fruit combinations lose weight

3 Natural Effective Fruit Combinations To Lose Weight


Fruit combinations to lose weight

Fruit combinations are a great way to lose weight in a natural and healthy way.

Of course you already know the great benefits of the delicious beetroot, apple and carrot smoothie, although there are other options you will love to know about.

1. Delicious combination of apple, cucumber and ginger fruit


What makes the combination of these fruits help you lose weight?

The Apple: Eating green apple regularly most especially in the morning is a very effective way to burn fat, it is rich in flavonoids, fiber and vitamin C. It also has a huge capacity to regulate sugar levels in the blood, and to activate the metabolism. The green apple contains medicinal properties to fight, among others, cholesterol and diabetes.

The Cucumber: This vegetable is light and refreshing, and an ideal ally for all our smoothies. The Cucumber, so common in all supermarkets, is a great antioxidant that can regenerate our cells, keeps us hydrated and give us a great feeling of satiation, combined with other healthful fruits and vegetables, makes it an ideal solution for weight loss.

The Ginger: We are sure that you already know the many benefits of ginger, we have already talked about it several times in our articles, and we never tire of mentioning all its medicinal benefits for your health and to lose weight, it allows us to better digest food, reduce soreness, and also regulate sugar levels in the body system.

How to resist?

How to prepare this juice?

Get a green apple and clean it well (do not need to peel it), select a suitable cucumber, and peel it. You will also need 40 grams of fresh ginger for this.

Make an infusion of ginger in a glass of boiling water (250 ml), Once it is ready, put it in a blender with the apple and cucumber chop into pieces.

It is possible that the concoction is not very homogeneous because of the skin of the apple, though it is recommended that you consume it because it contains pectin which is very beneficial for your health. from today, it is excellent

2. Delicious combination of (grapefruit) and melon fruit


This is a refreshing juice, if you come home and you are so tired at night, and want to drink something light, fresh, and that will help you lose weight. This Combination is your best option.

What makes the combination of these fruits help you lose weight?

The Grapefruit: Grapefruit is rich in fiber, contains many vitamins and is very appropriate for weight loss, but it needs to be consumed regularly.

It is advisable to drink this juice particularly in the evening. In addition, Grapefruit can allow you to burn fat very quickly, because its acids will help improve your digestion and get rid of water retention. It is Amazing!

Melon: melon is one of the best depurative fruits available, notwithstanding the variety of melon you choose or consumed in moderation and combined with some other fruits, it will transform into a perfect ally of your silhouette Rich in fiber and minerals, it is perfect for detoxifying your body, and to give you a wonderful feeling of satiety.

How to prepare this juice?

Get 200 grams of melon, and make sure it is cool, so that can get all the nutrients in it. Also remember that if the melon is too ripe, it will contain too much sugar.

After Extracting the juice from the grapefruit. A glass of water (250 ml) is needed, add grapefruit juice and melon chop into pieces in a blender, mix until it is smooth, Add a few ice cubes. It activates our metabolism and allow us to burn additional fat. This juice is very healthful, it is one of the best fruit combo that you can make.

3. Delicious combination of carrot, orange and parsley fruit


Have you ever drank a juice made with carrot and orange?

We assure you that this is one of the most delicious fruit combo. It is very nutritious and will help you lose weight. You can also drink this fruit in the morning, or with your lunch

Adding some ice cubes will be great, you will enjoy a refreshing drink that will speed up your metabolism and take care of your health.

What makes the combination of these fruits help you lose weight?

Orange: This fruit help regulate our digestive system, prevent constipation, gets rid of water retention, and also strengthen the immune system.

Orange are rich in fiber soluble, which helps to clean the intestines and prevent inflammation. It is a medicinal fruit vital to our daily life.

Carrot: it is a vegetable that allows us to avoid inflammation and water retention, it is very rich in fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin A and potassium, it improves our system digestive, purifies the body, and allows us to easily remove fats from our body. A delicious natural ally that combines so well with orange.

How to prepare this juice?

Extract the juice from 2 oranges, Once you’ve got it, put it in a blender with 2 carrots cleaned and chop into pieces. Add 250 ml of water and blend until the juice is well blended.

Do not forget to drink it chilled, if you add some ice cubes, your mixture will be even more fresh and delicious, perfect for lunch.

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