6 Spiritual Benefits of Cloves Clove Bath How to Use

6 Spiritual Benefits of Cloves | Clove Bath & How to Use

Apart from clove being one of the most valuable spices, it has a wide range of spiritual benefits.

If you have never tasted a delicious homemade sweet with cloves, or tried it as an eccentric seasoning, then you are really missing out! But the clove has its features that go beyond culinary use.

What Is Clove?

Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) is a native tree of the Moluccas Islands in Indonesia. It is used as spice from antiquity, utilized in cooking and manufacturing medicines. Its oil has antiseptic properties, being widely used in dentistry.

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The clove has been used for more than 2,000 years, as a medicinal plant. The Chinese believed in his aphrodisiac power. The clove oil is a potent antiseptic.

What Can Cloves Cure?

Its medicinal effects includes the treatment of nausea, flatulences, indigestion, diarrhea, has bacterial properties and is also used as an anesthetic and antiseptic for the relief of toothache.

It is also used in the treatment of mycosis, which is usually very time consuming and therefore must have much patience and perseverance. Clove is a good home remedy to end these fungi.

The clove bath is a very powerful protection ritual. It helps to ward off all bad energies and fights the evil eye.

What Is The Clove Bath For?

As with other herbal baths, each plant has its own mystical power. In the case of clove, this fragrant herb is indicated for those who are suffering from the energy of envy, the evil eye and also the famous fat eye. That’s because the clove helps to clean the aura and still attracts the positive energy force.

Therefore, it is indicated to ward off all evils that negatively affect the spirit, aura and body.

According to the research, clove bath also serves to combat fatigue and melancholy. Therefore, whenever you feel discouraged and sucked by dense energies, performing the ritual is a good choice for spiritual health.

Spiritual Benefits Of Cloves

6 Spiritual Benefits of Cloves

In the spiritual environment, the clove is known to be so powerful in cleansing. Here are the Six Spiritual benefits of cloves:

1. Low Vibrational Energy

If you have been recently sick, especially if it is as a result of a low vibrational energy, the clove is a great option to bring more vigor to your life. It helps, still, to ward off fear and oppression.

In general, the clove baths takes away bad luck, envy and negative energies.

2. Banish Evil, Find Love, And Attract Money

Cloves is believed to banish evil, clear your head, protect, find love, and attract money. Clove has also been used in many ways to bring relief from many types of pain.

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3. Draw Wealth And Prosperity

When you burn cloves as an incense you draw wealth and prosperity, drive away hostile and negative forces, produce positive spiritual vibrations, and purify the area in which they are burned. Using cloves is said to ensure that your good intention is actualized.

4. Cleansing

The frangrance it brings to a room helps cleanse the room, aids in concentration and creativity and also creates an uplifting energy in one’s house. (One can make a new ball as and when required)

I think the spicy, energetic scent of cloves can’t help but uplift our spirits and override negativity.

5. Love, Laughter, Abundance And Protection

It also rises above everyday challenges to remind us of our good intentions. After burning cloves, try throwing a handful into a pot of water and simmer slowly to fill your home with love, laughter, abundance and protection at all times.

6. Spiritual Arrows And Spiritual Ailments

Spiritual benefits of cloves

For those suffering from spiritual arrows and those suffering from some unforseen disease. Try this natural remedies (Sand, Salt, Thyme, Alligator, Pepper) created by God. The Bible tells us in Psalm 24:1.

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.

(Psalm 24:1 NIV)

Items Needed:

  • Sand
  • Salt
  • Thyme
  • Alligator Pepper


  • Get your sand where people are stepping on, on daily basis. Wash and dry the sand.
  • Get alligator pepper you opened from behind Take 21 seeds from the alligator pepper, crush into pieces .
  • Add the crushed alligator pepper, the salt and thyme into your washed and dried sand.
  • Mix all together that will last you for 3nights and set your intention into it.
  • Add this mixture to your bathing water for 3 nights, as you bath, SPEAK and return the arrows and ailments back to their sender.
  • PRAY into the mixture before using.
  • PRAY using Isaiah 49:25 – 26, Psalm 91, and 24

Clove Bath: How to Use

Now that you know all the benefits, it’s time to choose your favorite ritual. Some powerful combinations help to open paths and also protect.

As we have explained here before, you should focus on positive thoughts and energies while preparing the bath.

Since everything is energy, your mental state directly interferes with the result. So, take the opportunity to do the clove bath in a moment of introspection. You can pray to raise the vibration.

Simple Clove Bath Against The Evil Eye


  • 2 liters of water
  • 1 handful of cloves

Preparation Mode:

1. First, bring the water to a boil along with the cloves.

2. As soon as it boils, wait 10 minutes, cover and stifle until lukewarm.

3. After the hygienic bath, pour the ritual bath on the body, focusing on the positive energies you want to attract.

4. Also take the opportunity to ask for protection and imagine a big blue bubble enveloping your body with peace and welcome.

Clove, Cinnamon And Bay Leaf Bath

Second, a ritual to improve finances. The bath with laurel is excellent for attracting prosperity. Therefore, the combination with cloves and cinnamon also has this characteristic.

In addition, this herbal bath helps to improve financial life, cleanses the aura of negative energies, drives away enemies and even improves love life.


  • 7 bay leaves
  • 2 liters of water
  • 7 cloves
  • 7 tablespoons of cinnamon

Preparation mode:

1. To start, boil the water and then add 1 bay leaf, 1 cloves and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon.

2. Then repeat the entire process 6 more times, until you run out of ingredients.

3. Finally, let it boil for up to 3 minutes, cover and wait until it cools.

4. After the hygiene bath, throw the mixture from the neck down while mentally having a good time.

5. Then, let it dry naturally and put on light clothes right after your shower. Avoid black clothes for the next 2 days.

6. Repeat weekly until you see improvement, then just take 1 monthly clove bath to keep your energies high.

Protection Bath With Cloves, Cinnamon And Sugar

This perfect ritual attracts new love and still raise spiritual protection. It is suitable for New, Crescent or Full moon nights. Check out:


  • 7 cloves
  • 3 spoons of sugar
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 2 to 3 liters of water

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Preparation mode:

1. To start, bring the water to a boil along with the cloves;

2. Then add 1 spoon of sugar, 1 cinnamon stick and 1 clove, stirring constantly;

3. Add the other ingredients all at once and boil for up to 3 minutes;

4. Once it cools down, it’s time to perform the ritual;

5. After the hygienic bath, pour the mixture from the neck down, while saying your favorite prayer;

6. Finally, let your body dry naturally and finally, wear light clothing.

Caution: Do not price any spiritual product, once you’re told the price, pay for it or don’t, but do not prize. Pricing spiritual products means pricing your healing.

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6 Spiritual Benefits of Cloves | Clove Bath & How to Use

What Spiritual Benefits Of Cloves Are Most Important To You? Do You Consume This Spice Because Of Any Of Them? Comment Below!

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