How to use Uda seed for Breast enlargement

How to use Uda seed for Breast enlargement

This post will show you how to use uda seed for breast enlargement. Can uda or negro pepper be used for breasts enlargement?

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Uda seed or Negro pepper is an aromatic spice widely used in flavouring foods in certain parts of the world, including Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Brazil, among others.

Uda seed, botanically known as Xylopia aethiopica and is from the Annonaceae family. It is called uda in Igbo language, and eeru alamo in Yoruba language.
But today has a pan-tropical distribution.

In some parts of the world, Negro Pepper is also known as grains of selim. This article discusses the nutritional value of uda, as well as the health benefits of uda seed.

One thing about Uda is that it is versatile in nature, i.e. its bark, seeds, stem, fruit and leaves can be used for several purposes, ranging from culinary, medicinal, and sexual purposes.

There are other Names of Uda seed (Xylopia aethiopica)

  • Yoruba name – Eeru Alamo
  • Igbo name – Uda
  • Hausa name – Chimba

Can uda seed be used for breasts enlargement?

Uda seed can not make your breast larger.

But, if your breast is starting to sag, and you want it to remain firm, uda seed can be use for breast firming.

How to use uda seed for firming breasts

  • Boil uda (just the seed, do not boil with the peel)
  • Take this for 7days and your breasts will gradually gain its firm.

Uda seed Benefits

Uda seed

Here are some facts and uda seed benefits you need to know about:

Uda seed for fubroid

Do you experience any sign of fibroid?

  • Boil uda seed
  • Add it enough alligator pepper
  • Drink a full glass three times daily.

This is what our great grand mothers used to cure fibroid even when modern day medical operation has not been discovered in Africa.

Uda seed for painful menstruation

Are you a woman and you experience painful menstruation:

  • Boil Uda water and little Garlic
  • Take this three days before your menstrual flow. And you will experience pain free menstrual flow.

After your menstrual flow, take fresh honey mixed with Garlic to to keep your Vagina clean from bacterial. This will keep your vagina fresh and restore its original fragrance.

Uda seed for birth control

Have you ever wondered how our mothers were able to space their children even before modern contraceptives were made?

Before the arrival of colonial masters in Nigeria, and the use of modern contraceptive methods like hormones, condoms, IUCD, hysterectomy etc.

How were women able to control birth?

Women are beginning to realise that some of the modern methods of contraception have side effects.

Hormone-based birth control often comes with side effects that can range from weight gain, depression, infertility to the increased risk of certain types of cancers, heart attack or stroke.

How to use uda water for birth control

Immediately after sexual intercourse with your husband, shake the bottle very well and pour the uda water into a glass.

A glass of this contraceptive water should be just fine. Some women also prefer to take this before sex (this is because some spermatozoa are stubborn).

Please note: Uda is for natural family planning, if you are trying to conceive do not take it.

Uda seed for flat tummy

As a woman, do you have big tummy?

And you want it to return to its original form?

Boil Uda water and Ginger, take uda water daily until you see a desired result.

And for our men, if your husband have big tummy and you want his tummy to return to its original form, since Uda water is not good for the male body (because it can cause watery sperm)

So, for the men, boil lemon grass and Ginger, take this daily until you see result.

Reason why uda water is given to a woman who just gave birth is because:

Uda water helps to flush toxic and foreign substances from the body. So Uda water helps to get her back to her fit.

How To Prepare Uda Water

Step 1: Purchase a large quantity of UDA and put this in a pot e.g. 250 grams which should be about half the size of a tin of Milo.

Step 2: Add about 60cl of water e.g. a bottle of Nestle water

Step 3: Boil the uda in this water for 5 minutes and allow it to cool.

Step 4: Once the boiled uda water has cooled down you can store it in a container of your choice e.g. you can use your plastic bottle and place it in a refrigerator.

Uda water can be preserved in a refrigerator for one month at 25 degrees centigrade i.e. normal storage compartment in the refrigerator.

Do not put in the freezer so that the active ingredient will be stable although is more active when is not stored for too long.

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is intended for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Uda seed

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