Why Is It Necessary To Wear A Compression Panty After The Operation

Why Is It Necessary To Wear A Compression Panty After The Operation?

During liposuction, abdominoplasty or certain surgical operations, the surgeon frequently recommends wearing post-operative panties during the weeks following the intervention.

Today these are “ordinary” operations and very well mastered by surgeons (liposuction is the most performed cosmetic surgery operation in Europe after breast augmentation) nevertheless they are inevitably accompanied by minor inconveniences during the period. post-operative and require a minimum of precautions to be observed.

The compression panty, or the sheath in the most localized operations, will be used to perfect the results and limit these inconveniences, but more concretely what is it for exactly and why is it important to to wear it?

In Which Cases Is The Compression Panty Recommended?

In Which Cases Is The Compression Panty Recommended?

This underwear is regularly recommended in the event of liposuction of the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks, for an abdominoplasty, or more generally of a surgical operation of these zones as well as the knees and the calves. It essentially plays a compressive role, but also protects the operated area and drains it.

What Is The Purpose Of The Compression Panty After Liposuction Or Abdominoplasty?

» it reduces edema and swelling after the operation. During the weeks following the procedure, the aspirated fat is naturally replaced by body water to form an edema. The operated area thus tends to swell (which is perfectly normal) and the phenomenon frequently even tends to extend to neighboring areas of the body. The compression panties will therefore make it possible to contain the edema and limit the swelling thanks to the compression it exerts on the body.

In the same way, ecchymoses (that is to say bruises) appear frequently just as sometimes, a hematoma lasts 3 weeks or 1 month after the operation. The compression maintained by the post-operative panty will also protect and limit the progression of these bruises on the body.

» to introduce the small cannula which will suck the fat, the surgeon will have to make a small scar of about 2 to 4 mm, generally in an inconspicuous area of ​​the body. The panty this time protects the scar and facilitates the adhesion of the skin tissue, that is to say its healing.

» Compression also plays an analgesic role by keeping the operated area well in place: it reduces the pain felt.

Finally, it keeps the operated area compressed evenly, with a draining effect on blood and fluids, which promotes an optimum result.

To sum up, surgeons agree that the compression panty will facilitate the postoperative course by reducing pain and acting effectively to improve the final result. It is of course above all the dexterity of the surgeon and his experience that guarantee success, but the underwear somehow completes his intervention during the post-operative period and perfects the rest to put all the chances on his side. As part of an abdominoplasty, an abdominal compression sheath  will provide the same effects more locally.

How Long Do You Have To Wear It?

From  3 weeks to 1 month after liposuction. The first two days you will have to keep it on yourself while taking your shower (a hair dryer will speed up drying) then you can take it off for 1 hour a day while you wash and clean it at the same time. This is the usual usage and there is no contraindication to removing it during this period of time each day.

In the case of an abdominoplasty, wearing the  compression garment is recommended for 3 weeks, and up to 6 weeks for muscle repair.

How To Choose Your Compression Panties?

The constricting effect it exerts is undoubtedly the most important element so it is essential to choose a suitable size: it is normal that you feel tight while wearing it, this is also the objective sought.

However, since you will be wearing it constantly, it is also necessary to have maximum comfort and for this purpose a model based on elastane fabric or its equivalent, Lycra, is a real plus because of the elasticity and lightness that it provides. they provide.

Also make sure that the straps are adjustable so that it adapts perfectly to your morphology and that the opening/closing is done easily on the side. Finally, it must not create stricture at the level of the knees, that is to say provide a feeling of excessive tightness which could bind the area and hinder blood circulation.

What Size Post-operative Panty To Choose?

After the surgical operation, the panty is supposed to have a compressive effect which maintains the operated area so do not take a too large cut. Too narrow, it will hamper your movements and block your breathing. So simply opt for your usual size, especially since the effects of liposuction are not visible immediately after the procedure, so there is no risk of swimming in your new underwear.

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It is nevertheless preferable to take your exact measurements to choose the model that will best suit your morphology, here is a size guide to help you choose the model that suits you:

Take the measurements at the widest point of each area of ​​your body and in case of hesitation between two sizes, prefer the smaller one: despite the swelling inherent in this operation in the weeks that follow, your silhouette will be slightly refined afterwards. intervention and it is imperative that the compression is effective.

Is It Reimbursed By Social Security?

It is rarely reimbursed since liposuction and abdominoplasty are cosmetic surgery.

However, if the operation you are considering is more of a reconstructive surgery, social security can cover part of the costs as well as the compression garment if it is prescribed by your surgeon as part of his intervention.

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Why Is It Necessary To Wear A Compression Panty After The Operation?

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