Apetamin For Weight Gain: What Happens Before And After? Is it legal? Side effects

Just as the health of some people depends on losing weight, the well-being of others is linked to their gaining it.

It is not an easy task, as now that a questionable substance (Apetamin syrup) has appeared on the internet.

Articles published in hundreds of media (also myhealthmyskin) on the best ways to lose weight are not scarce.

Although many of these tips differ on key points (let’s see who compares the Paleo diet with the Keto diet ), almost all of them are based on the same thing: reducing the consumption of calories and increasing the energy expenditure of our body. It is a fairly basic and safe formula.

Yes, diets work (however, it is difficult to follow meal plans without losing focus and therefore it is perfectly feasible to lose weight.

Apetamin For Weight Gain
Advanced weight gain Apetamin syrup

But there is another type of person, the one who is not worried about his love handles or his ‘beer gut’; He doesn’t care about the holsters and double chin, in fact he has never heard of them.

The problem of these people is diametrically opposite: they are too thin and their ordeal is to gain weight.

Whether it’s from an incredibly fast metabolism, other health problems, or just not being hungry, some people have a really hard time gaining weight.

In these cases, their health depends directly on gaining weight and, therefore, it is essential that they manage to carry out this task.

But it is not easy. Fighting the feeling of fullness is a most arduous task. This is why, in the United States (although, through the internet, we can also get it on Amazon) the consumption of a dietary supplement called apetamine has become popular.

Apetamin is a syrup based on the active principle cyproheptadine. This molecule is an antihistamine drug with different side effects, among which is a massive increase in appetite. In addition, apetamine also contains other substances such as vitamins and lysine

Various scientific studies, such as the one conducted by researchers Douglas N. Homnick, Benjamin D. Homnick, and the rest of their team at Michigan State University have shown that cyproheptadine increases appetite tremendously.

This is why it is used for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, a degenerative disease that mainly affects the lungs and causes those who suffer from it to lose their appetite and lose a lot of weight.

However, its main function is that of an antihistamine designed to fight typical allergy symptoms such as itching or congestion.

Anyway, it is a drug that is not officially approved by many government authorities such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Apetamin: How Does It Work

First, cyproheptadine, as explained in this study, appears to increase levels of a certain growth factor, IGF-1, a type of hormone linked to weight gain.

Apetamin For Weight Gain: What Happens Before And After? Is it legal? Side effects

In addition, it has an effect on a region of our brain called the hypothalamus, responsible for regulating appetite, food intake, endocrine segregation and many other biological functions of our body.

However, today we do not have all the necessary information to determine the exact pathways by which cyproheptadine increases our appetite.

Apetamin: Is it Legal?

Apetamin For Weight Gain: What Happens Before And After? Is it legal? Side effects

Although, as we said before, it is possible to obtain it through the internet, its use without a medical prescription is prohibited in many countries due to the concerns that still exist regarding its safety.

In a study carried out by researchers from different universities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Africa, it is detailed that the misuse of this drug can cause liver failure and death.

On the other hand, apetamin (the famous syrup that, supposedly, contains the active principle cyproheptadine), is not regulated by authorities such as the FDA so, despite what it says on the labels, it may not contain the mentioned molecule.


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Apetamin Side Effects: Should We Take Risks?

In one word: No. The first thing we should do if we need to gain weight for health reasons is go to our doctor and never self-medicate. The ciproheptadina is a molecule with great power over our bodies and those whose consumption is approved versions (prescription) clarify that the apetamin side effects can be most severe:

  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness
  • Tremors
  • Irritability
  • Blurry vision
  • Nausea and diarrhea
  • Liver toxicity
  • Liver failure

This is not mucus of turkey, and much less if we consider that there are other much more common substances with which cyproheptadine can interact negatively: alcohol, pomegranate juice and other medications.

Those who want to gain weight quickly should continue using the well-known methods.


We hope this article helped you learn apetamin for weight gain: what happens before and after? is it legal? side effects. If you liked this article, then please share on your social networks and stay tuned for upcoming articles.

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