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10 Wonderful Benefits Of Rice Water For Skin, Hair & Health

Did you ever know that the rice water that you normally throw away has a lot of vitamins and minerals? Well, it’s absolutely true! It also comes with many benefits as well.

The amazing part about rice water is that you can prepare it right at the comfort of your home in a very simple way! Would you like to know more? Keep reading!

How to prepare Rice water

Like i said earlier, rice water is super easy to prepare. Here is a step by step procedure that would walk you through:

  • Measure out some cups of uncooked rice into a bowl and wash it with cold water for at least 3 times
  • Make sure you use a clean water at the final wash.
  • Boil until it has been cooked.
  • Once the water has been drained in a pot, pour it in another bowel.
  • Filter the rice water until is no grains left in it.
  • Allow the rice water cool for some hours to enable you can store it in a glass jar. Your rice water is now ready for usage.

How is Rice Water effective on Your Skin?

  • Rice water contains antioxidants that help heal acne and reduce breakouts. It gets rid of impurities from your skin, reduces the size of your pore and gives your skin breathe.
  • It can give you that wonderful porcelain finish that you have always dreamt of.
  • Rice water is better than the expensive skin whitening serums because it is natural and doesn’t cost you a dime to prepare.
  • It gets rid of wrinkles and lines of aging, sun spots and skin spots . Rice water lightens and brightens your skin instantly and gives you a smooth, soft and a flawless skin tone.

How To Clean Your Face With Rice Water?

  • Pour some rice water in a bowl.
  • Take a piece of wool and soak it into the rice water.
  • Apply it all over your face in circular motions. Be gentle while doing that to avoid wastage.
  • Once you have done that, wait for some minutes.
  • Wash off with cold water again. You will have a refreshed skin.

Is Rice Water Beneficial For Skin?

1. Skin Toner:

Rice water serves as the best skin toner of all. It tightens your skin keeping it firm, smooth and radiant. Dip a cotton ball in a bowl of rice water and apply on your face using it. The results will show in a week.

2. Heals Acne:

Breakouts can now be taken care of with rice water. Massage all over your acne area with a cotton ball. The redness effect will reduce.

3. Lightens Your Skin:

Rice water has alot of benefit than artificial beauty products. It will help you achieve a fairer and brighter complexion over time.

Rice water contains no chemicals, which means your face will be nourished entirely. Massage rice water using the tips of your finger and air dry after a few minutes.

4. Beautiful Body:

According to a dermatological study conducted at Brussels University, patients who were afflicted with dermatitis saw significant improvement after bathing for 15 minutes in rice water twice a day.

So, if you have an ugly rash, use rice water as your final remedy.

How Is Rice Water good For Hair?

Would you like to know how? Keep reading!

Rice water is Recommended by doctors and experts, this healthy liquid promises to make your hair long, strong and shiny. Rice water is great for your hair.

1. Hair Conditioner

Rice water can serve as a conditioner after shampoo. Apply all over the hair strands. Allow it for few minutes and rinse off with cold water. Do this 3 times a week.

2. Reduces Split Ends

Rice water can also get rid of split ends naturally. Simply dip the ends of your hair in a bowl full of rice water. Stay still. Rinse your hair with running water after 15 minutes.

3. Adds Shine

Chop one banana into slices and Mash them together. Apply all over the hair using rice water and rose water. Place a plastic cup on the head. Rinse off after 20 minutesh

Health Benefits of Rice water

Here are some health benefits of rice water you must know:

1. Protects You From Macular Deterioration

Rice water contains 8 amino acids that protect you from macular denegation. Failure to obtain amino acids can lead to deterioration of body proteins

2. Slows Down Aging Process

Rice water contains Vitamin B1 that is healthy for your hair and skin. It slows down the aging process and enhances your beauty as time goes on.

3. Boosts Immunity And Metabolism

It contains vitamins and minerals that boost immunity and increase aerobic metabolism. Rice water makes you a stronger and fitter person by increasing bone density if you drink a glass a week.

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