How To Take Care Of Your Beard And Mustache On A Daily Basis

How To Take Care Of Your Beard And Mustache On A Daily Basis

Every November, you may have noticed that after the pink ribbons related to women’s cancer research during the month of October, it’s the whiskers on men’s faces that show up.

But what does that mean and then how to take care of this budding mustache or more generally of the beard?

But growing a mustache or even maintaining your beard isn’t always fun! Here are our tips for taking care of your mustache!

How To Take Care Of Your Beard And Mustache On A Daily Basis

Mechanical Shaving Or Electric Shaving?

In case of pseudo folliculitis of the beard, that is to say a kind of secondary inflammatory reaction to the regrowth of the hair under the skin: the hair does not find the exit door in the follicle and curls inside: this then causes small red pimples sometimes surmounted by a pustule.

In this case, no choice, mechanical shaving with a shaving foam containing an antibacterial agent will be recommended.

By shaving in the direction of the hair and not against the hair. A treating gel and/or an antiseptic lotion can be applied to pimples after shaving to treat them.

For mechanical shaving, the first step is to cleanse the skin with a surgras soap, a syndet or even a special cleansing gel for oily or problem skin.

To make shaving easier and prepare the skin, start by moistening it with lukewarm water and the chosen soap.

Indeed, 44% of men complain of having a hard beard and therefore for a pleasant shave and to facilitate the sliding of the blade, choose a firm and creamy shaving foam that insulates the skin well.

Creams or gels rich in emollient and soothing agents for shaving coat and soften the hair. With a thicker texture, the gel is much better suited to dry skin.

Gestural Side: start with the cheeks and the neck and continue with the contour of the lips and the chin where the beard is harder.

Rinse the face with clear water and dry the skin gently by tapping before proceeding with after-shave care.

So mechanical or electric shaving?

70% of men choose a reputable mechanical razor to shave more closely and for clumsy beginners or men in a hurry: the electric razor is much safer and more practical even if the result is not always perfect.

How To Take Care Of Your Beard And Mustache

How To Take Care Of Your Beard And Mustache On A Daily Basis

With Or Without A Badger?

Shaving with a badger is recommended in the case of very hard beards, when the hairs grow back in all directions, or for lovers of the past.

Choose a cream with badger that emulsifies easily in the hand or directly on the face. Use the badger in circular motions; it coats and lifts the hair and the blade then glides more easily for a close shave.

Remember to rinse the shaving brush daily to avoid bacterial contamination.

After Shaving: Soothe Razor Burn

To soothe redness and tightness, a single product: the after-shave care. It can come in balm, gel or lotion:

  • The balm, fluid, non greasy, is suitable for sensitive skin, it soothes feelings of overheating and hydrates the epidermis.
  • The gel is best suited if in addition to the soothing effect, a tonic and energizing effect for the skin is desired. Beware, however, of treatments that may be enriched with menthol, which is sometimes irritating to freshly shaved skin.
  • The lotion, slightly alcoholic, is reserved for those who want an invigorating freshness and possibly sanitize small cuts. For cuts a small haemostatic pencil (which stops bleeding) can be used.

Skin: Hydrate And Protect After Shaving

To soften the skin, moisturize it and regenerate it throughout the day, apply a day cream suited to your skin type (dry, combination, oily), with or without an anti-ageing effect.

Finally, for beard enthusiasts, think about using a beard oil to nourish the hair and hydrate it and don’t forget that November = Movember: all in solidarity with the mustache!

Men’s Skin

Firm and thick, men’s skin is not a flawless shield. Indeed, subjected daily to the test of shaving, tobacco pollution: it tugs, gets irritated or even dulls.

It is the influence of male hormones and more particularly testosterone that men’s skin undergoes transformations which differentiates it from women’s skin.

The secretion of this hormone causes an increase in the thickness of the dermis and epidermis. It stimulates the hair follicles and leads to a more abundant secretion of sebum and sweat.

Richer in collagen, male skin is thicker, more elastic and firmer but it is also subject, being often oilier, to the more frequent appearance of dilated pores and pimples.

Also the ranges of products for women are generally not suitable for men’s skin but good news: dermocosmetics in pharmacies are more and more interested in men’s skin.

Movember: What Is It?

Movember (or Movember) is an annual event organized by an Australian foundation. Every November men around the world are invited to grow a mustache in an effort to raise awareness and funds for research into men’s diseases such as prostate cancer.

Indeed, noting that men are less attentive to their health than women and that male illnesses remain taboo, these Australians had the idea of ​​inviting 30 men to grow their mustaches for 30 days to attract attention. on male diseases such as prostate cancer and to raise funds for medical research.

The operation was then a great success and the group officially became the Movember Foundation Charity. Since 2007, Ireland, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Spain, United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa, Taiwan, United States, Japan, Kazakhstan, Poland, and more recently France, are taking part.

Thus, Movember allows men who wish to grow a mustache (only), to carry out 60km of activities in 30 days and if possible to raise funds by involving their entourage and their network to donate to associations fighting against male cancers and more particularly against prostate cancer.

However, growing a mustache or maintaining a beard is not always easy!

Indeed, men who have already risked letting their beard and / or mustache grow without maintaining it, will all make the same remark to you: “Beards are itchy!”.

And they are right. When the hair grows and begins to cover the skin, it causes tightness if you don’t take care of it. The facial skin that is concealed under the beard hair suffers.

She is no longer hydrated enough. This is what causes tightness, itching and other unpleasant dry sensations.

And for those who tend to have already quite dry skin, it can even lead to dandruff and thus make wearing a beard even more unpleasant. To see more post on Men’s Health click here.

How To Take Care Of Your Beard And Mustache On A Daily Basis

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