Pain on Penetration During Pregnancy Is It Normal

Pain on Penetration During Pregnancy: Is It Normal?

The period of pregnancy of a baby is extremely turbulent for the woman, in the sense of the internal and external changes of her body.

It is not only the growth of the belly and the great production of hormones, but also the various psychological effects that a pregnancy causes and that are completely natural.

But with all these changes, which happen very strongly and very quickly, many women end up feeling some side effects, which is also perfectly normal most of the time.

And one of these effects is pain on penetration during pregnancy. But why does it happen? How to relieve this pain? Read on and discover the answer to these and other questions.

Pain on Penetration During Pregnancy

Pain on Penetration During Pregnancy

Why Does Pain on Penetration Occur During Pregnancy? During pregnancy, the woman’s body undergoes a series of changes, both external and internal.

This pain during penetration during pregnancy that many women feel can often be directly related to low libido during this period.

Hormonal changes tend to alter a woman’s sexual desire. Another factor is the increased blood flow in the pelvis, which makes this genital area more sensitive.

Although this can be good for some women, others tend to feel some discomfort and even pain. The same goes for breasts.

Therefore, this pain during pregnancy can be normal, but only a doctor who evaluates each case individually can give a definitive answer.

Therefore, when pain is felt during intercourse in this period, the woman should go to a gynecologist as soon as possible to check if there is nothing more serious and should be treated.

Can Sex Affect The Baby In Any Way?

Many people think that sexual intercourse during pregnancy affects the baby in some way, but this is not possible.

The baby does not feel or look affected or hurt during sexual intercourse.

However, it is common for women to feel some discomfort in the cervix and abdominal region during sexual intercourse.

Is It Normal To Have Less Sexual Desire During Pregnancy?

The libido of women during pregnancy tends to vary a lot, mainly due to hormonal changes, emotions and anxieties that surround this period.

Therefore, it is normal that the desire to have sex decreases, especially in early pregnancy, because the woman is more sensitive.

As the months go by, this desire can increase again, especially after the first trimester, when these symptoms tend to be less intense.

But this varies from one woman to another, some may not have any discomfort and still have more sexual desire during this period.

There are some frequent variations during the three trimesters of pregnancy that are related to sexual desire. Let’s talk a little more about each phase.

Penetration Pain During Pregnancy: Is It Normal?

First Trimester

During the first trimester of pregnancy, it is very common for a woman’s sexual desire to decrease. This happens because she is starting to go through early pregnancy symptoms like nausea and fatigue. Some insecurities also tend to directly affect libido.

Second Quarter

At this time, the woman is already more confident and accustomed to pregnancy, so it is at this time that sexual desire grows again.

Third Trimester

In the third trimester, a woman’s sexual desire may fall again, again this change in libido is related to hormonal changes, anxiety and emotions, which are now in bloom due to the expectation of the birth of the baby.

Another factor that can interfere and decrease sexual desire is precisely the size of the belly that ends up bothering and limiting the couple.

In Which Cases Are Sexual Intercourse During Pregnancy Not Indicated?

There is no problem in having sexual intercourse during pregnancy, however, if you feel any discomfort such as abdominal pain and bleeding, the ideal is to see a doctor.

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy may not be indicated in cases where the woman is at risk of miscarriage, placental abruption, or a low-lying placenta. It is good to reinforce that even pregnant it is essential to use condoms, to protect yourself from possible diseases and infections.

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What Is The Most Comfortable Position During Pregnancy?

During this transition in the woman’s body, it is important for the couple to discover what positions are best for each moment of pregnancy.

With the growth of the belly, some positions can be very uncomfortable, causing pain and even bleeding.

So this ends up becoming a personal matter in which the couple must try the positions that are most comfortable for them.

They are usually those in which the woman is the one who controls the intensity and depth of penetration, such as when the woman is on top.

For many pregnant women, sex becomes more pleasant, for others it can be a source of pain and discomfort.

All women experience body changes during pregnancy, but not all bodies and minds react to these changes in the same way.

This means that sometimes what is best for one woman is not suitable for another, and vice versa. It is necessary to know how to deal with these changes and make an effort to feel as comfortable as possible during this very problematic and special period of her life.

Obviously, the understanding of this issue by the couple is a crucial point for the woman to feel comfortable and good with herself during pregnancy.

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Pain on Penetration During Pregnancy: Is It Normal?


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