These are the effects of pornography on the brain

Effects Of Pornography On The Brain

The visualization of pornography has an effect on how sex is conceived, especially among the youngest.

Determining if there is a problem with addiction to pornography can help to know if there are compulsive behaviors or a problem that needs assistance.

In addition, the continuous visualization of explicit sexual content has been related to learning problems and memory loss; as revealed by a study carried out by the Berlin Center for Life Cycle Psychology in 2014.

According to this research, excessive visualization of pornography would affect the volume of gray matter in the right lobe of the brain, where neural tissue related to intelligence is lodged.

Therefore, this reduction in gray matter could affect functions such as learning and memory.

And how, then does the continued visualization of pornography affect the youngest?

The decrease in frontal activity and other brain alterations cause a decrease in cognitive performance due to difficulty maintaining attention, concentrating or memorizing content, which substantially interferes with the learning process in adolescents and young people, an age sector where visualization is extensive.

Effects Of Pornography On The Brain
Porn Addiction

Regarding the effects that the continued visualization of pornography has in general terms, this specialist points out that the addiction to pornography is caused by a supernormal stimulus l (stimulus of great intensity and easy to obtain, unlike the stimuli that we receive in the nature) and “a kidnapping” of the ways that regulate the reward for certain behaviors.

Pornography Addiction

It is enhanced because easy access to the material causes a by-pass in the complex cognitive process that analyzes the risk and plans the strategy to obtain the reward.

This phenomenon is especially serious in the case of addiction to pornography because it is a strong activator of the reward pathways.

Such a situation generates a cerebral rebalancing by which stimulation of the frontal lobe decreases, which translates into an attitude without motivation and initiative and without the ability to obtain pleasure in normal ways.

From a psychological point of view,  it is considered that:

interpreting the psychological consequences of the consumption of pornography (at all levels) should always be done taking into account.

Note: that it is a very controversial subject in which the object of study is beforehand subjected to a value judgment.

Personally, and as long as it is a pornographic content made by adults and that does not include paraphilias (sex with children, with animals, with corpses, etc.) or abuse (non-consensual violence) we do not think it is something bad, but you also have to know how to understand it and consume it properly so that the consequences are not negative.

In this regard, normal visualization does not translate into relevant effects, there are even couples who watch it together and find it stimulating.

On the other hand, when it comes to an addiction, patients cannot connect emotionally with others and avoid sexual relations because they frequently have sexual impotence mediated by brain mechanisms.

When Is Too Much Porn?

It is not very clear from an objective point of view when it can be determined that the visualization of sexual content is excessive and it would be necessary to assess each case.

To do this, it would be necessary to take into account not only the quantitative factor (for example, the amount of time an individual spends watching pornographic material) but also the qualitative consequences (how they feel before, during and after visualization, what other things they leave behind to do for being visualizing pornography and how it affects what you see to your relationships, your mood.

Meanwhile, it indicates that the addiction to the sex or affects 7% of men and about 1 to 3% of women who see how pornography becomes mostly leisure activity deteriorating working life, family, social and people.

However, (pornography) does not affect the majority of users in this way, who use it freely and do not show dependence.

Around 75% of men and 25% of women in the general population consume pornography on a regular basis.

As for the causes that can generate this addiction, different genetic, family and cultural factors intervene.

At this point, in severe cases the visualization of these products with explicit sexual content there is a high compulsive component.

It is a repetitive habit, which often occupies an amount of time that the individual interprets as excessive, with some inability to interrupt the behavior, with some interference in the attention to other responsibilities and occupations and that generates more psychological discomfort than pleasure.

In these case there are circumstances that needs to be explored to assess what situation it requires, without forgetting that sometimes it is the person himself who makes a value judgment about his sexual behavior by experiencing feelings of guilt.

This leads them to affirm that they are addicted to pornography, or that they watch too much porn, or that they spend too much time watching it or looking for a sexual encounter in applications.


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It may be like this and that there is a problem or it may be a distortion of the person.

If a specialist determines that there is a problem:

How Can It Be Fixed?

The addiction to pornography can be treated and it is more effective the sooner it is acted upon.

It is important that the patient or their relatives identify the situation in order to start aid soon and get the addict out of the feeling of powerlessness that reinforces his seclusion and his addiction. To see more post on Physical & Mental Health click here.

These are the effects of pornography on the brain

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