Nri Organic Products Ingredients And Its Functional Uses

Nri Organic Products, Ingredients And It’s Functional Uses

Hello Readers. If you are you’ve been searching for Nri Organic Products, Ingredients, It’s Functional Uses And Treatment Ebook, you are on the right page. NRI organic wonder products does far much works beyond the knowledge of what we think it does.

This is the major reason why our CEO most often is seen visibly excited, travelling everywhere, awarding Scholarships, giving out cars etc in response to fantastic testimonies coming from people using these our Highly Potent Organic Products.

I pity those aware or making use of nri organic products and have refused to register or actively promote this wonder products. You are not doing me, you are doing yourself. You just lack the futuristic foresight of where NRI is headed.

Na person wey dey alive na him dey chop life. Take good care of yourself health wise.

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I decided to wake us up today with this wonderful testimony. Health is still wealth!

Nri Organic Products, Ingredients And It’s Functional Uses


This is the flagship product of the company. It is a detoxifier, super immune booster and an anti-oxidant. It also functions in the following ways:

  •   It is Super Immune Booster
  •   Cleanses toxic wastes
  •   Helps in Stem Cell Replicaton
  •   Best remedy for Malaria/Typhoid, Piles and Asthma
  •   The product is Anti-cancer
  •   A very strong antibiotics
  •   Helps in the treatment of all pathogenic infections
  •   A dependable energy booster
  •   Suitable for organ renewal
  •   Fortified with Vitamin C, Zinc and Iron to improve libido


⇒ Desmodium gangeticum

⇒ Eclipta alba

⇒ Garcinia Kola

⇒ Tetracarpidium Conophorum

⇒ Ocimum sancta

⇒ Curcuma longa

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May be used as a remedy/treatment and/or management of high blood sugar or diabetes

  •   It helps treat Diabetes and Prediabetes
  •   Helps to Rejuvenate the pancreas
  •   It helps to boost the production of insulin
  •   Excellent Product for Hyper/Hypoglycemia
  •   Deals with sugar problem
  •   Promote Wound healing (Diabetic & Non-Diabetic)


⇒ Vernonia amygdaline

⇒ Cucubita spp

⇒ Gnetum africanum

⇒ Gondgromena latifolia


Useful for Arthritis, inflammatory problems, fibroid, blocked fallopian tube, pain etc.

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  •   Excellent for Constipation
  •   It Boosts Immune System
  •   A powerful natural moisturizer for the skin
  •   Promotes Wound Healing
  •   Reduces inflammation and relieves pains
  •   Fights fungus infection in the mouth
  •   Excellent in fights candidiasis
  •   A fertility natural oil
  •   Opens closed fallopian tube
  •   Can be used to induce labour
  •   Relieves Menstrual Cramps
  •   Eliminates fine lines and wrinkles
  •   It also treats Arthritis
  •   Helps to clear cold
  •   It inhibits the growth of fibroid tissues
  •   Reduces gallbladder stone
  •   It is a remedy for whitlow
  •   Stops hair breakage and supports hair growth, etc


⇒ Ricinus communis


This product may be used for the improvement of blood circulation in the brain; for the prevention, treatment and/or management of Stroke, Parkinson disease, Epilepsy and other brain related/nervous disorders.

  •   Excellent Product for Cardiovascular Problems. e.g. High blood pressure and low blood pressure
  •   Helps to Improve Blood Circulation
  •   Excellent Product for Stroke and Partial Paralysis
  •   Excellent product for the treatment of Parkinson disease
  •   Excellent Product for Epilepsy and Brain related Problems
  •   Good for nervous disorders/seizures


⇒ Allium sativum

⇒ Turmeric

⇒ Ginseng

⇒ Bilberry

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Nri Organic Products, Ingredients And It's Functional Uses

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