How To Burn 4000 Calories Without Stepping Foot In A Gym

Burning 4,000 calories without setting foot in a gym is possible according to Todd Liubinskas, a personal trainer who promises to do it in one day. The plan of this expert in losing weight has revolutionized the world of fitness and diets.

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After years of experience it seems that he has found the perfect way to get a massive calorie burn. You will not need to go to a gym, but you will need to move a lot. There are no miracles, it is a combination of nutritional and physical guidelines capable of achieving impressive results in record time.

Steps To Burn 4000 Calories Without Setting Foot In A Gym

  • Have a coffee for breakfast. This element is important according to this personal trainer, it is needed to activate the metabolism and start the day with joy. It is important after having breakfast this drink, without sugar, the coffee must be bitter, a taste that we will get used to over time.
  • After coffee, walk or exercise for about 10 minutes. The ideal is to try to walk fast to activate the body. Go up the stairs, go to work on foot or take advantage of work breaks to walk or move around the office, it is something essential for the body.
  • The intensity of the exercise is very important, alternating a high pace of, for example, 2 minutes of fast running and 4 of low intensity can be the key to burning more calories. The University of Colorado published a study that claimed that 200 calories could be burned in 2 minutes.
  • Sleep 8 hours. Insomnia seems to be related to an accumulation of fat or calories. It is important to do some routine before and go to sleep to fall asleep and do it at a recommended time. Organizing the day to sleep these hours is essential.
  • Squats and planks are essential. To get in shape, nothing better than a good session of this type of exercise. Your own body without the need for weights or a gym is capable of burning calories on its own.
  • Run between 15 and 30 minutes a day. Putting on your shoes in the afternoon and taking the path or a designated route will help us establish this routine to keep us in top shape and lose weight.
  • Food is a key factor, according to this expert, cold water and a good amount of fruit, with the skin included to provide more fiber is essential. Without forgetting the protein of chicken, rabbit, turkey or soy.

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With these steps you will be able to stay in top shape and you will begin to lose weight in an extraordinary way. You will only have to follow some constant routines and not separate yourself from the exercise shoes.

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How To Burn 4000 Calories Without Stepping Foot In A Gym

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