What is Alum Stone How to Use Alum Stone As an Aftershave

What is Alum Stone? How to Use Alum Stone As an Aftershave

Of natural origin, Alum stone is a stone found in mineral quarries (especially in countries of the Middle East).

Astringent: Alum has properties that allow it to close the pores of the skin after being moistened and then applied to the desired surface. Whitish and translucent in color, it has been used since antiquity for its antibacterial, antiperspirant and soothing properties.

However, it is important to be careful, because although the Alum stone is known to be a natural product, another version exists and which is a reconstituted version of the Alum stone.

This stone is thus called “Ammonium Alum” while the pure stone of Alum is declared as “Potassium Alum”.

What is Alum Stone? How to Use Alum Stone As an Aftershave

This synthetic version is not recommended for the skin and could even present certain dangers during its application, the natural version when it contains alunite, which allows the aluminum not to bind to the skin and to be eliminated during a shower or heavy sweating.

Not all skins are suitable for Alum stone

Although this stone is seen as a natural and organic alternative to deodorants, some types of sensitive skin do not support Alum stone well.

Thus, sometimes after several weeks of use, the skin becomes irritated and reddened. It is therefore important not to continue applying the Alum stone.

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Alum Stone as Aftershave

As we told you previously, Alum stone has many beneficial properties for health. It has been used in particular to calm insect bites, but also serves as an aftershave.

Its application will indeed make it possible to tighten the pores of the skin, and relieves small cuts that can occur during a shaving. Its application after the passage of a razor blade will also remove the feeling of irritation or “razor burn”.

How to Use Alum Stone As an Aftershave?

The use of an Alum stone is very simple. You just have to take your stone, run it under water to moisten it, then apply the stone by rubbing gently on the shaved areas.

What is Alum Stone? How to Use Alum Stone As an Aftershave

Make sure that a thin layer of foam forms from the friction of the block on your skin, then leave to act for a minute.

Once dried, iron your face under water to rinse, then you can dry yourself by patting gently with a towel. It is better to use a clean towel and pat the face rather than rubbing, as your skin will be particularly sensitive.

Alum Stone: To Use Every Day?

Although Alum stone has undeniable virtues in relieving your skin from razor burn, it is not recommended to use it daily.

Indeed, prefer an application every 2-3 days, at the risk of seeing your skin dry out, and thus cause the production of fat by your epidermis which will thus make your skin oily in the long term.


Although the Alum stone was at one time blessed to deal with controversies over the aluminum salt contained in large-scale deodorants, it was later accused of also containing aluminum.

To tell the truth, given the presence of alunite in natural alum stone, the aluminum present in the stone does not represent a danger since it does not become embedded in the skin.

This is why, it is important that you check that the label says “Potassium Alum” and not “Ammonium Alum”.

This natural cosmetic, used since the dawn of time, will allow you to conclude your shaving routine with a product that has proven itself over the generations, and its economical and ecological format has conquered shaving aficionados.

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What is Alum Stone? How to Use Alum Stone As an Aftershave

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