Melancholic Features Strengths And Weaknesses. Who Is Melancholy

Melancholic: Features, Strengths And Weaknesses. Who Is Melancholy?

The characteristic of melancholic people is that they are artists who feel delicate, who live each event deeply, who have empathy and incredibly strong perceptions and reactions.

As a rule, all melancholy people are thinkers, philosophers, people who worship art, fine objects and eternal artificial and natural values.

Characteristic Of The “Melancholic” Temperament

Melancholic: Features, Strengths And Weaknesses. Who Is Melancholy?

Such people like to think about everything, they tend to analyze, they like to disassemble everything, they are “digging themselves”.

As a rule, they are all very sensitive, and a harsh word can attract them for a long time and enter into complexes.  To prevent this, such people retreat and do not let anyone into their inner world.

Most melancholic people are great aesthetes by nature.  They have a perfectly developed sense of beauty, balance and harmony.

The impeccable style distinguishes them among the people. Every word of such a person is thought out and balanced, there is a meaning behind each of them, they do not say such a thing.

Psychological Features Of Melancholics

Such people have a weak nervous system, can not withstand excessive loads, so such people are in regular contact with psychologists, psychotherapists and neurologists.

They do not adapt well to change because they are conservative in nature – they become calmer when everything around them is familiar.

They don’t like to move, love relationships, even career advancement, all of which usually lead to change.

Such people change dozens of times a day, but such a person who knows this feature will tend to hide his feelings inside.  This is what causes various disorders.  It is very easy to hurt such a person, so it is worth being very polite and careful, because a careless expression can hurt such a person for a long time, sitting in the soul of such a person.  for a long time.

In terms of relationships, such people are passive, want to be elected, to achieve, and the relationship went away on its own.  They place high demands on their mates, so marriages can be fraught with difficulties.

Are You Melancholy?

There are a lot of psychological tests that allow you to determine if you belong to a certain type of temperament.  We offer you a simple test, you must honestly answer “yes” or “no” to each question.

If you have an answer of 8 or more “yes” – you are melancholy.  5 – 7 – then you have a lot of melancholy features.  In this case, you should take additional tests and see mixed temperaments: for example, melancholic-choleric or phlegmatic-melancholic features.  If it is 1-4, these types of features look very weak on you.

People with hypersensitivity are called melancholic.  those who experience deep emotional experiences due to insignificant things in the nervous system (unfriendly appearance of the interlocutor, expressions addressed to them, etc.).  Pavlov attributed this type of temperament to the weakest of the four, and Hippocrates preferred its main feature to the negative.

Despite such unpleasant descriptions, mankind has learned literature, science, philosophy, art, the artist, and music through melancholy personalities.  Such people are great aesthetes, connoisseurs of beauty, delicacy and delicacy.  A unique view of life and things around it distinguishes melancholy from others.

Melancholic: Character Traits

In psychology, the definition of a melancholic temperament is as follows: a melancholic person with a weak external expression has a low level of mental activity, high emotional sensitivity, depth and stability of emotions (negative ones predominate).

The usual melancholy situation is sadness and depression.  He loves to talk about philosophy of life, to study the essence of things, to dig himself and to criticize himself, to analyze any events and actions of others.

Such thoughts take a lot of strength and energy from him and cause neuroses.

Melancholy is easy to recognize in the company of the following signs: calm, restless voice, slow movements, facial expressions and gestures.

Rather than engaging in conversation or discussion, he or she prefers to remain silent and observe.  Shy, timid, very polite, true, tries not to force anyone, often apologizes or falls in gratitude.

Thought, immersion in yourself and your thoughts – with the distinguishing features, you can calculate a person with this type of temperament.

According to the psychotype, melancholic people are introverts, that is, people who direct emotions and energy.  They do not need to communicate and feel comfortable in solitude.  But as friends or chosen ones, choosing the exact opposite of themselves, the extroverts stop choosing: sanguine or choleric people who attract them with an active life position and irreversible energy.

Melancholic people themselves are very shy and timid: if you give them a compliment, they will begin to make excuses and deny, underestimate their dignity.

Melancholic people have an interesting feature: they see a problem or something not in whole, but in parts.

For example, they may point out the hypocrisy or lies of their interlocutor in vain, but they may notice the torn button on the jacket that will make them angry.

The inability to think about small things and analyze the problem as a whole often does not allow to find a way out of the situation and adequately assess it.

Melancholic: rudeness, injustice takes you out of a state of mental balance.  They do not tolerate change and have difficulty adapting to the new environment, preferring to be isolated.

Such people like to complain, exaggerate their problems, show weakness and resentment.

If they need something, they will not ask for help directly, but they will start crying and crying until someone lends them a helping hand and solves all the problems for them.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Melancholic People

  • Perfection – The main feature of the nature of melancholic people.  They create ideals for themselves, try to follow them and apply them to others.  If the melancholy does not meet the standards set by him, he becomes hopeless and depressed, feeling miserable and worthless.  If someone around does not live up to expectations, he is not afraid to show and express his hatred by hurting his melancholic interlocutor.  Not wanting to endure a flawless world is a major obstacle to relationships with others.
  • But thanks to perfection, melancholy people achieve excellent results in their careers and creativity.  By trying to make the work perfect, they can do something for a long time and succeed brilliantly.  Even if they do not get the approval of their relatives or friends, melancholy people will continue to achieve their goals, knowing that everything they do is right.
  • No writer or artist would have succeeded with such enthusiasm and perseverance to finish the work he had begun and not lose interest as he did in sanguine or choleric people.

The Advantages Of Temperament Include:

  • Sequence.  Melancholic people do not change their thoughts and beliefs, do not betray their partners, do not like changes that can change their normal lifestyle.  They will never destroy the established structure, so they try to preserve and revive the relationship to the end.
  • Expect Challenges.  Melancholic people tend to exaggerate everything and wait for danger when no one is around.  But often such vigilance and analysis of the possible consequences of a situation helps them to avoid or prevent problems.
  • Analytical.  Inattention and humility in small things sometimes irritate others and draw more energy from melancholics themselves.
  • However, such details and the desire to get to the bottom of the truth help to understand the essence of the issue, to understand the situation, to put everything on the shelves and find a way out of a difficult situation.  For this reason, melancholy people are the best counselors.
  • Prone To Empathy.  Melancholic people are sensitive and impressionable, so the feelings and condition of the interlocutor are felt with every cell of the body.  Such a caring attitude is not surprising.
  • Original Vision.  Melancholic people do not think as stereotypical and stereotypical as phlegmatic people.  If they focus their energy on creativity, they have their own views and ideas that allow them to create fantastic masterpieces.

Melancholy and chaos are incompatible. Such a person is always striving for discipline, so he is organized and carefully plans the upcoming trip or event. His desire for order is manifested externally: such people always look neat, have good manners, are polite and precise.

The Disadvantages Are:

Perseverance. Melancholy considers itself justified in everything, it is difficult to convince her of anything.

He avoids arguments and confrontations, but will gladly participate in the discussion if he has enough information about the conversation using strong arguments.

If he can’t defend his opinion, he will get angry, but it will not be convincing.

Lack of resistance to stress. A melancholy can make you cry or get depressed for a flawless bed or a bad response. Moreover, the interlocutor himself will not understand that he is hurt in some way.

In melancholic people, the restoration of mental balance is very slow and difficult, because the processes of inhibition are superior to anxiety. This quality interferes with work, personal life and communication with others.

Unbelieving. Melancholic believes that he is unworthy of the attention of others, incapable of anything, insignificant and miserable. The lion’s share of energy is aimed at self-destruction, which causes neuroses and nervous breakdowns.

Despite their obvious merits and talents, melancholic people are often unrecognized geniuses because of this attitude towards themselves.

Melancholic people are less pronounced, but have characteristics such as a tendency to manipulation and resentment.

Due to the passivity of people of this type, the latter quality rarely turns into open revenge, but they often use manipulation. Melancholy can cause a person to feel guilty by deliberately displaying anger and weakness.

The partner himself will not notice that he begins to apologize and ask for forgiveness, without knowing what happened, and feels an incomprehensible responsibility for the emotional wound of guilt and melancholy.

Temperament Character

Temperament is inherent in human nature, but it is the only basis and raw material from which you can create an ideal character by correcting shortcomings and focusing on advantages.

The parents of melancholic people are already there. At an early age, you should try to adapt the child to the situation around you, direct your energy in the right direction.

Melancholic people need the support of others, but in order to be self-sufficient, they must learn to cope with their emotions and accept the world as it is, and to understand for themselves that there are no ideals.


A child with a melancholic type is calm and quiet, so it does not cause any problems for parents. It’s easy to fascinate with a constructor, a riddle, a solution to a logic problem, or something interesting that can be learned from the outside and inside. In a quiet family environment, the baby feels comfortable, but is afraid when strangers appear: he cries, stops playing, looks in disbelief and does not answer questions.

Relationships with others are not easy for melancholy children: they have few friends because they are interested in being alone, offended by any words, do not like the orders of strangers, so kindergarten becomes a real nightmare for such children.

A similar story occurs at school: after a teacher’s insulting remarks, the child may lose interest in even his favorite subject. The academic performance of a melancholic student depends primarily on his interests:

Melancholic people rush to remember the details and quickly forget the information they have learned. If he doesn’t like the subject, he can’t and doesn’t want to focus on learning it, so he gets appropriate grades.

If a child is involved in a certain field of knowledge, he will not only finish the school course on his own, but also read a lot of additional literature.

Paradox: he will not demonstrate the knowledge he has acquired due to his shyness, he will not be active in the classroom, so the teacher can estimate his talents only after written tests and exams.

Adapting the child to this environment, parents should praise him for his success, show sincere love and care.

You should never shout melancholy, because when he raises his voice, he loses his mind and does not understand what is being said to him.

It is advisable to go to school regularly and communicate with teachers, to warn them about the characteristics of the child’s character, so that teachers do not shout at him again and humiliate him in front of the whole class (this is a disaster for a child) sensitive and affective melancholy).

During adolescence, parents need to ensure that their children are not mistreated because they depend on stronger personalities who can easily load their thoughts and motivate them to certain actions.

To prevent such problems, parents should strive to be not only the authority but also the best friend and counselor for the child.

Only a close emotional connection and a secure relationship will ensure that melancholy can easily overcome the difficult stage of an independent adult life.


A person with a melancholic temperament can be described as a true gentleman: polite, collected, well-behaved, sensitive to the opposite sex. Protects the one he chooses, takes care of his mental balance. Such a person will never forget to congratulate his wife on her wedding anniversary, because family values ​​are above all for her. When choosing a partner, the principle of “everything has its time” is guided, so girls can not rely on a spontaneous visit to the registry office.

The main feature of a melancholy is the desire to calculate, compile and implement their plans, so the hand and heart will think long and hard about the time and method of offering.

He is generally ready to get married after a long relationship, probably trusting his partner. If a melancholy boy decides to take such a bold step, the bride can be sure that she will not change her wedding plans and will not run away at the last moment.

Despite being serious, a self-confident person suffers from melancholy self-esteem and takes even small difficulties to heart.

For this reason, it is difficult to build harmonious relationships with women who are not always ready to tolerate the characteristics of a difficult character. Disappointed with the choice of the chosen one, the melancholy is left alone for a long time and can remain single until old age.

A melancholic needs a sensitive woman with the same subtle mental structure who will understand and accept the creative and sensitive nature of her lover.

Famous melancholy men include Hollywood actors Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, musician and singer Michael Jackson, philosopher Rene Descartes and naturalist Charles Darwin.


A melancholic woman prefers to spend time alone, sitting for hours thinking about the starry sky. He doesn’t like noisy companies, parties and parties, he doesn’t need to communicate with his friends.

The best free time for him is to watch a movie in the evening or read his favorite book.

He has few friends, because he is selective in communication, and new acquaintances are given to him with great difficulty. Sometimes he is energetic, cheerful and active, but not for long, because the explosion of such feelings takes a lot of energy from him and he needs to rest and recover.

A melancholic girl tends to dramatize events more than a man, characterized by increased sensitivity.

This is especially true during adolescence, in women preparing to become mothers, and in adult women during menopause. Any hormonal change makes fair sex even more sensitive and sensitive.

Melancholic women are prone to introspection, are unsure of their attractiveness, and find it difficult to talk about their feelings and emotions.

Imagining a prince on a white horse, they make increasing demands on men: strong, courageous, noble.

If there are no suitable candidates or you have had a bad experience in a previous relationship, a woman may be left alone for a long time, be disappointed in men, and stop looking for a worthy partner.

Among the advantages of melancholic women can be distinguished serious views on marriage and family. Loving and loyal wives, caring mothers do. They prefer the head of the family to be a man, they themselves create family comfort and are engaged in raising children. They prefer creative professions that will help them realize their talents and hidden potential in their work.

Famous melancholy women include actress Mila Jovovich and singer Britney Spears.

Relationships With Others

In relationships with other temperaments, melancholy people play the role of “background” due to passivity and closure. Often, they are attracted by cheerful sanguine people who turn their lives into fun for a while, but are intimidated by their persistence by communicating for a long time.

Although the most successful combination of an introvert being an extrovert. A very good fit with a choleric person, because he is not offended by the accusations of melancholy and allows melancholy to guide itself.

Although both phlegmatic and melancholic people love peace and quiet, it is difficult to come together because they have different views on life.

What is a disaster for a melancholy, a phlegmatic person, in principle, will not and will not even understand how to worry about it.

The relationship between the two melancholy people is complicated because both partners need support and care. Mutual criticism and negative emotions eventually lead to separation.

At Work

Melancholic people are very suspicious and sensitive to criticism, so working in a team is possible only if they are respected, not offended, listen to their opinions and show friendship.

In such a situation, a melancholy subordinate can show good success and show himself as a hardworking and executive employee (if he really loves his job).

However, in this situation, he will not be more open and communicative, but will take the position of “gray cardinal”.

Working conditions with contraindications for melancholy:

1. A team with gossip and intrigue, because it is injured in a troubled environment, experiencing sharp conflicts and disagreements.

2. A serious and demanding boss, persistent thoughts about melancholy, even lower self-esteem.

If you shout at him, he will be completely insane, will not be able to come to his senses for a long time, or will cry immediately.

3. The need to make important decisions quickly, because melancholy is not physically capable – it takes time to think.

4. A busy or irregular schedule with little or no interruption, because you get tired quickly and need to recover often. The best option: 2-3 hours of work – half an hour of rest.

All these factors disturb a sensitive person, cause depression and nervous breakdown. For this reason, the ideal job for melancholy:

  • Does not require initiative and immediate decisions;
  • Allows you to regain strength;
  • Does not communicate with a large number of people;
  • Does not change, ie is characterized by stability and a relaxed atmosphere.

Only in this case, the ability of the melancholic will be relatively high and will be able to show good luck.

Melancholy people almost never work in leadership positions because they do not have leadership tendencies, do not adapt to management and are not confident in their abilities.

If this happens, the melancholic patron will be sensitive to his subordinates, will be very liberal, but will be demanding due to innate perfection.

The best professions for people with melancholic temperament:

  • Archivist;
  • Librarian;
  • Nanny;
  • Nurse;
  • Additional;
  • Engineer;
  • Accountant.

Melancholic people have such an incredible sensitivity and unique worldview that they just need to direct their energies in the right direction and put their emotions into creativity, so it is recommended to pay attention to the profession:

  • Composer;
  • Musician;
  • Artist;
  • Designer;
  • Writer;
  • Poet;
  • Actor

It is these types of people who are able to create unique masterpieces and enter the history of world art forever.

Even Aristotle claimed that everything was melancholy.

Suffice it to look at the list of known talented people type of melancholy temperament that seems more eloquent than any word: artist Michelangelo, composers PI Tchaikovsky, F. Chopin, writers NV Gogol, Edgar Allan Poe, FM Dostoevsky, poet Sergei Yesenin.

In The Family

Relationships with the opposite sex are not easy for melancholic people, and there are two main reasons for this:

1. Passivity, difficulty in establishing new relationships. They need an acquaintance or a reliable person they can completely trust.

The ideal partner for a representative of this type of temperament is a strong original personality with a stable psyche, who will protect, nurture and nurture his defenseless and overly sensitive lover.

Unfortunately, not every candidate can withstand such a test as a spouse who is constantly depressed.

2. Non-compliance of candidates with melancholic requirements. Because melancholic people are naturally prone to perfection, most potential partners in the hand and heart meet the over-rated requirements.

On closer inspection, melancholic people can notice even the most ideal person with small flaws that they cannot accept. In this situation, they prefer to return to their usual state of loneliness and sadness, and mourn their difficult fate by suffering after a long separation.

That is why there are so many lonely people among melancholy people who do not have enough life to find a soul mate who will meet all the requirements.

But if they do, the marriage will surely be strong. Because they are monogamous, melancholy people will never deceive their choice and will not cause jealousy by flirting with others. If family relationships are in jeopardy, they will do their best to save the marriage.

On the downside, one can distinguish extreme suspicion or mistrust of a spouse caused by insecurity and insecurity. Often, melancholic people have to affirm their chosen love and devotion, because a jealous and sensitive lover always thinks that they are less loved or less cared for.

Melancholic people see the family as a strong and reliable front, a place of refuge, a place where they feel safe.

Such people respect family traditions, value comfort, and the history of their ancestors, so they always have many family albums in their homes with photos and souvenirs.

With Friends

If a melancholy is faced with the choice of “quality or quantity”, he always chooses the first. Life credo: “It’s better to be alone than anyone.” This applies to both love and friendship

Therefore, a choleric person either has no friends at all, or very few: 1-2 people. IN adults rarely make new contacts because they are too sociable, insecure and afraid to be awkward. AND best friends, if any, are associated with a long-term relationship that lasts from childhood.

If destiny brings to melancholy an interesting person who will be a source of inspiration or an example for him, he can be awarded the title of friend only after a long communication. Not a month, not two, all years are needed.

The perfection of melancholy is detrimental to building harmonious relationships with others: if a person makes excessive demands and does not respond, he becomes angry and frustrates his failed friend, accusing him of trivial things that other people cannot do or pay attention.

Among the advantages of people with a melancholic temperament type in friendship are increased attention and care, empathy and the ability to give good advice.

In general, everyone has an idea of ​​who is melancholic. Undoubtedly, most readers immediately introduced themselves to someone like Pierrot from the sensitive adventures of Pinocchio, which dramatized the events. Indeed, melancholy has such characteristics. But they are not alone.

Set By Nature

The division of people into four types of temperament – phlegmatic, choleric, sanguine and melancholic – belongs to Hippocrates. Temperament is a set of innate characteristics of the nervous system that determine the strength and stability of experiences and the impulsiveness of human behavior. Certain personality traits are formed on the basis of temperament.

Impressions, speed of reaction, frequency of change of emotions, degree of severity – the specificity of the course of all these processes and allows a person to belong to one of the four types of temperament. It would be more accurate to say a few.

You should always remember that, in fact, it is almost impossible to meet, for example, a pure choleric or a pure sanguine person. In most cases, a person will find the characteristics of all four species, and giving them to one of them is based only on the superiority of certain qualities.

Thus, we have said that temperament is mainly manifested in experiments and is sensitive. A melancholic person is one who has low impulsivity, but any experience, on the contrary, leaves a very (sometimes) deep imprint on his soul.

It was probably the last characteristic of melancholy people that defined the meaning of the word “melancholy”.

In everyday use, as you know, this is the name of a boring mood – a depressed, melancholy state.

Until the beginning of the last century, this term was also used in medicine, but now it has been replaced by another word – “depression”, which is used to describe the depressed state of the psyche.

It should not be assumed that some people with melancholic temperament suffer from mental disorders; speaks only of the physiological features of the nervous system.

Pros And Cons

Like any other temperament type, melancholy people also have strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s Start With The Advantages, Of Course

Yes, melancholy is extremely sensitive, but it is this trait that makes it the most perceived of all kinds of beauty. Artists, musicians, writers – anyone who can see beauty in everyday life and show it to others – all these people are the most melancholic.

Thanks to this feature, a melancholy woman always decorates the house with pleasure and looks delicate. How unforgettable a romantic melancholy man can fill his lover’s life! By the way, another undeniable merit of this type of men (as well as women) – loyalty to the partner.

In addition, sensitivity helps me feel the slightest changes in melancholy emotional state of loved ones. No one can listen better, support, comfort and care better.

Melancholic people like to analyze everything and put it on the shelves, that is, they will train excellent scientists who can get to the heart of a process or phenomenon. In general, intellectual work is the most suitable field of activity for the representatives of this type of activity.

What Can Be Attributed To The Disadvantages Of The Species

Melancholic indecision is characterized by self-doubt, and it is difficult to live with both objective failures and what you see. Waking up and turning around without sleep, thinking that you don’t need to say that, but then it’s a typical situation for melancholy people. At the same time, melancholy accumulates all the fears and doubts inside, and does not seem to express them in any way.

These types of people get tired quickly, both physically and emotionally, and need more rest and recovery than others. They are prone to mood swings and are easily affected by both the taste of the interlocutor and the gloomy state.

Among Others

Melancholy almost always happens, that is, such people alone feel more comfortable in a company (especially when communicating with outsiders). And if it turns out that the melancholy is still in it, then he joins the conversation inactively and is immersed in his inner world.

This type of person quickly gets tired of noisy meetings, but feels good in the company of close people and can talk about everything in the world for a long time. Needless to say, the number of friendships between melancholic people is small, and they are all strong and time-tested.

This type of temperament manifests itself in appearance: melancholic, as a rule, thin, facial features are cleared, nose and chin are pointed, limbs are stretched. Facial expressions are poorly expressed, the voice is often not loud, the movements are not sharp.

How to communicate with a melancholy so that he and you are comfortable:

  • Avoid harsh criticism and ridicule, especially in public.
  • Respect the feelings of such people.
  • Strengthen their self-confidence.
  • Do not rush to decide them.

Remember that melancholy people get used to people for a long time, but then they make the most loyal and sensitive friends. A melancholic and energetic person who will maintain a sensitive, sensitive melancholic nature will be especially harmonious with the communication of leadership tendencies. Author: Evgenia Bessonova

It is hard to imagine a more ambiguous and contradictory type of temperament than melancholy. On the one hand – a sissy and crybaby, capable of “thickening the clouds” for any reason.

On the other hand, he is a creative, extraordinary person with talent, ingenuity and free thinking.

Who is melancholy? How difficult is it to be friends or to have a relationship with him?

To be happy or upset if you find this type of temperament in yourself? What to do if the child is melancholy? How can you raise them properly? How successful can his future be? Let’s look at these issues in turn.

Who Is Melancholy?

Melancholy is a type of temperament with an increasing character, weakness and impression.

All this is due to the tendency to experience depleting the psyche. Melancholic people know how to experience live emotions, but then they go out like a dying match to light up again after another emotional outburst. Only, unlike a choleric person, these feelings are not external, but internal.

The characteristics and name of melancholy are based on the writings of Hippocrates, an ancient Greek healer who developed further thanks to Galen.

The word itself comes from the name “water of life” that predominates in such people – “black bile” or “melena pit”. According to the ancient Greeks, this liquid is the cause of sorrow and fear.

People with a melancholic temperament tend to live “in themselves” without negatively affecting others. It is easier to avoid anger or littering.

As a result, melancholy is more prevalent than other types of psychological personality.

But experience gives “within” strong creativity, which is many times superior to other types.

Were it not for melancholy people, many masterpieces of world art, music, poetry, architecture and other geniuses would not have been born.

Among them are the famous melancholy Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, Frederic Chopin, Charles Robert Darwin, Michael Joseph Jackson, Edgar Allan Poe, Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol, Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin, Fedor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Lev Nikolaevich Glavol Mila Jovovich.

Thus, melancholy is not always a child who loses and cries. Often, psychological characteristics allow you to rise above those around you, to reach heights that others can only imagine.

How To Recognize Melancholy?

Communicating with a melancholy will soon show his temperament type, because the interlocutor will clearly understand the need to choose words. Any careless expression can cause dissatisfaction.

In addition, a bright indicator of melancholy is some sadness and isolation. During the dialogue, you will get the impression that the person is “loaded” and worried about something.

He is also known for his melancholic creativity. This type of temperament is often found in artists and others. creative personalities.

They also seldom become the “spirit” of the company, preferring to stay away from noisy gatherings.

It is not difficult to understand that you belong to such people. However, if someone tries to say “I’m melancholy”, it is advisable to make sure that this decision is correct.

You can go through our website, which allows you to accurately determine your temperament type.

Some researchers believe that it is possible to recognize a person’s personality by simply analyzing his appearance.

For example, understanding that we are dealing with a melancholy person. Its description includes fragile, asthenic structure, elongated muscles, straight back and chest, narrow waist, poorly developed muscles.

Keep in mind that people who do not have a friendly relationship with an argument, have health problems, or for some reason are limited to overeating may look similar.

Thus, without analyzing a person’s behavior, it is unlikely that just one appearance will help to form a correct idea of ​​the type of personality.

Melancholic Feature: Pros And Cons

Like everything in this world, each temperament has opposite “poles” with advantages and disadvantages.

In addition, the disadvantages can be seen as the positive side of the processes that determine the side effects.

Everything depends on the speed and depth of the course of mental reactions, which significantly depletes the nervous system.

The disadvantages of a melancholy generally make life difficult only for him:

  • Prone to pessimism;
  • Low stress resistance;
  • Connection, difficulty communicating with others;
  • Decreased performance, rapid depletion;
  • Shyness, low self-esteem;
  • Slowness, poor endurance;
  • Passivity, laziness.

Because of these shortcomings, melancholic people rarely take the dominant position under the influence of others.

However, even such a “fly in the ointment” does not appreciate the “barrel of honey” for the advantages of this type of personality.

The advantages of melancholy allow him to distinguish himself from thousands of rivals:

  • Creativity, thinking outside the box;
  • Ability to see beauty in unexpected manifestations;
  • Consistency in your liking;
  • The tendency to build long-term relationships;
  • Developed sensitivity, emotionality;
  • Ability to analyze and predict; Broad outlook, advanced intellect.

Thus, in a melancholy personality you can get a reliable friend, a loyal companion in life or a true fan of a common cause.

Relationship With Melancholy?

If the couple is melancholy, the characteristics of such a relationship will depend on the temperament of the partner.

In the same temperament types, it will be difficult to strengthen such a connection, because the weakness and impressionability of both will inflate the whole “two elephants from one fly”. Despotic “for Mozhaisk” will rule melancholy.

This is especially true if a woman is found to be choleric. Calming indifference will bring melancholy “white heat”. And maybe one cheerful partner will fill the missing energy and optimism.

Cultivate A Melancholy

Melancholic parents should never exaggerate the problem because of this type of child’s temperament. After all, it provides great opportunities for self-realization and success.

The main thing is not to disturb the sensitive psyche since childhood. He should be encouraged and praised, but not too much. Start communicating without dialogue. In case of unreasonable depression, it is worth showing patience, calming small melancholy, and turning your attention to happier moments.

Do not forget about the comprehensive development of the child, take him to circles or sections, without allowing him to squeeze and “hang his nose”.

Being born melancholic is a great chance to become famous and succeed.It is important to get the right upbringing and dedicate yourself to self-improvement in adulthood. Knowing your disadvantages, you can correct them, or at least correct them.

Melancholy has great potential not only in career development, but also in building relationships.

Therefore, you should not be sad when you discover this type of temperament in yourself.

Also, do not avoid melancholy in communication, because they can be real friends or allies.

What makes some people prone to depression and despair? This is due to their nature.

Remember that a person’s temperament – in many ways affects the perception of the world around him.

To understand this issue, it is necessary to study the characteristics of each temperament separately.

Consider the characteristics of this type of temperament as Melancholic.

What To Do For A Melancholy Tragedy?

Sanguine is something that a person will see only an interesting event,

and phlegmatic does not deserve attention. Arthur Schopenhauer

The Meaning Of The Word “Melancholic”

Melancholy is a type of human temperament characterized by a mild expression of feelings, weak excitement, increased sensitivity with the depth and duration of emotions.

Emotional Feature

Melancholic people tend to hide their feelings, even if they experience something deeply. In the true sense of the word, they annoy themselves, they eat themselves from within.

As a result, constant secrecy and suppression of feelings increase vulnerability. They are not inclined to express their frustration in words or deeds.

The constant suppression of emotions makes melancholics prone to sadness and constant long-term depression.

The world around them is visible to these people in gray, indistinct colors. Psychologists say that more than half of suicides are melancholic.

Melancholic Professions

There are no restrictions on defining the professional field of melancholy. The main thing is that the melancholy should take frequent breaks for a short rest.

In other words, a convenient schedule for them is two to three hours of work, then a break of 20-30 minutes. During breaks, it is helpful to avoid work, drink tea or walk on the street.

It would be good if they work in a well-connected and friendly team.

More suitable professions for those with melancholy:

  • librarians,
  • nurses,
  • and other employees who are not required to perform important duties as soon as possible.

Melancholic In Love, Family. Melancholy In Communication

Constant apathy has left its mark on the communication of melancholy people.

They are afraid of other people and are not the first to make contact.

They are more interested in their world than in their relationships with their neighbors and colleagues.

Melancholic friends have very few friends. but it is very important for unsympathetic pessimists. Friendship is always strong and lasts for years.

As friends, the representatives of this temperament choose strong and active people who can take care of sensitive nature.

Most single people are melancholic. But if they can create, they try to protect under no circumstances.

The main thing in the family is the second half of these people, and they themselves like to feel protected under the reliable wing of a spouse.

Another important feature is that melancholy people never cheat on their loved ones.

Couple Compatibility: Melancholic And Melancholic

When a man and a woman with the same melancholy psychotype come together, their union will be accompanied by constant inner feelings and a groan of feelings towards each other.

In everyday life, serious conversations, arguments, conformity, compromise, and kindness will help solve problems.

The advice to melancholic people is not to be too touching and sensitive, to talk directly to their soul mate about their problems without covering or hiding anything.

Interesting: Famous People Are Melancholy

Among melancholic people, we can recognize such people as celebrities (picture from left to right):

  • Edgar Allan Poe,
  • Isaac Newton,
  • Charles Robert Darwin,
  • Michael Joseph Jackson.
  • Fedor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky,
  • Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol,
  • Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky,
  • Yesenin Sergey Alexandrovich.

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Melancholic: Features, Strengths And Weaknesses. Who Is Melancholy?

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