Fact Check Does Thyme Oil in Belly Button for Weight Loss Work

Fact Check: Does Thyme Oil in Belly Button for Weight Loss Work?

Some of the questions we often get asked is: Does thyme oil in belly button for weight loss really works? How do one apply thyme essential oil? Is thyme good for weight loss?

If you’re part of those asking such questions, then you are on the right page. “We’ve got good news for you”. Do cut off all distractions, pay a close attention and take your time to educate yourself on the benefits of thyme oil in belly button for weight loss.

It is very difficult to change habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle, but this is essential for anyone who wants to improve their health and appearance.

In addition to the already well-known duo: healthy eating + physical exercise, there are other allies in this battle. One of these is essential oils.

What Is Thyme

Thyme, or thymus, is an herb of the mint family (Lamiaceae) that is distributed frequently from western Europe to southeastern Italy, being widely cultivated for the extraction of its essential oil, in addition to its use as a seasoning.

Because it is rich in thymol, like oregano, thyme has antiseptic properties, and can be used in cases of lung disorders and as a digestive stimulant, among other benefits.

That being said, let’s take a see “if thyme essential oil in belly button for weight loss really works”

Does Thyme Oil in Belly Button for Weight Loss Work?

In the popular sphere and in the world of alternative medicine, it is said that it is possible to lose weight with the help of some thyme essential oil. By just applying them to the belly button.

Before delving into this statement, it is necessary to clarify that it is not scientifically proven that the Pechoti gland or any additional anatomical structure that allows you to absorb oils through your belly button exists.

Despite this, there are those who are encouraged to try essential oil remedies, to obtain results in less time.

Unlike cosmetics, essential oils are cheaper products and can be used, for example, to help burn belly fat, reduce cellulite or water retention.

However, it is worth remembering that there are no miracle products, but when combined with a healthy routine, essential oils can help a lot in reducing weight, fat, improving the appearance of the skin and purifying the body.

Is Thyme Good For Weight Loss?

Even if you haven’t tried it, you may have heard of thyme. Much used in antiquity for medicinal purposes and some other functions – as for reducing hunger while still providing vital nutrients, boosting energy, and possibly reducing overeating and between-meal snacking.

A main component of thyme know as Thymol, has been shown in animal research to prevent obesity brought on by high-fat diets. Thyme is still very suitable for the menu for delivering several health benefits.

Thyme Oil In Belly Button Benefits

1. Herb Relieves Stress By Improving Mood

A lot of people don’t know, but thyme can also work as a remedy for those who need to relieve stress. The reason? It has a substance called carvacrol – which, according to recent studies, has shown to be able to influence mood, increasing levels of dopamine and serotonin.

2. Antiseptic Properties

Did you know that thyme is widely used in oral hygiene and hand cleaning products? This is thanks to the presence of thymol in its composition, a crystalline substance with a characteristic smell that has antiseptic properties to treat infections and kill fungi and other unwanted microorganisms.

3. Treats Respiratory Conditions

The respiratory system is among the biggest beneficiaries of thyme oil. Because it has an expectorant action and substances that help fight inflammation, it helps to treat and reduce the chances of the onset of respiratory diseases – such as bronchitis, asthma, allergies, colds and sinusitis.

4. Diuretic Properties 

It is also used to increase urine flow (as a diuretic), to disinfect the urine, and as an appetite stimulant. Some people apply thyme directly to the skin for hoarseness (laryngitis), swollen tonsils (tonsillitis), sore mouth, and bad breath. Thyme oil is used as a germ-killer in mouthwashes and liniments.

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Next, we will tell you how to apply thyme essential oil.

Cautions When Using Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme essential oil should not be applied directly to the skin as it can cause an allergic reaction.

It must first be diluted in a carrier oil (such as olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or almond oil). Before using, test on a small area to see if you have any allergies.

Although the branches are edible, thyme essential oil should not be ingested as it can cause nausea, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea and muscle problems.

It can also negatively affect the heart, lungs, body temperature and stimulate the thyroid gland, which is especially harmful for people with hyperthyroidism.

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Fact Check: Does Thyme Oil in Belly Button for Weight Loss Work?

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