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13 Healthy And Inexpensive Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In addition to preparing you for a new day, it also replenishes all the nutrients your body used up during the night.

Plus, it can help you keep your metabolism up and give you energy to get through your day’s activities.

Below you will learn a series of recipes to have a healthy and inexpensive breakfast.

The Importance Of Breakfast

13 Healthy And Inexpensive Breakfast Ideas

A balanced and nutritious breakfast has many health benefits.

Studies show that it not only helps speed up metabolism and replenish nutrients, but it also helps you gain greater weight control and reduce the risk of developing heart problems.

So check out the following 13 inexpensive and healthy breakfast options:

1. Omelet

It’s a high-protein option, and you can add vegetables, vegetables like spinach, or even shredded chicken.

It can be prepared either in a skillet or in the microwave, making it an easy option for the busiest days.

2. Scrambled Eggs With Wholegrain Toast

Still following the line of eating eggs in the morning for a healthy and cheap breakfast, a great option is to prepare scrambled eggs with wholegrain toast.

The preparation is simple and quick, in addition to being a super cheap recipe. You can add fresh herbs of your choice for a special touch.

3. Banana Oat Shake

The shake is already an ally for the pre-workout and can also be a great breakfast option.

To prepare the banana shake, use some skim or vegetable milk and add oats. If you have oat bran available, so much the better, as it contains a greater amount of fiber.

4. Tapioca

Tapioca is already the best friend of many people who follow a healthy diet and want to replace carbohydrates with more fit and gluten-free versions.

Quickly prepare tapioca in a skillet and fill with whatever you prefer or have at home. You can even include eggs in the recipe to make it rich in protein. Add an egg to the dough, and make a crepioca, or use scrambled eggs as a filling.

5. Wholemeal Bread

Whole grain bread is always a good dietary ally, as it contains more fiber than the common version. It also brings more satiety, avoiding the craving for untimely food.

You can consume it with light cream cheese, turkey breast and a slice of ricotta for a healthy and inexpensive breakfast. To go with it, natural fruit juice or a small coffee straight or with a sweetener.

6. Avocado Paste

This is a very healthy option, as avocados are rich in good fats, which are important for the body.

Besides, it’s very easy to prepare and you can even advance your coffee the day before. The guacamole, for example, remains stored in the refrigerator for a few days because of lemon acid.

7. Pancake

This is an option that appeals to the whole family, and can be made using a variety of fruits and toppings.

A very simple banana pancake recipe consists of mixing 1 well-mashed ripe banana with 1 egg and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal.

Use a preheated non-stick skillet and keep the heat low while cooking the dough. Sprinkle some cinnamon, which is delicious.

8. Fruits With Yogurt And Oats

Chop some fruit and serve with oats and low-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt. It is a meal rich in protein, yogurt, and fiber, oats and fruit. In addition to being fast, cheap and practical.

9. Papaya With Granola And Honey

In this recipe, you can cut papaya into cubes and serve it drizzled with honey and granola. Or you can add sugarcane molasses and other fruits to vary the flavor. In addition to being tasty, this meal is rich in fiber and nutrients.

10. Cottage Folder

Folders always save when you lack ideas of what to do for breakfast. A good option is to make a herbed cottage paste to eat on toast or wholegrain bread.

11. Green Juice

The green juice detox is always an excellent choice to take a healthy and inexpensive breakfast.

A good tip is to use kale or spinach as a base for green juice, as they are very nutritious. And you can use ingredients like apple, lemon, ginger or mint to add flavor and vitamins to your green juice.

12. Green Tea

Green tea is a thermogenic drink that helps you lose weight and goes very well with breakfast. Serve without sweetening or with sweetener and accompanied by whole-wheat biscuits, toast or whole-grain bread.

Rich in antioxidants, studies show that green tea also protects the body against various diseases and because it contains caffeine, it can replace black coffee from time to time.

13. Fruit Jelly

Fruit jelly is an option that seems refined, but it can be cheap if you prepare it at home.

Choose some fruit like a banana, apple or strawberry and prepare the diet jelly using culinary sweetener and water. To do this, just let it cook until you get the desired texture. Depending on the fruit you use, it doesn’t even need to be sweetened.


Your breakfast doesn’t have to be expensive or complex to prepare to be healthy. Consider these simple-to-make, pocket-sized options to vary your breakfast and add more nutrients to that all-important meal.

To make up the rest of your day’s menu in the same way, check out these quick, easy, and light dinner recipes and some tips for keeping a healthy lunch away, especially when you’re leaving for work or college. To see more post on Diet & Nutrition click here.

13 Healthy And Inexpensive Breakfast Ideas

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