How To Cure Vaginal Candidiasis

These medications can be administered either orally or locally through the vagina applied directly to the area affected by Candida.

How To Cure Vaginal Candidiasis
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Many women have at some time suffered from the effects of vaginal candidiasis. It is a vaginal infection caused by the overgrowth of the common fungus Candida. When a vaginal candidiasis develops, the most frequent symptoms that appear are: thick and abundant vaginal discharge, itching and irritation of the vulva, itching when urinating and pain during sexual intercourse. To treat this type of infection, a specific treatment is required. At Myhealthmyskin, we tell you how to cure vaginal candidiasis.

How To Cure Vaginal Candidiasis

Steps To Follow:
1. In the event that you experience the symptoms of vaginal candidiasis, you will need to see your doctor. Using a culture of the vagina and a swab, the doctor will examine whether vaginal candidiasis has developed. It is very important to visit a specialist so that he or she can determine the most appropriate treatment to cure candidiasis and rule out the possibility of having other infections such as bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis or chlamydia, which can present similar symptoms.
Two. To cure vaginal candidiasis, it is normal to use antifungal drugs that are responsible for paralyzing the growth of Candida in the body. These medications can be administered either orally or locally through the vagina applied directly to the area affected by Candida.
  • Oral treatment consists of capsules or pills .
  • Local treatment can be in the form of suppositories that are inserted directly into the vagina like a suppository, or by applying creams to the vulva.
3. It is important to carefully follow the instructions on the package inserts of these medicines and to complete the treatment so that the vaginal infection is cured.
4. Although these medications usually cure the symptoms of vaginal candidiasis, there are more and more cases of patients who do not respond well to treatment and the infection is recurrent. When this happens, it will be essential to consult your specialist again, since you will most likely need another type of treatment to cure the infection definitively, such as taking a medication for 14 days or another intensive oral antifungal medication.
5. Likewise, it is essential to bear in mind that using this type of medication when it is not necessary can cause the appearance of a fairly resistant infection, which is more difficult to cure. Hence the importance of visiting your doctor and making responsible use of the treatment to cure vaginal candidiasis.
6. If you are prone to vaginal candidiasis, there are a number of measures you can incorporate into your daily routine to prevent infection.
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How To Cure Vaginal Candidiasis
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