Black seed home remedy

How To Cure Hiv With Black Seed

The black seed (Nigella Sativa) is a traditional home remedy also known as black cumin, it is supposed to strengthen the immune system and have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiparasitic properties, people use it to treat digestive and respiratory problems, but studies have shown that it also contains anti-cancer agents.

Before eating the raw seed, heat and grind them, or mix them with honey, water, yogurt or other foods, or apply topical black seed oil to your skin.

Signs of the Early Stages of HIV?

Early signs of Hiv

Symptoms of the stages of HIV can vary between individuals although the first signs of this infection generally appear within the first 1-2 months.

In many, but not all, people will experience severe flu-like symptoms which is your body’s natural response to the virus. This is known as the ‘seroconversion’ period.

It’s in this period that it is crucial to identify if HIV is the cause, as your viral load is so high which greatly increases the risk of spreading it on. And the only way to identify for sure is by getting tested.

1. Fever

At this point the virus is moving into the blood stream and starting to duplicate in large numbers. As that happens, your immune system coerces an inflammatory reaction.

The fever, usually one of the first Sign of Hiv, is generally accompanied by other mild symptoms, such as fatigue, swollen lymph glands, and a sore throat.

2. Fatigue And Headache

Sometimes it can cause you to feel winded while walking or often feel out of breath. And fatigue can be both an early and later symptom of HIV. The inflammatory response generated by your besieged immune system can make you feel tired and lethargic.

3. Swollen Lymph Nodes, Achy Muscles And Joint Pain

They tend to get swollen when there’s an infection. Many of them are located in your groin, armpit and neck which can lead to aches and pains in these areas. Lymph nodes are part of your body’s immune system and secure your blood by getting rid of bacteria and viruses.

4. Skin Rash

In some cases the rash can appear looking like boils with itchy, pink breakouts. Skin rashes can be seen early or late in the course of HIV seroconversion.

5. Nausea, Vomiting And Diarrhoea

However, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea can also appear in later stages of infection, often as the result of an opportunistic infection. Many people experience digestive system problems as a sign of the early stages of HIV.

It is crucial to stay hydrated. Diarrhoea that is unremitting and not responding to usual therapy may be an indication of HIV.

6. Sore Throat And Dry Cough

A severe, dry cough and sore throat that can last for weeks to months without seeming to go away (even with the use inhalers and antibiotics) is a typical sign in very ill HIV patients.

7. Night Sweats

Many people will get night sweats in the early stages of HIV. Night sweats can be even more common later in infection and are not associated with exercise or the temperature of the room.

If you think you’ve been exposed to HIV, or have an active sex life with casual sex partners, regardless of whether you are showing symptoms of HIV or not, it’s important to get tested as fast as possible. With such a vast array of signs, HIV testing is vital to ensure a proper diagnosis.

Cure Hiv With Black Seed

Cure Hiv With Black Seed


Remember the words: This black seed is a remedy for all diseases apart from death? How to cure HIV? Well, with black seeds. Today, when we are investing so much money in the dec open to curative treatment against HIV, claiming that this seed can be cured of HIV seems silly. Here are the practical cases.

Case Sudy1:

A 46-year-old Nigerian took part in a study in which he was prescribed 10 ml of concoction of black seeds 3 times a day by a herbalist. However, taken concoction only twice a day, the concoction was 60% black and 40% honey, and the 5th day of treatment reported that her fever was gone, as was her diarrhea on day 7 and after 20 days, multiple lesions had also disappeared, and at the end of the 6-month period he was seronegative.

The patient had seroconversion up to 24 months after the initial treatment period. 6 months, tested multiple times within 24 months and was still HIV-negative with normal CD4 (the number was 650 cells / mm3).

Case Study 2:

In a second study, six HIV-positive patients were recruited and followed for 4 months, with patients taking a herbal mixture containing a black seed and honey as an alternative treatment.

In all patients, the symptoms associated with HIV disappeared about 20 days after the start of treatment.


  • 1/2 teaspoon seed Nigel
  • 1/2 teaspoon honey
  • 1 glass warm water
  • Mold the seeds of nigella and mix with honey, then put everything in a glass of warm water.
  • Drink in the morning on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before breakfast, and in the evening before bedtime.
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