how to remove dye stains from skin

How to get Hair dye stains off of Skin

Dyeing your hair is an activity that you can do perfectly at home and without any complications, except for one: make sure that the dye or coloring does not splash and stain clothes or skin.

If this happens to you frequently, you are in the right place! Because we teach you how to remove dye stains from your skin with the best tricks and home remedies.

A hair dye is designed to penetrate the follicle and add color. And, in the same way, it can penetrate the skin causing dark spots that, apart from being unsightly, are very difficult to remove.

And, although dyeing at home is cheaper, we always tend to make the same mistakes such as: not wearing gloves to apply the color; do not wear a gown to avoid stains on clothing; and, do not apply a protective oil around the hairline to avoid dark spots.

The worst thing about dye stains on the skin is that they only go away with time and shower after shower. If it has ever happened to you, surely it has, we will teach you the best homemade solutions.

How to get Hair dye stains off of Skin (face and hands)

What hair dyes stain the skin the most?

If we go to a hairdresser, there is always someone to advise us and ensure that, to the teñirnos, no splotches of dye on skin or clothing. In fact, before applying the color to the roots or gray hair, it is common to use an anti-stain product. This product is known by the name of protective tint oil.

The hair dyes that leave the most stains on the skin are those of a dark tone and color (light brown, dark, black, red). For example, a blonde tint will hardly leave any stains on the skin, as its purpose is to lighten the color. On the other hand, dyeing with a chocolate color, height 5, 6 or 7, will leave those dreaded spots on the skin.

Homemade tint protectors

If you dye at home, the best option is to have a protective oil. Wella, Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal, Revlon, practically all of them have their own stain protection gel. In addition, they are not expensive at all and can be purchased at any hairdressing supply store.

How to get Hair dye stains off of Skin

How to remove dye stains on skinIf you don’t want or can’t buy a protective oil, there are also products that protect your skin from the dye. One of them is olive oil or coconut oil. An oil will repel coloration, that is, it will prevent the skin from staining.

Remedies to remove tint stains from the face

The skin on the face is very delicate. Therefore, the sooner you act on the stain, the easier it will be to remove. Once you have located the spot on your face, apply the following remedies.

1. Vaseline

One of the best uses for petroleum jelly is that it is perfect for removing dye stains from your skin. How? Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to a cotton pad or directly on the stain and massage in a circular motion. Little by little, the petroleum jelly will do its job and remove the maximum amount of dye from the skin. If you have any stains on the skin of your hands, you can also apply this trick.

2. Baby oils

As we’ve mentioned before, oils are very effective at repelling dye stains. They are also great to remove from the skin! Specifically, the best oil to remove the dye from the face is baby oil. In addition, it is the perfect option if you have sensitive skin. How? Apply a few drops of baby oil on the stain, massage and remove with a wipe or cotton pad.

3. Make-up remover wipes and oils

Makeup remover wipes contain substances that are capable of removing blemishes from the skin. If you opt for a waterproof make-up remover, the best is two-phase oil, it will be much better, since its active ingredients have a high capacity to remove residues of any kind. You just have to apply the biphasic oil on a pad or piece of cotton and massage into the stain.

How to get Hair dye stains off of Skin (face and hands)
The dyes that stain the skin a lot are dark dyes (brown, chocolate, red, black).

Home remedies to remove dye stains from skin and nails

If the dye stain is anywhere on your body other than the face, for example around the neck, ears, hands or nails, you can apply the following remedies:

1. Sanitary alcohol

By its nature, rubbing alcohol is capable of removing dye stains from the skin. Just apply a few drops to a make-up remover pad or swab and massage the affected area.

2. Acetone for nails

If we are not careful when applying the hair dye, the hands and nails will end up full of stains. If there is hair dye on your nails, resort to acetone, an essential to remove semi-permanent polish . How? Apply a little oil on a cotton pad and rub the nail, it will remove the stains in the blink of an eye!

You can even use this trick to remove stains from furniture, walls, tiles, and floors. However, avoid using it on your skin and face. Acetone contains many chemicals that could irritate it .

3. Toothpaste

Toothpaste continues to surprise us with its thousand and one uses. In this case, it also has the ability to remove dye stains because it contains hydrogen peroxide, an excellent stain remover. Just apply a light layer of toothpaste on the stain, massage for 30 to 60 seconds and rinse with plenty of warm water.

4. Liquid dishwasher + baking soda

If the stain is recent, rinse your skin with plenty of water and a splash of liquid dishwasher. This method is totally safe. If the stain is dry, use the following mixture: 1 teaspoon of baking soda + 1 teaspoon of liquid soap + the juice of a lemon.

Mix the ingredients until they are well integrated and use a washcloth to apply the product. Always do it in circular motions until the stain disappears. Then, rinse the area and apply some moisturizing cream or oil.

How to remove hair dye stains from skin

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