How To Safely Shave Your Testicles

How To Safely Shave Your Testicles?

More and more men want to shave their testicles to have perfectly smooth testicles. The hairs have less and less the coast even on the private parts. While some men adopt waxing, others prefer shaving.

Shaving your testicles is not trivial and requires some advice. To see more post on men’n health click here.

Indeed the skin on the testicles (scrotum) is extremely thin. Find our advice below to shave this delicate area calmly and without hurting yourself.

Why Shave Your Testicles?

Men choose to shave their testicles for several reasons. Why should you shave your scrotum?

Firstly the testicles have much less hair which grows unlike the abundance of pubic hair. The first reason is therefore aesthetic.

If you shave, trim your pubic hair, silky and smooth testicles will be more harmonious and aesthetic.

Some men and / or their partners will therefore prefer ultra smooth testicles. Hygiene is also a reason to take into consideration.

Indeed, the accumulation of hair induces the upsurge of fungi, bacteria and sweat. You must therefore minimize the accumulation of hair to avoid bad odors linked to perspiration.

How To Shave The Testicles

Shaving testicle

1. Use The Right Tools

We recommend two tools to carry out this task: a trimmer and a safety razor.

The trimmer will trim the hairs as close to the skin as possible without breaking them.

The safety razor will tackle the shaving secondly. Before starting to shave your testicles, we recommend that you first get a handle on your safety razor.

So learn beforehand how to shave your face with a safety razor before trying it on your testicles.

2. Prune the Area

Trim your hair with a trimmer, ideally using a 1mm comb. Indeed this mowing will facilitate shaving. Long hairs will tend to get caught in your safety razor.

To avoid having an unpleasant moment and cutting yourself, we recommend that you use your mower.

Likewise, you don’t attack your beard with a razor, you must first remove the maximum thickness and length.

While trimming your hair, we also recommend that you stretch your skin as much as possible to avoid touching your skin with the trimmer.

3. Take a Hot Shower

In the same way as when shaving your face, we recommend a hot shower. In fact, you must warm the skin of the scrotum and prepare it for shaving.

Your skin will then be more relaxed. Hot water will also stimulate blood flow to the testicles.

This will make them looser and more flexible for your shave. The hot shower also helps to open the pores. Also, be sure to wash the area well.

4. Apply Shaving Oil

We recommend using the shaving oil instead of shaving cream, soap shaving or shaving foam.

For the most sensitive skin, it is possible to apply shaving oil, then shaving gel on top.

Shaving oil gently prepares your skin and body hair for razor use to make shaving easier and to avoid inconvenience as much as possible. We recommend Beardburys brand shaving oil.

Indeed, this shaving oil allows you to follow your progress and ensures a precise shave.

In addition, this oil enriched with vitamin E, essential oils and aloe vera nourishes and protects your skin.

5. Stretch Your Skin

When pruning or shaving, it is important to hold the scrotal skin securely and stretch it so that it is smooth and easy to trim.

This will prevent wrinkles and ridges for a smooth shave.

6. Take It Easy

Favor slow and regular movements. You don’t have to rush. Take your time for a precise and smooth shave.

7. Rinse With Cold Water

Once you are done, rinse your private parts with cold water. Cold water will give a boost, close your pores, reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs and the burning sensation.

8. Apply an Aftershave

When you’re done, apply a generous layer of aftershave to refresh the skin and limit the annoyance of shaving.

Pinky Balls is a complete after-shave treatment for your private parts. Mister Kutter has developed a complete care for you to take care of your skin and your hair.

This aftershave suitable for your private parts nourishes your skin and prevents irritation and burns, without stinging.

How To Safely Shave Your Testicles?

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