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Howdy, there are lots of questions floating around about one of the trends you’ve likely seen at the practice field, the gym, the office and practically everywhere else.

They are all talking about infused water, with so many already tapping be into the numerous benefits by infusing their water with numerous ingredients.

Despite the fact that so many are already tapping into and benefitting from infused water by infusing fruits, spices, herbs, vegetables, etcetera, there are lots more who are still on the sideline, scratching their head and wondering about the benefits of drinking infused water.

Here I will be sharing with you on how to use cloves soaked in water for infection treatment, body hydration and a lot’s more.

Hydration is no doubt one of numerous benefits of drinking infused clove water.

So many of us are walking around dehydrated and don’t even have a slight knowledge of it.

Sweetheart, Infusing your water with cloves or other various spices or ingredients can entice you to drinking more water and this is very much good for your health.

A lot of people complain about not drinking much water all because it’s bland, haha, comon darling, why not try infusing it with some cloves or any other spice, this time it will be, problem solved!

WARNING: Your body needs water and if you ain’t drinking much, you are wrong.

Benefits Of Drinking Much Water

Drinking water

keeping the body hydrated is of no doubt much beneficial.

1) Your body will be able to transport nutrients and oxygen better.

2) You’ll look younger than your age as your skin will be much softer and smoother.

“…imagine that glowing skin, drink some clove infused water, or just Normal table water, but drink water…”

3) There will be less strain on your organs

4) How about getting too cold in the winter (rainy season for West Africans) or too hot in the summer
(during the sunny dry harmmathan periods) ? No way! drinking water helps keep your body at optimum levels.

5) So many of us have no clue that alcohol, exercise, medications, and even coffee dehydrates us, so you see, drinking much water will very much enable us to counteract this.

6) Keeping your body hydrated, in other words, drinking much water, helps lubricate the joints thereby ensuring minimal or no joint strains at all.

7) You’ll have more energy in your muscles. For the gym types of course you know that means more reps.

By drinking infused clove water, you are taking pure natural drinking water infused with a natural ingredient that is packed with health benefits.

It’s a win win situation for you body and your mind.

The vitamin water you see at the supermarket can’t even compare to fruit infused water because the vitamin waters are loaded with artificial coloring, artificial addictives for flavors, etc.

Despite their clever marketing, these drinks aren’t really healthy for you, so I’ll suggest you try infusing your water with cloves or other spicy natural ingredients.

Let me show you how to make the infused cloves water.

How To Make The Clove Infused Water. (Cloves soaked in water for infection treatment and others)

Cloves soaked in water for infection


Follow these simple DIY steps to prepare your own homely made Infused clove water.

1) Get your cloves (much quantity as you won’t be using it just once)

2) Grind them to powder

3) Take one tea spoon (1 tsp) of the clove powder and put it in a small pot or pan.

4) Add One and a half (1½) cup of water

5) Add Sugarcane water (optional) if you so wish. This would give it that sweet taste that will entice your gullet.

Note: Even without adding the Sugarcane water, your clove water would still be great.

6) Place on a medium heat and let it boil till it becomes one glass of water.

7) Strain it, allow to cool, you can refrigerate it if you so wish. Now your clove infused water is ready.

8) Drink this water on empty stomach every morning and try making it a part of your diet.

Benefits Of Drinking Cloves Infused Water

Cloves tea

1) The infused clove water can help to regulate your hunger levels, always keeping it at the optimum level.

Cloves are kind of magic because they can help in keeping your stomach from growling in-between meals.

This means you’ll never be too hungry and at the same time you’ll never lose appetite.

2) The infused clove water can help to keep your sugar level in check. So honey, if you’re watching your sugar level, it will interest you to know that one great strategy for keeping things in check is to add cloves infused water to your daily diet

3) It will also interest you to know that the infused clove water have antibacterial properties.

Surprised! don’t be. Of course a chemical-free mouthwash (with green teas and fruits) is a great way to increase your oral hygiene and it might even work best with the addition of cloves. So give it a shot.

Also, cloves oil has been investigated to be an antibacterial agent.

In a preliminary research, a mouth rinse containing cloves, basil and tea tree oil was found to help fight plague and bacterias in the mouth.

That is the major reason why you get to find clove oil used by major toothpaste manufacturers

4) The infused clove water helps with inflammation.
Cloves are known for their anti-inflammatory effects.

Acient studies have shown that eating cloves on a daily basis could lead to major benefits and recent expert specifically recommend them for helping with arthritis.

Using cloves oil as a lotion or blending cloves into tea can also help combact the inflammation.

Other Benefits Of Using Cloves SOAKED IN WATER (clove infused water)

Cloves in water

1) It will increase your metabolism

2) Drinking infused water will fill your stomach, so there’s less room for snacking or overeating.

3) Drinking more clove infused water, will aid the body in releasing excess fat cells.

4) Food will digest easier

5) Toxins will be flushed from your body.

6) Your mood will increase greatly.

7) You’ll experience less muscle fatigue and this means more energy for exercising.

8) You’ll recover from workout weakness faster.

9) You won’t feel dizzy or tired in the afternoon when most people seem to do so.

Cloves have many health benefits including keeping blood sugar level in check and blocking the growth of harmful bacterias in the body.

Don’t be along those who walk around dehydrated without even having a clue of it.

Drink more clove infused water as this will entice you to drinking more water. The benefits are awesome, give it a try.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Qst 1: Does the clove infused water contain any medicinal properties?

Ans: Yes it does. Although the medicinal properties are not known to the common man, but as a result of shared information, the medicinal benefits has come to be at the disposal of everyone.

Regular intake of clove water can be used to be improve the overall health of your body in many ways like; controlling weight, relax tensed muscles, improve digestion, soothe sore throat and coughing, as well as elleviating allergies.

It can also help to improve your immune system.

The protective properties of cloves are absorbed by the nose, ears and throat tissues.

It can also have a positive impact when avoiding cold and flu.

Qst 2: Are there other ways to make the clove infused water?

Ans: Sure! Take a handful of cloves, put them in a bowl and pour in a glass full of water.

Allow it to soak over night.

Studies shows that clove water is a good home remedy for eliminating parasite from the body.

Qst 3: Who is the author of this clove water recipe?

Ans: it may interest you to know that the author of the infused clove water recipe is Yogi Bhajan.

He claimed that consuming clove water at the beginning of the spring season can make you healthier.

Qst 4: Does clove water have any side effects?

Ans: No way! The infused clove water does not pose any side effects.

Qst 5: Are there certain restrictions as to who is to take the clove water?

Ans: Yes!
In as much as the infused clove water does not pose any side effects, it is not advisable for pregnant women, nursing women, children under the age of six or patients having ulcer or gastritis.

It is also not recommended for persons with sensitive skin as this may irritate the skin and also those with digestive mucosa.

Qst 6: Are there other facts about cloves that might hinder it’s usage?

Ans: Yes!
A substance present in cloves called Eugenol, slows down blood clotting.

Therefore it is advised you abstain from drinking the clove infused water or tea two weeks from a scheduled surgery.

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