Remedy To Reduce Menstruation And Regulate The Cycle

Remedy To Reduce Menstruation And Regulate The Cycle

I must begin this text by saying that in no case do we encourage the use of medications and remedies to reduce menstruation without medical advice.

This article is only for guidance when menstruation has not appeared for a long time, giving options to the woman who is worried about the absence of menstruation.

Menstruation is a nuisance for many women. It is terrible every month to receive the visit of the red lady, either because of her intense flow or even because of some exit that arises just in those days.

However, when its absence occurs, it is also a cause for concern and countless questions. Could it be a pregnancy? Is it some disease? It is a serious problem?

Menstruation can be late for many different reasons. For menstruation to happen regularly, it is necessary that the body also regulates itself, producing and releasing the necessary hormones.

And the most diverse factors can disturb these hormones, such as stress, changes in routine, the use of medications and some health problems.

Delayed Menstruation, What To Do?

The first thing to do when the menstrual delay exceeds 5 days is a pregnancy test, if the woman has an active sexual life. If you wish, you can purchase high-sensitivity pregnancy tests.

After performing the pregnancy test and ruling out this possibility, the next step is to analyze whether the delay in menstruation is due to any medication that is interfering with the body’s hormones.

These medications are always hormone-based, such as oral contraceptives, injectables, implants, the morning-after pill and many others.

This type of medicine directly interferes with the flow of women, and can advance it, cause loss or even the absence of menstruation.

How Do Menstruation Remedies Work?

Now, discard the first hypotheses, it is time to check if it is really necessary to use medications to reduce menstruation. If the delay has already reached more than 10 days, it is possible to introduce hormonal medications to collaborate with the cycle and help normalize menstruation.

Methods To Induce Menstruation

The main remedy to help lower menstruation is based on progesterone.

The intentional elevation of progesterone levels in the body works like a mask, making the body believe that you have ovulated and stimulating the activity of the corpus luteum.

However, since there is no pregnancy, when the woman stops taking the medication, the hormone levels will drop drastically, finally causing the onset of menstruation due to hormonal deprivation.

The best known progesterone-based brands for these purposes are: Ultrogestan, Provera, Farlutal, Duphaston, Crinone and others.

Ways To Control The Menstrual Cycle

The easiest way to induce menstruation through medication and without many symptoms is through vaginal suppositories. As they are less effective, since their composition is softer, they are not taken orally.

Vaginal application is an advantage because it goes directly to the point, without going around the body and, therefore, without the need for a high dose.

Ultrogestan, for example, is indicated for women or girls who do not have sexual intercourse, but they need to recover their menstruation.

Pregnant women can also use it without major problems, since it is a drug based on progesterone (a hormone that is very present in pregnancy).

There is also the natural yam option. Due to the amount of estrogen it contains, it can help several organisms to balance the hormonal phases, so it is recommended that women who want to regulate their cycle naturally or even become pregnant use yam capsules from the first day of the pregnancy. menstruation until the first day of the fertile period.

Side Effects

On the other hand, strictly oral medications are stronger but just as effective as vaginal ones. Although they are absorbed differently, they still have their goal just like the others. It is worth mentioning that these oral medications can cause some symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, breast tenderness, among others.

Any woman can take these medications, as long as she is not allergic to synthetic progesterone. But the ideal dose must be decided by the doctor, as well as the number of days of use of the drug.

Hormone Cream

There is also a cream option. Yes, cream is a medicine in cream format that is used in contact with the skin, more specifically through the leg. However, the problem with the cream is its unattractive price. 

Thus, hormonal creams end up being more recommended in post-procedures such as fertilization and artificial insemination, both for their value and for their composition with more natural than synthetic progesterone.

To control your cycles, there are several possibilities, both contraceptive and hormonal, without interfering with fertility, an example is the hormonal regulator.

However, as there are differentiated organisms, studying the type of cycle you have and if it is really necessary to use medication to regulate it is something that a specialist must decide.

Remember: your doctor is the right person to suggest which of these medications is best for you! Talk to him/her and get rid of amenorrhea!

Reader Questions

My Period Is Very Late, Should I Worry?

A very irregular or frequently late period does not necessarily mean a serious problem.

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However, it is a clear sign that something is wrong with your hormones. It is convenient to go to the doctor, since it could be a sign of diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome.

How Often Can I Use These Medications?

These drugs should be used only on specific occasions and under medical advice, not as continuous medication.

If your cycles are irregular or your period just doesn’t come, it’s best to see a doctor to understand what is causing these problems and really find a solution.

If you are diagnosed with polycystic ovaries do not despair, there is treatment!

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Remedy To Reduce Menstruation And Regulate The Cycle

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