“With one push everything came out” – New mom shares secret of her easier labour and delivery with pregnant ladies

A new mom who recently welcomed her baby has gone online to share secret of short labour and delivery with pregnant ladies.

The new mom known as Jennifer Esin took to her TikTok page to share the parturition advice with expectant mothers.

According to her, she took okro water from week 38 and and gave birth at week 42.

She revealed that with only one push her baby came out immediately without any complications with the delivery process.

The new mom revealed that the secret was that she had been drinking okra water and the liquid tends to shorten labour and make delivery smooth.

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Check out reactions below…

@lilian_natural said: “okra water is very good just that it shortens labour”

@The Remynice family🦋🥰❤️✅💍 commented: “I started taking okra water at 37 weeks and my baby came 38 weeks and 3 days with just 2 push,okra water is the best 🥰congratulations dear❤️”

@Vera Snowhite remarked: “I took okra water for my 4kids all of dem just one push it really work well”

@Memory Wabei Mwauluka shared: “okra water did it for me too🥰🥰❤🥰🥰❤ at 37 weeks i started and boom normal delivery after a CS”

@MimiCakes_SurpriseHub said: “I no joke with okro soup at all all through my pregnancy oo.started taking okro water at 36wks.. delivered my madam at 38wks pushed 2 tyms and fiam 🥰”

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