Swallowing sperms is it healthy

Swallowing sperms is it healthy?

We already did a post about how to take out sperm from your body.

Today, we be discussing on the topic “Is swallowing sperms good for health”

Swallowing sperms is it healthy or not? At the time of sex, this is a point that always generates controversy and doubts. Yea, you will agree with me that there are people who do not like this practice, feel disgusted or are afraid to catch a disease. And, on the other hand, there are people who feel pleasure and even believe it is good for health. But, after all, it is good or bad?

Studies have shown that sperm (or semen), fluid produced by the seminal and prostate vesicle glands, By itself does not offer risk – but there is also no scientific evidence that it brings some benefit.

The liquid consists of a series of substances, such as protein, fructose, vitamins and minerals, as well as sperm, and none of them is harmful. The problem occurs when man is infected with some STI (sexually transmitted infection).

In this case, if the other person has an injury or even cut a in the mouth or oropharyngeal, when swallowing sperms or just stay with him in the mouth, it is susceptible to contracting diseases such as HPV, syphilis, Chlamydia and gonorrhea. What happens is that the bruises work as a gateway to the microorganisms.

Any kind of sexual intercourse can transmit diseases, and with oral is no different, “adds Alex Meller, Professor of Urology Discipline of UNIFESP (Federal University of São Paulo) and member of the clinical body of the Israeli Hospital Albert Einstein (SP). Therefore, the use of condoms, even during this practice, is indispensable, “he adds.

For couples that do not open ejaculation in the mouth, the doctor advises that periodically seek their reliable doctors to make the necessary exams and make sure they are healthy.

If people have just met or if they are eventually, there is the wisest to avoid it.

Does swallowing sperms makes you fat?

Because the semen contain fructose (sugar), a lot of people think it will get fat if you swallow it. None of this. “Sperms contain little calorie, but the amount is so small that it will not be enough to earn a few pounds.

Studies show that in an orgasm the man ejaculates the equivalent of a teaspoon (between 2 ml and 5 mL), and this volume has about 10 calories only. So, to increase weight, it would be necessary to ingest a lot.

Although if you talk little about it, some people are allergic to the liquid that comes out of the penis. “The semen is highly protein and has so many substances that can generate an allergic process in more sensitive individuals. This is more common in anal or vaginal sex, but can happen in oral.

Researchers describe this as a rare condition and, when it occurs, it is more frequent in women. Among the main symptoms are redness, itching, burning and / or swelling at the places that have contacted the fluid. In more severe cases, it causes diarrhea and difficulty breathing.

Can you improve the taste and smell of the sperm?

Swallowing sperms end up being a problem for some because of the taste and smell considered bad. The good news is that there is evidence that it is possible to improve these two conditions making changes in eating habits.

For example, by avoiding exaggerated and recurrent consumption of garlic, fries, alcohol, caffeine and spicy, spicy and bitter products, and add on the diet, Foods such as cinnamon, ginger and fruits, mainly pineapple, both the taste and the fluid odor are lighter and even sweet.

It is important to note that taking good care of health, including the intimate, is also fundamental in this process. This action alone already ensures that your sperm will have fragrance and taste more pleasant.

Sexually transmitted infections

According to the Ministry of Health, STIs (sexually transmitted (sexually transmitted infections) are transmitted by more than 30 etiological agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa), mainly by sexual (oral, vaginal and anal) contact without the use of condoms.

Most of them manifests itself in the genital organs through wounds, discharge and symptoms, but can also arise in other parts of the body, as palm of hands and eyes. Many still trigger complications. In the list are various types of cancer, infertility, abortion, difficulties in gestation and childbirth, neurological and cardiovascular problems and death.

Treatment is made according to pathology. In general, it involves the use of medications (antibiotics and antivirals are some), creams and even chemical and surgical processes. To prevent the use of female or male condoms and if vaccinating any diseases, such as HPV, use this type of protection.

Swallowing sperms is it healthy?


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