10 Common Mistakes Made By Couples Trying To Conceive 3
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10 Common Mistakes Made By Couples Trying To Conceive

Are you trying to get pregnant or conceive but can’t? Having a child may even seem simple, but couples can make some simple mistakes that make the process difficult.

Do not worry! With simple adjustments to routine and habits, you’ll soon have a beautiful, healthy baby in mommy’s belly.

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10 mistakes couples try to get pregnant

1 – Few sexual relations

This error is easy and fun to fix, right? Although some people think that reducing the frequency of sexual intercourse helps for those who are trying to get pregnant, since, theoretically, they would be “reserving” the sperm for when the woman is ovulating. But that’s a myth, going many days without sex can harm conception.

It’s easier to forget the fertile period if sex is limited to just when you both think about ovulation. You don’t need to discard the fertile period, okay? It’s super important to pay attention to the days before ovulation, for example, but don’t get hung up on it. Have a good time!

2 – Lots of sex

Sex is released for the couple trying to get pregnant, but don’t go overboard! Take care that this moment of intimacy for the couple does not become just a reproductive end, causing strain on the relationship.

No one deserves to see sex as just a pre-ovulatory chore! It’s okay not to feel like it some days. It doesn’t mean a missed opportunity. It’s part.

10 Common Mistakes Made By Couples Trying To Conceive

3 – Focus only on positions indicated to get pregnant

Who hasn’t heard that ‘the missionary’ is the best position to get pregnant? Or that a woman has to keep her hips elevated after sex? None of that!

Regardless of the position during intercourse, when the man ejaculates, the sperm swims and enters directly into the cervical mucus and fallopian tubes. It happens in a matter of seconds! Relax and do what you feel comfortable with.

4 – Thinking that the woman is the problem

When the difficulty to get pregnant arises, it is common for them to think that there is something physically wrong with the woman. Is not true! Infertility issues have to do with the woman, the man, both or neither.

Therefore, the best thing is that both partners are accompanied by doctors from the beginning.

Common Mistakes Made By Couples Trying To Conceive

5 – Counting ovulation days incorrectly

This account can be tricky. Mainly because the textbook rules are not accurate. Women do not always ovulate 14 days after the first day of menstruation. This varies according to the cycle, and may change from month to month.

Checking the symptoms can also end up in error. Not all women who are trying to get pregnant notice any changes during this time. It takes a lot of tuning with the body to notice the increase in clear vaginal discharge, similar to egg white, a few days before ovulation, for example.

10 Common Mistakes Made By Couples Trying To Conceive

6 – Only have sex on the day of ovulation

Leaving for the exact day of ovulation may be too late! This is because after ovulation, the egg can only be fertilized for about 24 hours. The ideal is to have sex in the days beforehand, after all, sperm can live for three to five days.

7 – Use lubricant

It’s better to rethink, or at least check what type of lubricant is. Commercials can negatively affect sperm motility, also making it difficult for them to reach the egg. If you have to use it, look for one that is water-based.

8 – Seeing a specialist too soon

After two or three months of trying, it’s common to get frustrated. This does not mean that an immediate consultation with a specialist is necessary! If the couple is under 35 years old, has regular menstrual cycles, and has no health problems that could affect trying to conceive, they don’t need to worry so much.

10 Common Mistakes Made By Couples Trying To Conceive

9 – Delay in consulting a specialist

The case changes if you are over 35, have irregular periods and a history of ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted diseases and other health problems that affect fertility.


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10 Common Mistakes Made By Couples Trying To Conceive

10 – Not taking care of your health in general

When trying to get pregnant, it’s normal to think and focus on reproductive health. But be careful not to neglect overall health! Issues such as weight, smoking, stress and use of medication can interfere with the success of the attempt. Even oral health is relevant! The better the organism is, the easier it will be to get pregnant.

10 Common Mistakes Made By Couples Trying To Conceive

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