Before And After Liposuction Lipo Results On The Belly Back Flanks And Culottes For You To Be Inspired

Liposuction Before And After: Lipo Results On The Belly, Back, Flanks And Culottes For You To Be Inspired!

In this article you will find all you need to know about liposuction results.

If you want to have liposuction surgery, before and after photos are essential factors to evaluate.

After all, we want to know if lipo will really meet our needs, what the real result looks like, if we’re going to like it, if it’s what we imagined…

Did you know that lipo is one of the most sought after plastic surgeries by women? This is because the photos of the liposuction result are a real dream!

Surgery is able to remove localized fat, shape your body and make it full of curves. Ashamed of wearing a look that enhances your curves? Never!

And that’s exactly why we created this article.

For you to clarify your doubts in a safe source and see everything you need to know about before and after liposuction on the belly, back, flanks and other parts of the body, Including celebrity results.

In this article, we will be looking at hide

How Is The Before And After Liposuction?

The before and after of liposuction results in a defined, well-shaped and fat-free body. In addition to increasing the woman’s self-esteem, putting aside the shame of wearing a tighter outfit or a bikini that shows her curves more. Surgery can be done on different parts of the body.

liposuction: the before and after surgery

Is seeing before and after photos of lipo what you want?

The body is in the best guitar style, you will feel free to wear tight dresses and feel powerful at any social event!

Ah, you know those blouse-style blouses? What did you need to use to disguise your abdomen and even the inside of your arms? With the result of liposuction, this situation is a thing of the past! Suffering ends, self-esteem improves and you become a new woman.

Can you imagine? It’s like being reborn in a rosy world. And discontent with your body will be part of an old life.

But before talking about the before and after of the procedure on each part of the body, it is worth informing yourself about a few things…

In Liposuction, Before And After Photos Are Just A Reference!

Searching and looking at before and after liposuction photos is normal. But it is important to know that these images are just a reference, an idea of ​​what we want. Don’t think that your body will look like the results of the famous liposuction or other people you find on the internet.

There are a number of factors that influence the outcome of liposuction, such as:

  • The weight before performing the surgery;
  • The physical type of the patient;
  • The accumulation of fat in the region;
  • Plastic surgeon experience.

Therefore, each woman will have a specific result, according to her limitations and the amount of fat that can be removed.

Your result will be as good, or even better than the one you were inspired by, but not the same.

Can Clinics Release Photos Of Patient Results?

Still talking about the liposuction photos found on the internet, it is important to mention that clinics and surgeons are prohibited from publishing photos of patients.

The guidance comes by order of the Federal Council of Medicine of the State, for example: In the Code of Medical Ethics Art. 75, in São Paulo, is the guideline that prohibits the dissemination of before and after photos of surgical procedures, even with the patient’s authorization.

In order not to create false promises of results and protect the patient’s privacy.

Therefore, respecting this guideline is extremely important, as it is about not exposing the patient’s intimacy. Only she can publish the photos, if she wishes.

How Is The Before And After Liposuction On The Belly?

The before and after abdominal liposuction is a flat stomach. Because the purpose of surgery in this region is to remove fat from the entire region of the abdomen. This procedure is ideal for women who are bothered by the volume in the belly and cannot eliminate it with diets or gym.

the before and after liposuction on the belly?

Lump in the abdomen region! See an example result:

result of abdominal liposuction
Before and after lipo on the abdomen!

However, it is important to be aware that the procedure is NOT indicated for women with sagging in the region. If this is your case, it will be necessary to combine with a tummy tuck. Another way to achieve more comprehensive results is to perform lipo 360.

What Is Lipo 360?

360 degree liposuction is a technique that brings together the three main regions of lipo: back, belly and flanks. Therefore, you can choose to perform lipo 360 and remove fat from these regions in a single surgical procedure.

Despite the name, we can say that lipo 360 is nothing more than a common liposuction, which is usually the preference of the patient who will define the places where the fat will be removed.

Oh, and it’s worth remembering that you can associate this technique – or not – with abdominoplasty, which is called lipoabdominoplasty.

However, if your problem is specifically flaccidity in the belly, perhaps, for your case, the recommendation is for abdominoplasty.

How Is The Before And After Lipo On The Back?

The before and after lipo on the back results in the end of that little fat that marks the region underlying the bra or bikini. In addition to improving the patient’s self-esteem, which puts aside the fear and shame of wearing a tighter blouse that can mark the fat located in the region.

the before and after lipo
Protrusion in the back region!

Back lipo is capable of vacuuming fat from the thoracic and lumbar region. So, that little fat that is marking the bra and blouses more glued to the body are out of date.

Because the main results of the surgery are a smooth back and no protrusion.

By the way, when lipo is performed in the lumbar region, the plastic surgeon “digs” the fat. And that makes the glutes more projected and stand out.

That’s not the point of the surgery, but it’s quite a bonus, isn’t it?

the before and after lipo
Back liposuction result

Learn more about the before and after lipo back surgery!

How Is The Before And After Flank Liposuction?

The before and after flank liposuction is a guitar-style silhouette, so dreamed of by most women. The end of that little fat that pops out of pants with a lower waist is what also promotes an improvement in a woman’s self-esteem and confidence in wearing the clothes she wants.

the before and after flank liposuction
Overhang in the flank region!

The flanks are those lateral folds that form in the abdominal region, located around the lumbar. The result of the surgery provides a guitar silhouette appearance, as it makes the waist thinner.

It’s the dream of many women, isn’t it?

Even in the before and after photos, women use and abuse dresses that enhance the waist, which thanks to the surgery is thin and designed.

Result of liposuction on the flanks
Before and after lipo on the flanks!

Get to know the details of liposuction on the flanks and find out if it’s really for you!

How Is The Before And After Lipo On The Thighs?

The before and after lipo can be seen on the inner or outer thighs. It is ideal for those who are uncomfortable with thick legs and cannot achieve any results with physical exercises. In addition, it is also an ally of those who suffer from diaper rash when wearing clothes that leave the region uncovered, causing friction when walking.

the before and after lipo on the thighs
Protrusion in the thigh region!

Lipo on the thighs before and after also influences the inner part of the groin. Because the fat in this region can be aspirated.


The before and after of thighs lipo
Before and after lipo on the inner and outer thighs!

How Is The Before And After Liposuction On The Arms?

The results of before and after liposuction on the arms is, for sure, the goodbye to the dreaded fat that moves when we wave goodbye with our arms. Which increases women’s confidence, whether it’s when it’s time to say goodbye, or when it’s time to wear a spaghetti strap blouse or to show your arms more.

The before and after of arm liposuction
Prominence in the region of the arms!

The arm fat bothers a lot of people, so the surgical procedure is much sought after by women. However, the doctor needs to accurately assess the amount of fat that can be removed, so that there is no excess skin at the site.

But if you have fat and excess sagging in your arms, you can combine lipo with brachioplasty – the surgery to eliminate sagging in the region.

Generally, before and after liposuction on the arms brings a discreet result, but no less satisfactory. After all, women who suffer from the appearance of their arms tend to avoid blouses and dresses with spaghetti straps and adopt wider t-shirts to disguise the region.

After arm lipo, this kind of situation is in the past!

Results of liposuction on the arm
Before and after lipo on the arms!

How Is The Before And After Liposuction In The Culote?

Before and after photos of liposuction on the culottes are VERY sought after. That’s because this procedure can be confused with another region of the body, but it’s the end of the fat on the side of the thighs. That is, the chance for women to wear those tighter pants without fear.

before and after liposuction in the culote
Protrusion in the region of the breeches!

The culote lipo helps eliminate the terrible fat accumulated on the outside of the leg, in the region between the glutes and thighs. It may even seem like an exaggeration, but this extra volume comes easily and is very annoying.

This is because if the pants or dress is a little tighter, it marks and draws attention. In addition, it is difficult to eliminate it through diet and exercise. The result of the procedure on the breeches usually makes a good difference.

But it is worth mentioning that the volume of fat that can be removed is not very high, so it is important to consult an experienced plastic surgeon.

Result of liposuction on the breeches
The before and after lipo on the culottes

How Is The Before And After Submental Lipo?

The before and after of submental lipo is a smooth neck and no fat volume. The woman gains a slimmer and younger-looking face. That is, in addition to the aesthetic results, this procedure improves self-esteem and self-confidence for women.

before and after submental lipo
Overhang in the jowl region!

Submental lipo is nothing more than surgery that removes excess fat from the double chin. The accumulation of bulge below the chin keeps many women from sleeping. After all, the face looks like a double chin and the woman can appear to be fatter than she really is.

Surgery is ideal for women who, even losing weight, continue with the famous double chin.

waddle lipo results
Before and after waddle lipo!

How Is The Before And After Pubic Lipo?

The before and after pubic liposuction is the intimate region without fat and with less volume, which directly influences the woman’s self-esteem and safety, making the use of specific clothes more comfortable than when the fat in Monte de Vênus was a reason for shame.

Where Can I Find Before And After Photos Of The Liposuction Result?

Nothing better than seeing before and after photos of lipo posted by real people, right? However, finding images of people like us on the internet is not easy. Because many women are afraid of these photos being leaked or being seen by men. And with good reason, right?

With that in mind, we created an exclusive group for women to post photos of the results of liposuction and other surgeries. There, they tell their experiences with plastic surgery and give tips on consultation, post-op and much more!

It is a serious group and monitored by the clinic. This monitoring is done only to bar the entry of fake profiles and men. Therefore, when submitting your application, please answer all the questions asked to be selected.

Celebrities Who Had Liposuction And The Before And After

Celebrities are also part of the women who want to be more beautiful and with high self-esteem. They understand the importance of aesthetics for their career, personal and emotional lives. After all, a woman satisfied with her body feels more confident to face life’s challenges.

Next, check out the before and after of the singers and actresses who had lipo on the belly, back, culottes, flanks and more!

Jojo Todynho

Jojo Todynho had lipo on her back to define and accentuate her figure. The aspirated fat was placed on the buttocks to increase the volume of the region. The artist revealed that her goal was to make her back straight, not lose weight. Because when using small croppeds, they were tangled in the back fat.

Jojo Todynho and his lipo on his back!

The artist was pleased with the result and described her new silhouette as “The pinnacle of victory”.


The singer Ludmilla had a LAD lipo on the belly to conquer the famous six-pack abs. Also known as lipo HD, the surgery promises a before and after with a toned and slim belly.

Ludmilla and her lipo lady
The singer Ludmilla had an abdominal lipo!

Despite its benefits, it is not a surgery recommended by many specialists, as it is not safe. Since to achieve this type of abdominal definition, the plastic surgeon needs to remove the fat from the layer closest to the skin. Unlike the technique used in traditional liposuction, which does not put the patient’s life in danger.


Maraísa had lipo, after going through a bariatric surgery, in which she lost 13 kilos, the singer Maraísa had two liposuctions, a rhinoplasty and implants in her breasts. Despite not revealing which part of her body she had the lipo on, the singer always reinforces the importance of taking care of her body so as not to lose the result of the surgery.

Maraisa and her liposuctions
Before and after the lipo of the singer Maraisa!

Bianca Andrade

Bianca Andrade’s lipo was a reason for controversy and a turning point in the celebrity’s history. The former BBB “sold” that she had lost 12 kilos with healthy eating, before it was leaked on a radio show that the artist had had liposuction.

Bianca Andrade had lipo
Entrepreneur Bianca Andrade and her lipo below the breasts!

Controversies aside, the former BBB understood that there were things that only plastic surgery was able to solve, left the shame aside and revealed that she had lipo to remove a little fat below the breasts that returned some time after the surgical procedure.

Luiza Possi

The answer to the question whether Luiza Possi had lipo or not is a mystery. Luiza Possi has lost 20 kilos in recent years and has transformed her body through food reeducation. Despite many questioning whether the singer had any plastic surgery to help her in this process, Luiza never touched on the subject.

Did Luiza Possi have lipo!
It is not proven whether Luiza Possi had lipo!

Fabiola Gadelha

Journalist Fabíola Gadelha conquered a curvy silhouette by undergoing a food reeducation process and making a vibrolipo to remove 6 liters of fat from the body.

Fabiola Gadelha and her Vibrolipo
Do you already know vibrolipo?

Vibrolipo, like liposuction, is a surgery to remove localized fat. The difference between the two is that vibrolipo is a technique that promises to provide a smoother recovery.

Watermelon Woman

Andressa Soares, better known as the Watermelon Woman, had a lipo on her buttocks. But if you think that the singer wanted to lower the volume of the region, she is wrong. The Watermelon Woman’s goal was to remove fat from the upper part of the buttocks, to enhance the curve between the back and the butt.

Watermelon Woman and her lipo
Artist Andressa Soares had lipo on her buttocks!

Deborah Secco

Actress Deborah Secco revealed to have had three liposuction and twice the mammoplasty surgery, which is breast augmentation with breast implants. The actress does not rule out having surgery to remove the sagging body after a second child.

Deborah Secco and her Iipos

Like many women, actress Deborah Secco intends to have more surgeries after pregnancy!


Anitta did lipo, in addition to several other aesthetic procedures that the singer is not ashamed to hide. She says she doesn’t even rule out the possibility of more surgeries. That’s because she already has about 50 procedures in her account, including rhinoplasty, silicone prosthesis, mentoplasty, botox and liposuction on her belly and breeches.

Anita and her belly lipos and culottes
Singer Anitta had some cosmetic procedures…

Tips To Have A Before And After In Successful Liposuction!

When it comes to before and after liposuction, there are some tips for you to increase, A LOT, the chances of your result being a success!

Meet them all now!

Operate with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon

A specialist plastic surgeon is an experienced doctor who is authorized by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery to operate. That way, in addition to reducing the risks in surgery, you are more likely to have a good result.

After all, the doctor has dealt with thousands of different cases and will know how to make a good preoperative analysis, predicting how your result will be and understanding what your needs are.

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For example, a good surgeon will analyze your degree of sagging, not to leave skin, and how much fat can be removed in lipo without putting your life at risk.

And, of course, a track record of results and safety is what can guarantee a before and after liposuction that leaves you truly satisfied.

Choose A Good Plastic Surgery Clinic

When choosing your plastic surgery clinic, consider, in addition to price, the clinic’s reputation and what benefits it delivers to you. Thus, you will know in advance how the clinic deals with patients, what the results are like and you will know their experience.

Remember: the more experienced, the greater the chances of you having a beautiful result in liposuction. 

Some points are differentials for an excellent result, such as:

  • Pre-Anesthetic Evaluation with an anesthesiologist specializing in plastic surgery.
  • Procedures done in hospitals, which only perform plastic surgery, so the risk of infection is reduced.
  • 24-hour medical assistance, to clarify doubts and emergencies in the postoperative period.
  • Ombudsman to resolve conflicts and dissatisfactions.
  • Lymphatic drainage performed with physiotherapists experienced in plastic surgery.
  • Specialist plastic surgeons trained by the best universities

You can check the clinic’s reputation on pages that allow patients to post reviews.

Have Realistic Expectations

When performing your liposuction, your before and after will not be the same as the famous ones or other women you see on the internet, these photos are just a reference for you, because your body is unique and your result will be yours alone. .

Understanding this and having a frank conversation with the surgeon about what your liposuction result might actually look like is the best way to avoid fantasies and future disappointments.

Follow All Post-op Recommendations

The postoperative period is the moment in which the patient becomes, in part, responsible for her result in the liposuction plastic surgery.

This is because, at this moment, the patient receives guidelines to follow that are essential for her to conquer a before and after lipo bonito.

For example, avoid sunbathing so as not to smear the scar or not make physical effort so as not to loosen the stitches.

Therefore, follow all medical guidelines in your post-surgical period strictly!

3 Main Doubts About Liposuction Before And After The Result!

We did a survey with the clinic’s patients and chose the main doubts about the result of liposuction.

3 main doubts about liposuction before and after the result!
Lipo surgery is one of the most sought after by women!

This is for you to operate without doubts and much safer. ❤️

Check out:

1 – How Long Does It Take To See The Result Of Liposuction?

The final result of lipo can be seen after 3 months. In 30 days, you will see approximately 70% of the result of the surgery, and in 90 days, the final result. This is because, in lipo, for you to see the before and after, the body needs to completely deflate.

This swelling is a natural response of the body to the inflammatory process of plastic surgery. And each organism has its own time to recover.

#Tip: For you to have a definitive liposuction result in less time, do lymphatic drainage sessions. 

2 – How Many Pounds Does Liposuction Remove?

Each liter of fat removed in liposuction is equivalent, on average, to 800 grams less in the patient’s weight. It is important to emphasize that liposuction is not intended to lose weight, but to reduce measurements. In liposuction, only 5% to 7% of fat is removed. Counting from  the patient’s IDEAL BMI.

Obese or overweight patients have more fat to be removed than indicated by doctors. Therefore, the result is NOT satisfactory. In addition, complications such as bleeding and dehydration can occur, putting the patient’s life at risk.

3 – How Long Does The Liposuction Result Last?

The result of liposuction is permanent, if the patient maintains a good diet and practices physical activity. But although the fat can return, the patient finds it more difficult to gain weight. Because the fat fat cells don’t multiply again. They just grow and fade.

I Did Lipo And Saw No Result: What Now?

Before concluding that you underwent lipo and did not see results, it is necessary to wait for the estimated period for the definitive result of liposuction. That is, a period of more than three months, which can reach up to 1 year. But, if there is any irregularity in the surgery, the medical team should alert the patient about specific care.

I did lipo and saw no result: what now
Tips to avoid this problem!

By following the tips above to choose a good clinic, the dreaded complaint: “I had lipo and didn’t see any results” will not be a reality for you. Because only an inexperienced clinic or one with bad intentions fails to record the evolution of liposuction surgery, giving rise to doubts.

Therefore, when choosing a clinic for liposuction, pay attention to the fact that nurses take pictures of before and after liposuction, from the day of your first appointment until your medical discharge. Because, in this way, it is possible to follow the evolution of your own body in a more empirical way.

That is, the patient sees the transformation of her body consultation after consultation and is sure of what is happening.

But if the case is really that the results do not appear, that is where the importance of an ombudsman capable of welcoming dissatisfactions and complaints from patients, to then take the medical team and assess whether it is the case of a new surgery for repair.

How To Ensure Good Results Before And After Liposuction?

The main way to guarantee good results before and after liposuction is by choosing a recognized clinic, recommended and with a wide history of results and safety.

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Before And After Liposuction - Lipo Results On The Belly, Back, Flanks And Culottes For You To Be Inspired!

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