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It would be great if your baby was born with the same waking/sleeping schedule as the rest of the family, wouldn’t it? Many children seem to prefer to work at night, though, and to sleep during the day. If your baby gets restless at night, of course it’s even harder on you.

You may have had a clue as to whether or not your baby was a night owl when it entered the womb. Did you notice him wandering around most of the night when you were trying to sleep? Even if her schedule fits you during pregnancy, her sleep patterns could be affected by your toil and supply if they were long and in the middle of the night.

Babies adapt to the family schedule in a month or more. In the meantime, when your baby is only a few weeks old, you can begin to slowly adjust to a more appropriate schedule.

How to change baby’s nap schedule

1. Set a time to wake up and stick to it, even if your child wakes up most of the night. Sleeping may be an attractive option for both of you, but it may not help you reach your goal of sleeping well at night.

2. Instead of letting your baby sleep longer during the day, wake him up for the first month or so to feed him, even if he is fast asleep. (It will also need to be fed at night, but you can increase the interval between them to three or four hours.)

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3. During the day, when you want your child to wake up, open your windows and curtains and play some lively music. Play with it Let the phone ring, run the dishwasher, and let the household noise in general.

4. Keep the room calm and dark when your baby goes to bed (and at nap time) and use only soft light or night light for feeding and diaper changes. Talk to your baby quietly and move on slowly. Be short and boring instead of distracting.

Keep in mind that your baby may sleep well one night and not the next. You will have a good night (and day) and roughness for a while. But as your baby’s brain and central nervous system matures, his sleep cycles become longer and he will have more time to sleep at night.

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