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Alum Vaginal Wash: How To Use Alum To Tighten Vagina

How to use alum to tighten vagina. How do i use alum to tighten my Virginia?

The muscles of the human being are in constant motion.

They stretch, widens and become loose depending on the physical activity that we apply on them. To see more myhealthmyskin articles on Women’s Health read till the end.

They also undergo notable changes when the person gains or decreases weight.

For this reason, the vagina undergoes great changes, also composed of muscles, which after the first penetration change and after giving birth they stretch too much.

In today’s post we bring you interesting information about the vaginal wash with alum on how to use alum to tighten virginia.

So do not leave without knowing this important information that many will love.

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What’s Alum

Alum is a natural, crystalline stone that has been in use for thousands of years for its healing properties, as it is both astringent and antiseptic.

Alum blocks

Scientifically, it is a naturally occurring chemical compound called potassium aluminium sulfate, which is a double sulfate of potassium and aluminium.

Also known as just potassium alum or potash alum.

An alum block can also be referred to as an alum stone or an alum crystal.

The best alum blocks are put together from a single piece of potassium alum that’s been shaped and polished ready for use.

How To Use Alum To Tighten Virginia

How to use alum to tighten vagina? Its no longer new that many ladies use alum to wash their private area for tightening.

How To Use Alum To Tighten Virginia

it is true that females use alum to wash inside their body either to remove yeast infection or for tightening.

How This Works?

I Don’t Know.

Many ladies i have spoken to on this subject matter explain the potential of alum to tighten the vagina to the same mechanism alum use to remove the sticky and slippery substance in snails.

Yes. Alum is used to wash snail.

I interviewed some ladies from different part of the federation on how they use alum to tighten their virginia and here are the information i received:

1. “It is easy, I put alum stone inside my body and I leave it there for like 1 hour.”

“By the time I remove it, it has flushed out all infections and I feel tight for like a month thereafter”. According to Precious

Furthermore, as indicated by Onyiyechi, one the ladies i interviewed.

2. “I have 2 children all of which I delivered naturally.

“The vagina is never the same after childbirth, and alum has always been there to make us feel tight once again.”

“Alum helps strengthen the vaginal muscles and reduce laxity and looseness.”

For me, “i wash inside my body with alum water every 3 months for tightening and cleansing.”

“Sometimes I used specially prepared alum powder for Virginia tightening. There are also alum sticks.”

How long does alum tightening last i asked her. According to her, “she said alum tightening last for her for about 3-4 weeks after which she repeats”.

3. According to A’isha, “in the North, it is common knowledge to see Hausa girls using alum water to douche to help tighten the virginia.”

“It is a cultural thing. Alum water has been used as feminine wash since time immemorial. It is not a new thing.”

4. As expressed by Shola, “I have been using alum for tightening since I was 25 and i became sexually active.

“It does not only help me feel tight and reduce looseness, it also helps remove infections.”

“What i do is to use alum water to wash my vagina and i feel good. Some times, I sit on warm alum water with added lime.”

5. In addition, i interviewed mercy and she said “i never knew it worked until I tried it. I used alum water to douche just once and almost immediately I noticed my private area felt fresh and different. I felt tight and this lasted for about some weeks. It is true that alum helps in tightening.”

Are there Other Methods to Tighten Vagina

Yes. There are other methods such as Vaginoplasty, which consists of reviving the loosed areas.

Vaginal tightening Exercises include: kegel, yoga, squatting, plank, pelvic lift, and hip movements, as well as abdominal pressure.

The benefits of alum in the vaginal area are very good and you can apply this wash twice a week to tighten the muscles.


How to use alum to tighten virginia? It is not recommended medically to put alum inside your vagina for tightening.

Inserting alum stone or douching with alum water may cause you serious injuries, burns, vaginal infections, and alum poisoning.

Apart from this 3 Best safe ways to tighten vagina (Vaginoplasty, Laser treatment and Kegel exercises which has been scientifically proven to tighten the vagina.

I do not know if others work.

Though, the ladies i interviewed claimed it works for them.

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How To Use Alum To Tighten Virginia

Do You Already Use An Alum Frequently To Tighten Your Vagina? Did it Bring Good Results? Comment Below!

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