6 Safe Ways To Prevent Snakes From Getting Into Water Closets Toilet Bowls0A

6 Safe Ways To Prevent Snakes From Getting Into Water Closets, Toilet Bowls

In this post we will talk about, some preventive measures to take which will help in avoiding snake(s) curling up in your toilet bowl.

Reactions have emerged coming after the death of a Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Personnel Lance Corporal Ogah Bercy, linked to the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), who died of complications from snakebite in her restroom (toilet) at the NAF Base Bill Clinton Drive Abuja.

Questions on how reptiles and snakes manage to infiltrate our bathrooms and restrooms (toilets) have been raised and asked by many across social media.

Research carried out by myhealth myskin show that it’s not very common for snakes to be found in toilets. More plumbers have seen snakes under houses or in a roof cavity than in the toilet but however, snakes can get into a toilet through an opening in the sewage (soak pit).

Sewage can be a covering ground for mice and rats. Snakes can come into the sewer to get their next meal. They can make their way through a sewer and creep their way through.

When talking about snakes or reptiles getting into the toilet sink, most people think or assume that there’s already water inside the toilet sink, but according to plumbers, the toilet seat is built in such a way that the water remains only in the sink and the pipe that runs to the septic tank or soakaway is always empty and free of water.

Most reptiles would find it hard to crawl into the water closets, they always find it easier to enter from the concrete chambers at the back of the house through which sewage pipes get connected and through cracks, under the doors and openings.

Here are Safe Ways To Prevent Snakes From Getting Into Water Closets, Toilet Bowls:

The safest way to prevent a snake from making its way into your toilet is to make your home less attractive to the snake in the first place.

1. Keep windows and sliding doors in the bathroom closed or ensure the screens are fully intact so a snake can’t slide its way in.

2. Prevent a mouse or rat infestation in your home with the correct rodent protection. Snakes will follow the food trail, so if you have mice or rats near or in your house, get rid of them faster.

3. Always make sure that all the bushes around your house are properly cleared and well burnt so as to prevent any rodents or reptiles from harbouring around the house.

4. Another thing you should take note of is to always ensure you fumigate your toilet sink regularly. There are special pesticides that are made specifically for this purpose.

5. Keep your toilet lid closed at all times and you can also make use of a flat tile to cover your bathroom filter when you’re not in the bathroom so as to stop any further movement of the reptile through the pipes and also ensure that all pipes are well fixed and closed.

6. Lastly, always make sure you check inside your toilet sink before you sit on it, avoid using the toilet in the dark and public toilets are dangerous to use anyhow. If you must use them, don’t sit directly on them, lift up your buttock slightly above the bowl and be watchful.

6 Safe Ways To Prevent Snakes From Getting Into Water Closets, Toilet Bowls

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