How To Join Natures Renaissance International Nri

How To Join Nature’s Renaissance International (Nri)?

How to join nature’s renaissance international (NRI)? If this is your question then you are on the right track to get your answer.

NRI is just 2 years and have given out over 250 cars to distributors and partners. Nature’s Renaissance International (NRI) features all your life dreams;

  • Good health
  • Abundant wealth
  • Cars
  • Land
  • House etc.

If you are searching for a part time job for an additional income on a weekly basis without suspending what you do presently? Search no more NRI is what you’ve been searching for.

NRI, creating health and wealth everywhere we go!

If you are not happy with your salary or you are not paid weekly, please move to NRI.

Every Monday morning is NRI payday, Join us today and make a little effort of referring 2 or more people to register under you and you will get your own NRI alerts on Monday.

Stop struggling to survive, NRI said so. JOIN the revolution now! Stop looking for job, come and join NRI to be your own BOSS, NRI said so.

NRI will give you the fattest credit alert you have never received in your life if you join us today and tell people about it consistently.

Here we will see how to join nature’s renaissance international (NRI)? So read on for clear details.

NRI is determined to run a sustainable, unbeatable international MLM structure that aims at reducing poor health and poverty to its barest minimum.

I am a Health Consultant ! An Advocate of Natural Medicine ! A NRI member in Edo State.

How To Join Nature’s Renaissance International (Nri)?

In this step by step guide, i will show you how to become a member of nature’s renaissance international.

How To Join Nature’s Renaissance International

NRI registration is 6,000 naira. You will be given a welcome kit (One bottle of D3 Organic and One bottle of Cuminus oil) for free. Once you register, you become a member, but you must activate your account by buying any package of your choice to secure your position as a full member and also enjoy the benefits of being a member. You register through E –  wallet, meaning you can register people from any part of the world.

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NRI Has 7 Activation Packages

Each of the packages and products has a certain amount of PV therefore you must choose the products you need to match with the PV of that package. You choose any package and upgrade later by paying the difference

  • Partner – N20,000
  • Associate – N44,000
  • Associate Partner – N94,000
  • Senior Partner – N240,000
  • Executive – N480,000
  • STOCKIST PACKAGE -N3,510,000 naira
  • SUB STOCKIST PACKAGE – N1,500,000 

Nature’s Renaissance International Packages and Pvs

  • Partner – 50pv
  • Associate – 110pv
  • Associate Partner – 235 PV
  • Senior Partner – 600 PV
  • Executive – 1200

Nature’s Renaissance International Products and Pvs

  • D3 Organic – 8.75pv
  • Nurisher – 10pv
  • De-Diafix -12.5pv
  • Nature’s gift -15pv
  • Cuminus oil – 5pv

How Does Nature’s Renaissance International Referral Program Works?

If you refer anyone to also register with 6,000 naira, you will get 1,500 naira referral bonus. This bonus is paid up to 3 generations. First generation gets 1,500 naira. Second generation gets 400 naira and Third generation gets 300 naira. Also, If you sell the products you will earn 25% profit on each product.

NRI is a Binary business and requires that you have one person on the right and one person on the left. If you refer more than 2 persons to the business, the company pays you more, you earn more Unilevel bonuses. Isn’t that amazing?

How Does Nature’s Renaissance International Autoship Program Works?

If you repurchase the products through your back office monthly, the company pays you monthly commissions and if your direct referrals buys monthly the company pays some percentage up to your 15th generation. It is called Autoship.

>> I suggest you read our post that explains the Benefits of Joining Nature’s Renaissance International

12 Ways To Earn In Nature’s Renaissance International

  1. KICK START BONUS (Over 36% paid on registration fees)
  2. REFERRAL BONUS (Up to 26% paid on your referrals)
  3. ROLL UP BONUS (You may earn differentials from your downlines referrals and upgrades)
  4. RETAIL PROFIT (Earn over 25% on product sales)
  5. UNILEVEL BONUS (Residual income! Pays up to 15% Generation)
  6. CHEQUE MATCH BONUS (Earn up to 20% equivalent of your DL’s UNILEVEL BONUS)
  7. RANK ADV. INCENTIVE (Big Cash Bang every time you hit a new rank)
  8. STOCKISTS BONUS (Specialty shop owners earn 6% of the activity from their store)
  9. SPECIAL PROMOS (From time-to-time we release special promos to our distinguished members)
  10. UPGRADE BONUS (Earn bonuses when your downlines upgrades)
  11. PAIRING BONUS (Earn up to 15% on the lesser leg volume of your team activations and repurchases/autoships)
  12. AWARDS (Fantastic awards to reward sustainable leadership)

Top Secrets To Earning Weekly Income As An Executive Distributor

Nigeria with over 200 million citizens are mostly living below poverty line.

Especially without functional health facilities, becoming a Distributor of an effective Health Herbal Supplement is certainly an idea to put into consideration for additional Streams of Income.

Don’t seat complaining about NIGERIA being the Poverty Capital of the world, do something to change the poverty narrative for yourself and others.

For details on how to become NRI partner, join us on Whatsapp here.

Join us today and your happiness will know no bounds. In God we trust.

The opportunity presents itself to you. Get ready to join the revolution in the world of networks.


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How Do I Register On Nature’s Renaissance International Platform?

Provide the required information below:


90 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. Sign up with NRI today!




  • EMAIL:
  • L.G.A:

Fill the registration form and send it back to me privately on Whatsapp via 08136775761

  1. Make payment for your NRI registration:

Opara Kenneth Emeka
Diamond-Access Bank

After the payment is done, please Whatsapp 08136775761 with your proof of payment. WEALTHCOME ON BOARD

After your registration, you will be added to a registered members training group to start learning and earning massively.


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How To Join Nature’s Renaissance International (Nri)?

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