Family Spell For Prosperity

Family Spell For Prosperity!!!

This is a spell to ask for economic prosperity for your relatives.

Items required:

Family Spell For Prosperity

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Rosemary or cinnamon
  • Sellotape

How To Begin:

  1. List out your family members names on the paper.
  2. Now, across the names or ontop of the names you listed, write ✍ “Prosperity come, Improvement come, Good luck come
  3. Next, pour rosemary or cinnamon powder on that paper and begin to fold.
  4. Fold 5times
  5. Then use the tape to seal it
  6. Save it for minimum of 35 days in a drawer closer to you.

Family Spell For Prosperity

Monitor your family members improvement and return here with the testimonies.

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