how to stop ITCHY SKIN

How to Stop Itchy Skin

The itchy skin is a very annoying condition that we all suffer at some point, and that may be caused by various factors: from contact with any irritant or allergen component to result from dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal, dry skin, etc.

In different cases, the itching is concentrated in a single area, especially on the palms of the hands, but in others it may disperse to the fingers or wrists as well.

If you want to know how you can relieve itchy skin and stop scratching, pay attention to the steps we will show you in this article.

How to Stop Itchy Skin

How To Stop Itchy Skin

Steps to follow:

1 The itchy skin can be caused by different reasons, so it is very important that if it is an itch, itching or swelling of severe skin that does not go away in a short period of time to visit your doctor or dermatologist as soon as possible to determine the exact cause.

Particularly, you should do it quickly, if you notice any type of skin reaction with redness, serious itching and / or the appearance of a rash or small vesicles with fluid inside, as well as if these lesions circulate to different parts of the body.

In general, itchy skin can be related to having excessively dry skin, contact dermatitis, skin dermatitis, excessive stress, psoriasis, fungi, changes in weather, or be a symptom of a more serious disease.

This is why given the good variety of causative factors, it is so necessary to go to a medical consultation.

2 Whatever the cause of the itching, above all you should avoid continually scratching your hands and touching the sore or irritated area, as this will only worsen the situation by aggravating the itch considerably.

In most cases, the itching is not as serious, but when the damaged skin is scratched roughly, more inflammation and redness occurs.

This ends up causing the itching to be even more serious and painful.

On the contrary, if you feel the need to scratch, to stop itchy skin you can apply a cold water compress on the area, putting this will reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels and, therefore, the itching.

3 In the event that the itchy skin is mild and you want to treat it at home, you can go to a pharmacy and request a specific cream or ointment to stop the itching and combat irritation if it exists.

These act by healing the skin and contain the necessary components to restructure the protective skin barrier.

Generally, they are applied twice a daily, one in the morning and one also at night.

However, it is best that you follow the directions that are detailed in the package insert or package.

4 Also, there are some natural remedies that help stop itchy skin and heal the skin.

Of course, you can use them in case of mild itching.

But, in the case of excessive itching, you should consult your doctor as we have advised previously.

One of the most effective home treatments is the one made with chamomile, a plant that is used to moisturize the skin, repair it and treat inflammation.

Prepare a chamomile infusion by adding a Tspoon of chamomile flowers to a cup of simmering water.

Allow it cool, and then soak a cheesecloth in it.

Pass the gauze over the itch area and you will see how you feel a great relief.

5 Another of the best natural products that promotes skin regeneration and, especially, fights dry skin, being great for relieving itching when they are a consequence of dryness or flaking is aloe vera.

You can apply the pulp of a freshly cut aloe leaf directly or purchase an aloe vera gel that is pure and spread it on the skin.

The latter can also be prepared yourself at home, following the steps that we indicate in the article How to make aloe vera gel.

6 When you feel the incessant urge to scratch, green clay poultices are also a great option to relieve itchy skin and reduce inflammation and redness.

You must wet the clay with water until you get a thick paste, which you have to apply on the affected area and leave it to act until it dries completely.

Once this happens, remove it with fresh water.

7 The sodium bicarbonate is also perfect for calming itchy skin and treat certain skin conditions.

So if you want to use it to stop itchy skin, we recommend that in a container with warm water, add half a cup of bicarbonate, immerse your hands and allow them soak for about ten or fifteen minutes.

8 In addition, to these natural remedies, do not forget to stay well hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day so that your skin is moisturized and the itching is progressively reduced.

Likewise, it will be convenient for you to follow a balanced diet in which mainly fresh vegetables and fruits abound.

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How to Stop Itchy Skin

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