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Avoid doing these 6 things as a man if you must live long and remain fertile (An Eye-opener!)

This article was thoughtfully titled “avoid doing these 6 things as a man if you must live long and remain fertile”, because here we  will be sharing with you an eyeopener to sustainable great health as a man.

It is natural for a living being to aspire for more life. Little or no wonder we respond to the influence of the adrenaline hormones when faced with danger by either fleeing to safety or responding offensively as a means of self defense.

It is not just the desire of every living being to live, but also to live healthily and since long life and good health are man’s inseparable desires, it is necessary to keep to the healthy living tips and guides given by health experts, if it must be achieved.

Despite numerous warnings, most men still engage in activities that endanger or tend to endanger their health and life in general.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most men come to get involved in illicit or health damaging activities as a result of ignorance or a long formed habit, which will inturn have them pay dearly for it with their health ofcourse.

So in this article, we will be revealing to you six things you must avoid as a man to live long and remain fertile.
We will be enlightening you on a few important actions you are not getting right if you’re into it.

These activities might seem cool and comforting, but pose great danger to your health.

Avoid doing these 6 things as if you must live long and remain fertile.

1. Avoid Gambling, Invest Instead:

Avoid doing these 6 things as a man if you must live long and remain fertile

As a man, you shoulder much responsibilities, and with much responsibilities come much expectations. One of the greatest asset you possess as a man is your mental strength and this tells majorly on financial decisions.

Each decision you make affects you either directly or indirectly, and these effects turn out either positive or negative.
Note: Your financial decisions are those you don’t make irrationally.

When you gamble, you risk losing your hard earned money without any sort of insurance.
You stand a 90% chance of losing since the odds are never set in your favor.
The punters take it to be their business and the aim of every business is to make profit and not loss, therefore the odds will always be in their favor, moreover they set the odds themselves.

Gambling affects your psychology and always keeps your mind on the rush towards unrealistic expectations. This often result to heart ❤️ attacks for some persons who are unable to hold the shock when the uncalculated and unsecured expectation comes to fail.

The Negative Aftermath of Gambling

Gambling sets you on a deficit balance always and with deficit financial balance comes:

Poverty and indebtedness.
Constant murmuring and grumbling.
Unregulated hunger and weakness of the body.
Loss of senses.
Suicide in worst cases.

It is advisable and wise to invest in viable and secured businesses that offer good returns, this will give you peace of mind as you are always sure of your capital.
Investment gives you sense of ownership, but gambling doesn’t, rather it keeps you in doubt and frustration.

2) Stay Away From Fraud

Avoid doing these 6 things as a man if you must live long and remain fertile

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), fraud can be an addiction. When a man gets addicted to fraud, he can hardly focus on any legitimate means of making money. This often leave him on the run or watchout for security agencies and eventually ends him jail.

Fraud is one activity that psychological drains a man’s positive thinking abilities, endangers his life and leaves him settling off one penalty or the other.

Some of the negative effects of Fraud include:
Uncontrolled Aggression
High blood pressure
High risk of heart attack, etc

A man who chooses to depend his living on defrauding others, is unknowingly killing himself slowly because not only is he doing the wrong thing, but at the same time draining himself of positive psychological thoughts and certainly inviting karma upon himself sooner or later.

3) Avoid Smoking Indian hemp and cigarettes.

Avoid doing these 6 things as a man if you must live long and remain fertile

In as much as smoking have it’s health benefits, addiction to it, is in no way good for your body.

Smoking cigarettes can have numerous unfriendly impacts on the body. A portion of these can prompt dangerous difficulties.

Truth be told, as indicated by the Center for Disease Control and Avoidance (CDC), smoking cigarettes expands the danger of biting the dust from all causes, not simply those connected to tobacco use.

Smoking cigarettes influences the respiratory framework, the circulatory framework, the regenerative framework, the skin, and the eyes, and it expands the danger of various tumors.

As the common phrase states: “smokers are liable to die younger”.

4) Do Away with Sugar, take more of veggies and lots of fiber rich foods.

Avoid doing these 6 things as a man if you must live long and remain fertile

Sugar has a clashing standing with regards to wellbeing. Sugar happens normally in all food sources that contain starches, like products of grains, and dairy.

Eating food items that contain normal sugar is alright. Natural sugar can be found in both plant and diary food sources.
These plant food sources containing natural sugar, oftentimes have high measures of fiber, fundamental minerals, and cell reinforcements, while the dairy food sources of sugar, often contain protein and calcium.

Since your body processes these food sources gradually, the sugar in them offers a consistent inventory of energy to your cells.
A high intake of organic products, vegetables, and whole grains additionally has been researched to reduce the danger of ongoing illnesses, like diabetes, coronary illness, and a few malignancies.

Health issues often spring out happen when you take in an excessive amount of added sugar — that is, sugar that food makers add to items to build, enhance or expand time span of usability.

Taking lots of added sugar is not healthy for your body framework. For the benefit of good health and masculine fertility, you need to try not to take a ton of sugar or things that join a lot of sugar to avoid diabetes and a superfluous expansion in weight as a man.

Fundamentally, the higher the admission of added sugar, the higher the danger for coronary illness,” says Dr. Hu.

5) Stop Excessive Alcohol

Avoid doing these 6 things as a man if you must live long and remain fertile

Numerous men are going through this specific one. Alcohol literally is not bad but it is good that you reduce its intake into your body system, to avoid critical damage.

Drinking excessively – either within a short period or over the long run – can negatively affect your wellbeing. Here’s what alcohol can mean for your body:

Psychological Effects of Alcohol

Liquor meddles with the mind’s correspondence pathways, and can influence the manner in which the cerebrum looks and works. These interruptions can change state of mind and conduct, and make it harder to think unmistakably and move with coordination.

Effects of excessive alcohol on the heart❤️

Excessive intake of alcohol can cause the following damage to the heart:
Cardiomyopathy – Extending and hanging of heart muscle.!
Arrhythmias – Sporadic heart beat

Effect of excessive alcohol on the liver:

Excessive drinking negatively affects the liver, and can prompt an assortment of issues and liver irritations including:
Steatosis, or greasy liver
Alcoholic hepatitis

Effects of excessive alcohol on the pancreas:

Alcohol makes the pancreas produce poisonous substances that can ultimately prompt pancreatitis, a perilous aggravation and expanding of the veins in the pancreas that forestalls appropriate absorption.

6. Avoid Numerous sex partners (too many girls)

Avoid doing these 6 things as a man if you must live long and remain fertile

As a man, if you must maintain sanity both psychologically and health wise, you must try to have one partner at a time.

Having too many sexual partners increases your chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) which eventually leads to death, if carelessly handled.
It also leaves you unstable and unsure emotionally and can as well cause depression.

These are the six things you must avoid as a man, who plans on having good health, long life and masculine potency.

Are there other things which you think we have failed to enshrine into this article but ought to be? Let us know about it using the comment section.

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