How Long Do Sperm Stay Alive Inside And Outside The Body

How Long Do Sperm Stay Alive Inside And Outside The Body?

After intercourse, some women go to great lengths to help the sperm get to the egg faster. What many don’t know is that there is a time limit in which sperm can stay alive! How long do sperm stay alive inside the body? And how long do sperm live outside the body? That is what we are going to discover in this article.

How Long Do Sperm Stay Alive Inside The Body

How Long Do Sperm Stay Alive Inside And Outside The Body?

Egg Shelf Life

The sperm, like the egg, has a “useful” life limit within the body for procreation. A woman’s ovulation process can last several days, counting from the moment the follicle is stimulated to start developing.

This process can occur up to 20, 30 days if it is a late ovulation. If the cycle is regulated, the process can begin to occur as soon as the woman begins to menstruate.

Once is released, the egg only has 24 hours to be fertilized. If this does not happen, it will be carried by the fallopian tubes to the uterus and will be eliminated along with menstruation ovulation tests. Ovulation kits  can help give certainty or a prediction of the day that the woman will be ovulating.

Sperm Life Span

With sperm it is no different. It has a life to provide pregnancy in fertilization. After being produced, it can remain in the scrotal reservoir indefinitely, but is valid after ejaculation.

If the man is healthy, sperm can last up to 72 hours inside the woman’s body. It seems like a short time, but believe me, for such a small cell it is a great achievement. Sperm, to live longer, depends on some factors.

Condition Of The Vaginal Canal

If the mucus is ideal for the survival of sperm, they can remain alive for up to 72 hours or 3 days, but the average is 36 working hours.

For this, the mucosa must be adequate, it must have the necessary nutrients to feed it and keep it alive.

It must also have a good PH quality. The acidity could kill a large part of the sperm once they enter the vaginal canal.

Some products can help at this point, such as the use of fertility natural oil, which in addition to improving vaginal moisture and balancing the PH, provide a healthier environment for the survival of sperm, taking them more easily to the ovules.

This is the case of Cuminus, which is a oil produced by the Nature’s Renaissance International Company (NRI) and endorsed by many women who tested positive.

Men’s Health

If the man is a smoker or drug addict, the life of the sperm is considerably reduced. To help the life of the sperm, it is indicated that the man refrain from consuming anything that is bad for his body, try to maintain a healthy diet and avoid alcoholic beverages.
You can purchase Cuminus oil here.

To give an extra boost to male fertility, the use of vitamins is a differential element.

Vitamins C and E, for example, are great fighters against free radicals, which is one of the main problems of male infertility. Folic acid and vitamin D support sperm quality and DNA fragmentation.

The consumption of vitamins, therefore, is essential to provide health to the sperm.

Thus, NRI has developed Nurisher, a vitamin aimed at male fertility with all these components. You can learn more about Nurisher here at this link.

Correct Intake Of Vitamins

If a man has a diet poor in B vitamins, he may have problems with sperm quality.

This vitamin contributes to the quality and quantity of seminal mucus, as well as to the process of formation of this mucus.

Another vitamin that makes them healthier is folic acid. Therefore, it would be a good idea to supplement the amount of vitamins with food supplements.

Please Note: The famous cases of pregnancy without sexual contact, only by contact with the sperm, are very rare and only occur if the contact is almost instantaneous with the recently ejaculated semen.

How To Help Prolong The Life Of Sperm?

How Long Do Sperm Stay Alive Inside And Outside The Body?

To help prolong the life of sperm, it is enough to take the right vitamins and foods, but it is also necessary that the man also has good habits and good health.

Stopping wearing tight pants and underwear is a good idea, for example, because it prevents overheating of the testicles, which is the place where sperm are produced. In the case of women, it is essential to consume ideal foods to help the production of mucus.

Natural products like wild yams, for example, are rich in amounts of estrogen and can help sperm survive longer inside the body.

But if you are one of those who do not have mucus, it is important that you use adequate natural fertility oil that play the role of the body’s natural mucus. Fertility-friendly oil like Cuminus for example are a great option.

To determine for sure how long sperm remain alive in the body, it is necessary to undergo a specific test.

The spermogram is very effective in evaluating the quality of the sperm and also the quantity and motility, among other aspects.

For women, it is very important to assess the reception of the body after sexual intercourse.

A test that is almost never required for couples who want to become pregnant is the postcoital test.

Talk to your doctor and ask for these tests to check the health of the sperm after ejaculation.

How Long Do Sperm Live Outside The Body?

How Long Do Sperm Stay Alive Inside And Outside The Body?

And how long does sperm stay alive outside the body? If the sperm is not inside the vaginal cavity, very little can survive.

They are at most 2 minutes of life! And to get pregnant in these situations, it is necessary for the man to ejaculate and the woman to immediately sit on the toilet, or wipe the bath towel or sheet with the sperm.

The air has a negative reaction for the life of the sperm. It only survives in conditions that do not allow this contact.

In a condom it can survive up to 2 hours, in the sperm collection pot it can survive up to 6 hours under suitable conditions.

To get pregnant in extreme conditions of ejaculated sperm outside the body (toilet seat, box floor, bedroom floor, bedding and bathroom), it is necessary that the woman is in the fertile period and has immediate contact with the semen.

But when in doubt, always clean the toilet before you sit down or grab a clean towel.



In Anal Sex, Is There A Risk Of Getting Pregnant?

If the ejaculation occurs inside the anus, no, since there is no internal connection with the vaginal canal and the female reproductive system.

But if the semen leaks into the vagina, there is a small possibility, as well as if after anal sex vaginal sex occurs and the penis is still with the last ejaculation.

If the ejaculation was outside the vagina, but was touched with a semen-covered finger, is there a risk of getting pregnant?

Yes, there are risks. But, for this to happen, it is necessary that the finger is inserted immediately after ejaculation, since the spermatozoa survive only 2 minutes outside the body. If it is a longer period, it is practically impossible. To see more post on Physical & Mental Health click here.

How Long Do Sperm Stay Alive Inside And Outside The Body?

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