Yellow Discharge Without Smell: Should You Panic?

It is not uncommon for every woman and girl to be familiar with the discharge from the genitals. And even very young girls have it, which often causes concern to parents

Yellow Discharge Without Smell: Should You Panic?
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It is no secret that genital discharge is familiar to every woman and girl. And even very young girls have it, which often causes concern to parents. Sometimes white, sometimes yellowish and even brown.

Almost all women are characterized by increased attention to what is happening in their bodies, and of course, yellow vaginal discharge can not be ignored.

Should I Sound The Alarm Or Is It Normal?

Such topics are often discussed, and women’s opinions are polar. Thus, try to clarify the essence of the issue objectively.

Yellow Discharge Without Smell: Should You Panic?

Yellow Discharge Without Smell: Should You Panic?

First, although the yellow discharge is odorless, it is still worth informing the gynecologist who decides whether to remove a stain to rule out the presence of various inflammatory processes that have often gone unnoticed.

The presence of jaundice is not the norm, but if there are no other unpleasant symptoms such as unpleasant odor, burning, itching and pain, it may not be a cause for concern.

Otherwise, you should see a gynecologist immediately, especially if the secretions are dark yellow.

There are several reasons for this pathological symptom.

However, first of all, the presence of the odor should alert you. Generally, women eat fish, onions, etc. Characterized as odor.

Of course, to put it mildly, there is nothing less pleasant, but the body thus shows the need to move.

The formation of dark yellow secretions may be a manifestation of an allergic reaction to underwear and intimate hygiene products. Certain microorganisms can also cause specific yellow discharge.

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If the color of the secretions changes to green, the problem indicates the development of serious disorders. For example, it may indicate the presence of venereal diseases.

They are also characterized by itching, pain during urination, and burning sensations in the area.

If the secretions are light yellow, they are most likely caused by inflammation of the fallopian tubes or ovaries and various bacterial infections in the uterus.

The first is the presence of various inflammatory processes that are exacerbated by pregnancy or other factors.

During this period, immunity is weakened, which allows pathological microorganisms to penetrate the uterus, accumulate there and create this unpleasant symptom.

In addition, secretions can occur as a result of spontaneous abortion. Therefore, it is necessary to react to them as quickly as possible.

However, odorless yellow discharge, which women do not immediately notice, can also be an alarming signal. First of all, let’s list the cases where this is considered normal:

  • During ovulation, when the so-called “yellow body” comes out.
  • At the beginning of menstruation (or after it). In this case, the odorless yellow discharge is just a small infiltration of blood clots.
  • The color of the secretion may change during pregnancy and breastfeeding. All this is due to the reconstruction of a woman’s hormonal background during this period.
  • In addition, there may be a change in the color of the discharge when taking oral contraceptives that contain small amounts of the hormone.

These are the main reasons, but it is necessary to pay attention accompanying factors.

As soon as you feel itching, discomfort, burning, accompanied by a change in the color of the discharge, you should contact your gynecologist to rule out inflammatory processes, such as inflammation of the ovaries, appendages and even cervical erosion.

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There is another situation where odorless yellow discharge is considered the norm.

A few hours after unprotected intercourse (if there is a discharge in the woman’s vagina), the discharge also changes color.

This is a natural reaction to male sperm, which also changes the vaginal microflora.

However, in such cases, they manifest themselves within a maximum of 10-12 hours after sexual intercourse.

So do not panic in advance, but in any case, it is better to inform the gynecologist about the things that are bothering you.

In addition to the possible tests that will allow you to accurately determine your condition, your doctor will help you choose the right oral contraceptives and check your hormone levels. To see more post on Women’s Health click here.

Yellow Discharge Without Smell: Should You Panic?

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