Benefits And Risks Of Having Sex During Your Period0A

Benefits And Risks Of Having Sex During Your Period

For many women, periods can be an impediment to having sex.

The discomfort and ignorance of the possible benefits or risks make hundreds of women question each day about having sex during menstruation. To see more articles on Women’s Health click here.

There are many questions that arise around this topic, therefore, it never hurts to learn a little about the changes in the woman’s body during these important days of each month.

So, we want to shed some light on the subject by providing some truthful information on the benefits and risks of having sex during your period.

Benefits And Risks Of Having Sex During Your Period

Benefits Of Having Sex During Your Period

Maintaining sexual relations while we have menstruation can be beneficial for our body.

Among them are the relief of possible pain caused by menstrual colic and migraines.

In fact, to the surprise of many, having sex during those days that may seem uncomfortable can result in shorter periods, thanks to the contractions that occur in orgasm and having the flow that we produce during those days as a natural lubricant making more pleasant relationships.

In addition, in many cases, there is a slight increase in sexual appetite.

Risks Of Having Sex During Your Period

The main disadvantage of having sex during menstruation days is that we will spot more due to menstrual flow.

This fact makes many women, self-conscious about this somewhat uncomfortable aspect, decide not to have sex while they continue to stain.

However, one risk to take into account is that during the period the risk of contagion of sexually transmitted infection increases, especially with diseases such as HIV or hepatitis.

So in case of not knowing if you are a carrier of any sexually transmitted disease we must make sure, even with the rule, to use the condom as a method of protection.

Enjoy your sexual relations during your period

We should not close ourselves off from enjoying our sexuality during our reproductive years.

It is very important to remember that, during this time, we will have the period once a month and that, unless we are very squeamish, there is no impediment to not enjoying sex.

Having sex during menstruation is completely safe.

The myth that you can’t get pregnant during your period should also be broken.

What happens is that during this period of the menstrual cycle the chances of conceiving are lower, but not zero.

Learning to enjoy sex during the period can be an approach to our partner to avoid creating an unnecessary taboo.

We only need to place a dark towel over the place where we are going to have sex to find ourselves more comfortable and avoid thinking about the possibility of staining.

Trying different sexual positions until we find the one that is most comfortable can be a little game of personal and mutual discovery.

Who knows, we may even find ourselves enjoying ourselves more than expected during those days that we had previously banned from our sexual life.

Benefits And Risks Of Having Sex During Your Period

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