8 Tips To Delay Ejaculation in Men

8 Tips To Delay Ejaculation in Men

Men believe that delay ejaculation will help them maintain a sufficient high level of arousal, to keep a good erection.

And make them not to come to quickly, just like their partner, the much hoped-for pleasure. In this post we will talk about 8 tips that can help to delay ejaculation in men.

Eight Tips To Delay Ejaculation in Men


1. From Tension To Pleasure

Ejaculation is most of the time experienced as the relief of tension due to arousal: it is then a discharge rapid. It is possible to learn to play with your excitement, to make it last.

Advice: Rather than getting busy quickly, make yourself comfortable, to caress yourself, with the intention of stopping when the excitement builds too quickly. Your new goal: to give you pleasure rather than quickly relieve excitement.

2. Try Cognitive Distraction

You probably know the effect of fantasies to stimulate your arousal, including in situ. Conversely, when the excitement rises too quickly, focus your thoughts on something else.

Anything, as long as there is no erotic connotation. It is a voluntary practice! If it is undoubtedly not the best for the partner, it has the merit of having its effect.

3. Relax The Perineum

The muscle contraction is a primitive reflexes which speeds up the arrival of orgasm.

During coitus, the man contracts his bulbo / icchio / cavernous muscles to increase the quality of the erection. Releasing them, on the other hand, will lower your level of arousal.

Again, you can start by learning on your own to feel the sagging and contraction, as part of the masturbation. The idea to last is to know how to play it. It is an apprenticeship.

4. Choose The Right Positions

The sexual relationship is a real body choreography. In the orchestration of positions, if you want to last long on bed, the best is to start with lower risk positions and end with the one that leads you to orgasm.

Indeed, some will promote too rapid excitation, others on the contrary will allow it to be better controlled.

Preferred Position

The position of Andromache. Your partner is on you. It is she who gives the rhythm and the depth. You cannot dance the jig with your pelvis, it is a good point not to come “too quickly”.

On the other hand, her pleasure can also stimulate your excitement too much. In this case, non-verbal dialogue is essential.

His moans and body language give you clues. If you feel a rise too fast, you can immobilize his pelvis, gently.

The position of the Small spoons. You behind her, lying on your side, your hands are free, your bodies nested. This position promotes caresses and slowness.

5. Avoid Certain Positions

Some will promote too rapid excitement, others on the contrary will allow it to be better controlled.

To Avoid

The doggy style position: it is too exciting for the majority of men. The sight of their partner’s buttocks reactivates archaic images, and stimulates the desire to give deep blows of the pelvis: all elements that lead to rapid ejaculation.

6. Opt for Stop and Go

This technique is used primarily for the treatment of premature ejaculation. However, it can constitute an interesting alternative for simply delaying ejaculation, in a classic context.

It simply consists of interrupting the movement when the excitement seems to be out of control, and “going out” if necessary.

Then resume coitus, as soon as the excitement “subsides”. It is not always very pleasant for your partner, but it is effective. The idea is to save you money.

7. Dare To Delay Condoms

There is a very wide range of condoms, including those with a delaying effect. What is it about?

The inside of the condom is coated with a product that reduces sensations in the penis. The effect obtained is of the order of a reduced perception of the excitation.

If the description is not very exciting from the start, this product has the merit of being effective.

When you use this product, the stimulation may come more from pleasuring your partner, while increasing your ability to control the duration of an erection.

8. Practice Squeezing

It is the art and the way of learning to recognize the pre-orgasmic sensation and to delay that moment, in case of emergency.

The partner must pinch the glans between the thumb and forefinger, precisely at the frenulum. A gesture that stops the climb outright.

Which of course requires withdrawing, and being quick and precise. It is obvious, moreover, that if you set off again in a frenzy of back and forth, this technique will be insufficient.

You can use it during intercourse, but it is not very pleasant for the partner. To see more post on Physical & Mental Health click here.

8 Tips To Delay Ejaculation in Men

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