Does Masturbation Cause Muscle Loss

Does Masturbation Cause Muscle Loss?

Does masturbation cause muscle loss or weakening? Maybe it often crosses the mind of those of you who are going to the gym or involve in sports like martial arts, etc.

I will discuss and explain briefly if a question arises whether masturbation causes muscle loss? the short answer is NO. Why? because muscle development itself requires testosterone which is naturally produced by the body and several substances/nutrients forming one of which is protein, some people say when you are bulking (a term in fitness) don’t masturbate then the protein will be wasted and the muscles will become flat/flabby. that’s a big mistake!

Because scientifically our bodies have a very good nutrient absorption system (healthy people) and the nutrients that enter the body will immediately be broken down/divided into all the organs of the body from toe to toe and will not disturb one another. then what does masturbation have to do with making muscles flat because of wasted protein? Yes, it doesn’t matter, the protein that is removed is protein in sperm, not protein in muscles, and it’s impossible for our testicles to help protein from muscles in our body.

However, Masturbation is actually normal as long as it’s not excessive. It is actually a common and safe sexual activity to do. The goal is to reach an orgasm or climax, like having sex with a partner. 

Masturbation can even provide various health benefits. On the other hand, this activity is often associated with impaired sperm production and psychiatric disorders. Is that right? Read on to find out!

Based on research, men who frequently masturbate regularly have lower testosterone levels, and will increase again after 6 days of stopping masturbation, but other studies state that there is an increase in testosterone levels after masturbation. Masturbation does not have a direct negative impact on hormones. The negative impacts that can arise from excessive masturbation are mainly more psychological, such as:

  • Feeling guilty.
  • Addicted to cause anxiety when not masturbating.
  • Enjoy masturbation more than sex with a partner.

Masturbation does not affect muscle mass, but masturbation, especially those that are routine or too frequent, should be avoided.

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What’s Masturbation

Does Masturbation Cause Muscle Loss?

Masturbation is an activity to stimulate one’s own genitals to achieve sexual satisfaction. It can be done in various ways, such as by swiping the genitals against a blunt object, using sex toys, and so on.

Various studies state that around 70–90% of men and women have masturbated and about 25% regularly do it every week.

Does Masturbation Cause Muscle Loss?

Masturbation is not directly related to muscle reduction (atrophy). Muscle atrophy is more commonly caused by muscles that have never been trained, for example due to nerve injuries, too long bed rest, and so on. Muscle atrophy often appears as wasting of a particular body part, for example an arm or a leg. However, body parts that seem smaller don’t always mean you have muscle atrophy. It could be that the small part of your body is purely caused by anatomical variations from birth, congenital defects, or other medical conditions. Of course,

Even if it’s not related to muscle atrophy, you still have to stop the habit of excessive masturbation. Because, excessive masturbation is known to cause addiction. Not only that, masturbation can also cause irritation and sores around the penis, muscle pain around the pelvis and genitals, shrinkage of the forebrain, and even erectile dysfunction.

Although research on the benefits of masturbation for health is still very limited, this sexual activity has been proven to make the body and mind more relaxed.

There are several health benefits that can be obtained from masturbating, including:

  • Relieves stress and improves mood
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Increase sexual arousal
  • Overcoming premature ejaculation
  • Reducing the risk of prostate cancer
  • Relieves complaints during pregnancy

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Masturbation affects with muscles

What makes the muscles shrink/weak/flabby is not because of the wasted protein during masturbation but when we masturbate we spend a lot of energy and stamina, for example: if we don’t masturbate we can lift 10 kg dumbbells with 15 repetitions, if masturbating before training we can only lift 8kg with 10x reps.

Some recurring problems with masturbation are:

– Increased cholesterol and triglycerides
– Irreversible liver changes
– Increased blood pressure
– Appearance of acne
– Reduced fertility

For women, there may be changes in the voice, clitoris and changes in hair. Only after specific exams and a detailing of the patient’s health condition can, through the doctor, there be an indication of testosterone.

Conclusion: Does Masturbation Cause Muscle Loss?

It’s normal to have testosterone spikes at a certain time of day. Even during sex and masturbation. But, as it involves energy expenditure, they decay soon after and the feeling of relaxation is immediate. This does not mean that masturbation interferes with performance in the gym, because in a few minutes the body already recovers its vitality and the act of cumming has no direct relation with muscle loss or harm to training in the gym.

Although many say that it (masturbation) interferes with training, because there is physical wear and tear in this act, it is not so great as to affect the result, his performance. Even because masturbation is an act that invigorates the individual, provides well-being and is invigorating”, clarifies the specialist.

And when testosterone is too low, what to do? Calm down, it’s not just this hormone that helps with muscle gain, there are several others. However, as it is a natural component of men, it is worth talking to a doctor and doing the necessary tests to see if it is necessary to replace testosterone in the blood.

Testosterone is not a ‘medicine’ that anyone can take. Its indiscriminate use is not indicated. Express medical follow-up is needed for testosterone replacement, as in healthy men, without a drop in its dosage, and without medical indication, it can cause serious damage.

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What causes muscles to shrink?

There are many factors that can make muscles shrink. Starting from infrequent activities, nutritional deficiencies, to indications of a health disorder or disease.

Can masturbation make the body limp?

When you ejaculate, your body’s muscles strain all over and you release testosterone, this makes you tired. Orgasm from masturbation does cause a feeling of “weakness” as well as physical exertion in other activities.

What causes muscles gain?

Muscles will begin to form when you do strenuous physical activity, for example, strength training. After doing these activities, the muscles will experience microscopic damage, triggering the body to build new tissue at the site of the damaged muscle.

When I masturbate do I lose testosterone?

Therefore, it is clear to think that sex and masturbation increases testosterone production, both in men and women, since the hormone responsible for sexual desire activates the response of the limbic system, part of the brain that controls emotions.

Is there “post-masturbation depression”?

There is no right or ideal amount to classify masturbation as healthy, as it is a natural practice for both sexes, with no negative effects at first. Masturbating helps you get to know your own body, find ways of self-pleasure, and also brings little-discussed beneficial effects, such as reduced stress, anxiety, and improved sleep quality.

There are people who practice it once a day, others don’t. There is no specific amount that we can consider normal or not. But one must be aware if this act is done several times a day, compulsively, disturbing the individual’s normal activities. If this is the case, it is necessary to seek help from psychologists and sexologists so that there is a correct diagnosis.

On the other hand, the term “post-masturbation depression” is also heard, when the individual reaches orgasm and feels more tired, discouraged or with a feeling of guilt.

However, there are no studies that validate the expression or treat it as a pathology. As we have already mentioned, masturbation and sex release a peak of hormones and caloric expenditure and it is normal to feel “inert” for a few minutes.

What exists is a normal post-masturbation fatigue due to the fact that there was an expenditure of energy when reaching the peak of pleasure. It is natural that, immediately after the act, some people feel relaxed, and even tired, but in a short time, the body recovers naturally.

Does Masturbation Cause Muscle Loss?

We hope this article helped you learn does masturbation cause muscle loss. You may also want to learn Does releasing sperm make you lose weight, or check out our Women’s Health category.

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