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10 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Guava Fruit For Pregnant Women

Guava Fruit

Guava fruit

Guava (Psidium guajava) is a tropical plant that will grow well in tropical and subtropical areas, no wonder it can grow easily in the backyard as it needs no special way of cultivation. The Guava fruits can be eaten directly. it also can serve as a juice that will feel more tasty and sweet. The flesh is pink in color and the taste is really sweet. The fruit is quite round and not too big. It has a similar size to the typical apples.

In Addition, fruits bring many benefits if consumed 30 minutes before or after a meal. Not only can it help to build a strong body and immune, but fruits also contain so many vitamins and minerals that are good for our body. Guava is one of the fruits with so many benefits, particularly during the pregnancy stage of women.

Scientific Name(s)
Psidium guajava

Common Name(s)
Common guava


P. guajava



Nutrient Content of GUAVA Fruit

The fruit contains several nutritious contents: Each section of guava is around 165gr of the fruit, normally contains the nutrition below:

  • 700mg vitamin A
  • 30gr vitamin C
  • 10mg vitamin B6
  • 3mg calcium
  • 2mg iron
  • 9mg magnesium
  • 112cal calories
  • 1.6gr fat
  • 3mg sodium
  • 688mg potassium
  • 24gr carbohydrates
  • 8.9gr dietary fiber
  • 15gr sugar
  • 4.2gr protein

Everyone knows the health benefit of fruits, so as it is on the health benefits of guava during pregnancy. Below Health Benefits of Eating Guava Fruit During Pregnancy.

Health Benefits of Eating Guava Fruit During Pregnancy


1) Strengthened Fetus

Immunity also is a great way to manage the fetus to keep it healthy and strong. A strong immune system from the mother will be able to give birth and also create a more healthy baby. Therefore, consuming guava fruits can help to achieve a healthy strong fetus too.

2) Control Blood Pressure

Another health benefit of guava fruit during pregnancy also can help to control the blood pressure level. Pregnant women are easily ill of high blood pressure due to fatigued and also increase in blood speed during the pregnancy. Eating guava fruits will help to reduce the tension and also avoid the possibility of experiencing high blood pressure.

3) Avoid Anemia

Guava fruit contains minerals that help produce adequate red blood cells. Hence, it can help to avoid anemia. This is crucial in pregnancy where the pregnant woman loses minerals regularly to supply to the fetus and as a result, it results in a condition of hard anemia symptoms.

4) Source of Vitamin C

Guava is well known as the highest source of vitamin C. Hence, it can help build the body immune to avoid the possibility of any sort of diseases infection. In Addition, it can keep the fetus healthy, keep strength, and experience no problem during the time of pregnancy.

5) Avoid Dehydration

Guava contains a lot of water that helps supply the necessity of liquid in the body. Hence, the fruit is good to avoid dehydration. This is vital for pregnant women as they share liquids with the fetus to make sure the amnion fluid is adequate.

6) Ease Digestive

As fruits are rich in fiber, it is a great way to keep a healthy digestive system. Especially in pregnant women which usually have difficulties with indigestion during the last trimester. Hence, eating more fruit will lead to a good metabolic rate which can also help ease digestion.

Boosts immune System

The main health benefit of eating guava fruit is to increase the immune system of our body. This is as a result of the fruit containing a great amount of vitamin C. This is highly beneficial for taking care of the body’s immune system along with pregnancy, as a strong immune system is required so that the pregnant woman can not be sick easily.

8) High Fiber

In the same way as several other fruits, guava also contains a great amount of fiber. This is good to regulate a healthy intestinal bowel movement that can lead to proper digestion. In Addition, it can help to perform a fasten digest and lead to better nutrient absorption.

9) Healthy Glow Skin

Guava contains vitamin E that helps for healthy skin. It can also help to produce smooth silky skin and bring a healthy skin appearance. In addition, it will bring glowing skin that can help to avoid any skin irritations, such as eczema or acne. Hence, guava is the best natural treatment for the skin during pregnancy.

10) Avoid Diabetic

Guava contains natural sugar and sweets. This is a good way to avoid diabetes and regulate the blood sugar level in our bodies. This is crucial since the pregnant woman’s hormones usually lead to abnormal insulin levels in the blood. By consuming the right fruit, it can help to regulate insulin and also regulate an average blood sugar level.

Caution and Suggestions

In as much as the Guava fruit brings various health benefits for pregnant women, there are also things to consider when eating the fruits. Below are suggestions to follow when you decide to eat guava during pregnancy.

  • Avoid steady consumption of the fruit if you experience any allergic conditions, such as itchiness, redness kin or swollen face. In addition, do not carry on if you feel sick or nauseous after eating it.
  • Consume adequate portions to avoid diarrhea as the fruit is rich in fiber. Hence, too much consumption of guava can lead to stomach problems.
  • Make sure to remove the seeds from the fruit, because the seeds can produce a symptom of appendicitis. Ensure to take a lot of drink while eating the fruit to avoid choking or any unwanted problems.

Now, you have read about the health benefits of guava during pregnancy. Make sure you consume the fruit every day as it is good for pregnancy.

But, keep the normal portion of consumption. Hence, it will bring numerous optimal benefits and help to avert any unwanted side effects. Majorly for those effects that may be harmful to the fetus.

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