight, greatly delaying breast ptosis.
The use of bras is essential to practice sports, especially if you are going to run, perform explosive exercises such as jumping.

Generally, breast sagging pills are sold for breast augmentation. These usually have phytoestrogens in their composition, thereby acting like natural estrogens, increasing the volume of the breast. It is the sensation of pre-menstrual breast enlargement.
For women in menopause, HRT is best prescribed. It increases chest volume, which improves turgor and reduces the effect of falling.

To avoid hair loss, it is advisable to take a supplement that prevents or delays skin flaccidity.

Unhealthy lifestyle habits will not help your breasts look good at all. So all those actions that cause destruction of collagen fibers like smoking or alcoholism should be put aside as well as habits that cause sudden weight changes, rapid weight gain and loss.

Taking healthy diets, with high content of fruits and vegetables, will improve the strength of the skin. Also, incorporating protein content, especially when exercising, will improve the formation of muscle fibers.
Avoid sleeping positions that literally “flattens your chest”, better on your back or on your side.

There are many pills that are used to increase the breast, with this you could achieve a greater smoothness. However, there are not too many products in the pharmacy because its effectiveness are sometimes doubtful, unless it contains some type of phytoestrogens.

The same thing happens in herbal and dietary stores, which is why I advise you to read the composition well before taking anything and consult a professional.
These types of pills also cannot be taken for a long period of time. If you are to buy them on the internet, I advise you to verify the legality, do not be surprised by the results, which most of the time are totally exaggerated, and know the composition, when in doubt about a component, I advise better abstain before acquiring it.
Not everything natural is safe and absolutely safe.

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