How to calculate the Pregnancy weeks

How to calculate the Pregnancy weeks

In this article we’ll be talking about how to calculate the pregnancy weeks.

Knowing the expected date of delivery is one of the first needs that arise for women who have just received the news that they are going to have a baby.

We tell you how to calculate the weeks of pregnancy and how to use the Naegele rule, among other things. Can you tell how many months are 31 weeks pregnant?

Pregnant woman How to calculate the Pregnancy weeks

Pregnancy is a period of emotions and countdowns. It’s an awesome experience full of mixed feelings and the best way to stay on top of your game, is to have a substantial prior knowledge of what to expect.

Knowing, how soon, the expected date to give birth is one of the first needs that arise when we receive the news that we are going to have a baby.

Before knowing the keys that specialist professionals give us to know when our baby is most likely to be born , it is essential to talk about some data.

How many times have you heard or read that a pregnancy lasts 40 weeks? Well, it is a statement that is not entirely true, or that, at least, needs to be accompanied by an explanation.

And, as the experts indicate, pregnancy lasts 38 weeks. That is, 266 days or 9 months . The explanation for understanding this difference in the data is as follows.

In other words, 38 weeks is the age a baby is when it is born. That is, it is the time that elapses from the fertilization of the ovum until the moment of delivery. So why is pregnancy said to last 40 weeks?

Stages of pregnancyThose two weeks apart represent the period of time between the first day of the last menstrual period and the time of ovulation .

Therefore, if we know the date of the first day of the final rule , we will know, so estimated, the expected date for delivery.

In any case, it should be noted that the calculation of the date of delivery is still a rough estimate, since there are many factors that influence the process. Hence, deliveries are early and late.

The usual thing, according to experts, is that the delivery is 3 weeks early or 2. Did you know?

How to calculate the Pregnancy weeks

Trimester How to calculate the Pregnancy weeks31 weeks pregnant how many months is it? As we have mentioned, pregnancy lasts for 9 months, that is, 3 trimesters . To know which month of pregnancy corresponds to a specific pregnancy week, it is essential to bear in mind that not all months have the same duration.

First trimester of pregnancy

  • First month: from week 1 to week 7
  • Second month: from week 5 to week 8
  • Third month: from week 9 to week 13

Second trimester

  • Fourth month: from week 14 to week 17
  • Fifth month: from week 18 to week 22
  • Sixth month: from week 23 to week 27

Third trimester

  • Seventh month: from week 28 to week 31
  • Eighth month: from week 32 to week 35
  • Ninth month: from week 36 to week 40

Therefore, to find an answer to the question “How many months pregnant are 31 weeks?” We just have to look at the list and see within which quarter and, more specifically, within which month the week in question fits.

In this case, week 31 corresponds to the seventh month of pregnancy.

What is Naegele’s rule and how is it used?

When the term “pregnancy” and the phrase “due date” appear in a conversation, it is common for Neagele to be discussed as well. But what is Neagele? Neagele is the name given to the rule that calculates the due date within 10 days of each other.

In other words, Neagele’s rule is the name given to a useful and simple calculation, recommended by the World Health Organization, popularly known as WHO, which determines the most probable date of birth.

This simple formula focuses on subtracting 3 months from the first day of the last menstrual period and adding seven days. The result that we will obtain is the probable due date.

Although, as we have mentioned previously, it is not a rule or an exact science, the WHO considers it valid for women with regular menstrual cycles , that is, 28 days.

For those cases in which, for example, the cycles are 30 days, two more days will be added.

From Myhealthmyskin we recommend that, for any questions that may arise, do not hesitate to consult a specialist professional.

In the short video below, Dr. Dixon has clearly explained all you need to know about pre-pregnancy planning, getting pregnant and managing pregnancy as well as it’s anxieties.

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