How To Stay Mentally Healthy This Christmas0A

How To Stay Mentally Healthy This Christmas

Not all people are the same, nor do they all enjoy the same things, nor do they all share the so-called Christmas spirit equally.

It is assumed that Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, but for many people they are the most difficult dates. To see more articles on Physical And Mental Health click here.

Those who experience mental illnesses that carry deep sadness, a feeling of loneliness and emptiness, or an inability to connect with others may fear the holidays as the worst time of year.”

On the other hand, family tensions, excessive alcohol consumption, inadequate nutrition, physical loneliness and worries about money can become, for many people without mental illnesses, real risk factors that increase the chances of suffering them in this age.

In fact, it is known that this festive season can intensify mental illnesses.

How To Stay Mentally Healthy This Christmas

One example is enough: every advertisement, every image, every song that evokes smiling friends or a reunited family can increase the feeling of loneliness in many people, which has a marked impact on mental health.

And not only.

The scientific literature records an increase of up to 40% in the number of suicides just after these holidays.

Christmas, devoid of its moral values, can suit a holiday reserved only for the fortunate ones in life, while for the ‘unfortunate’ it can signify greater suffering.

Paradoxical; being, as its own name says, the celebration of the arrival of the bearer of love, consolation and hope.

People with mental disorders need and vibrate with faith and hope, but not just partying. Here are some tips to bring some calm to the busy holiday season.

How To Stay Mentally Healthy This Christmas

How To Stay Mentally Healthy This Christmas

1. It’s A Family Affair

Make sure you set limits early on. Instead of embarking on visiting all your relatives on vacation, limit who you see.

Apologize in advance and save yourself long trips. You can pay them a visit at any other time of the year.

This pertains to all facets of vacation planning – be realistic.

Not even a super hero could schedule the office celebration, a family celebration, and the school Christmas play, cook Christmas Eve dinner, buy gifts for everyone, and keep smiling.

Just writing it is tiresome. Don’t be scared to say NO to some people.

2. Plan Spending

It is very difficult to avert spending too much money during festive seasons: gifts, food, drink, outings, guests, more food, more gifts; the percentage rises rapidly.

Although, many people know that they are likely to overspend during the holiday period, but a very few make good plans in advance.

We advise you to establish a reasonable budget.

3. Consume Calories But Do not Go Overboard

There is no sense in imitating to eat a healthy diet for the entire vacation period. You don’t have to be so blunt.

Don’t put too much burden on yourself to eat healthy while on vacation, but moderation is the most significant thing.

4. Keep Exercising

Exercise routines also tend to go on vacation. This, up to a point, is understandable and acceptable.

We all have to take our sole off the gas at some point in the year, but bear in mind that workout is a great way to sharpen your mind and improve your mood.

If you can, get out into nature, It is shown to increase self-esteem and improve mood.

5. Fight Loneliness

Not everyone has a full calendar of activities during the festive seasons.

For so many people, it could be a lonely and socially isolated minute. To overcome this, planning is necessary.

There are different things we can do; it’s just a matter of looking through and grabbing it.

Join an organization, and start a new hobby, or better yet, volunteer for a local charity.

Starting new traditions can be a useful way to swivel this into positivity.

6. Manage Your Expectations

We could imagine a harmonious, when we daydream about the Christmas season, well-dressed and cheerful family settings at a wonderful oak table, a big Christmas tree, and a fireplace.

That, sadly, is unlikely to match reality.

Before the celebrations begin, be realistic (again, yes). Our mental health can suffer a blow if reality does not match our preconceptions.

Though, if we have intense expectations, we are much more likely to be pleased with the results.

We do not live in a movie, we live the real world, a messy and uncertain world.

From the personality and behavior unit (Family Guidance and Prevention) of my health my skin, we want everyone to have a good Christmas.

And, also we want to let you know that you are not alone.

We are by your side, you can always count on our support when you need it.

How To Stay Mentally Healthy This Christmas

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