17 Ways to Enlarge Penis Naturally Medical Methods

17 Safe Ways to Enlarge Penis Naturally & Medical Methods

Having a large penis in order to satisfy your partner seems to be every man’s dream. Unfortunately, not all men are born with this condition. Therefore, not a few decide to find alternative ways to enlarge the penis.

Ways that can be tried with natural methods to medical procedures. You can take the following various options to get the ideal penis size.

1. Jelqing


Jelqing is a technique to enlarge the penis by massage. To do this, all you have to do is give a little massage using your thumb and forefinger repeatedly.

Massage the penis like masturbating, but more slowly and regularly. This method aims to train the function network. That way, it can make the penis appear longer and bigger.

2. Compress with warm water

In fact, one way is related to the other. Because, compressing the penis with warm water only aims to increase blood flow through the penile tissue.

Like warming up, this effort makes the skin of the penis more flexible. Compressing the penis with warm water facilitates massage and reduces the appearance of bruising.

3. Avoid stress

Avoid stress

Stress can affect the size of a person’s penis. When you’re anxious or stressed, the muscles of the penis will contract and constrict the arteries.

As a result, blood flow to the penis will be obstructed thereby affecting the size of the penis. Therefore, try to manage stress well. Understand the psychological condition and get the help of a counselor if it is needed.

4. Lose weight

Although losing weight makes the body smaller, the reverse is true for the penis. Losing weight means reducing levels of fat in the body.

When the body is overweight, the fat content in the body will make the penis look shorter. By reducing the fat deposits, it is believed that the penis will extend up to 2 cm.

5. Shaving the hair around the penis

Shaving the hair around the penis

This routine, which is often overlooked, can be a way to enlarge the penis, you know! Quick and easy, the way to make your penis look bigger is to trim the hair around your pubic area.

When the hair is gone, the penis will be able to look bigger. In addition, shaving regularly helps improve pubic health. The penis area also gets good air circulation, away from the risk of pubic lice, and makes sex life more comfortable.

6. Regular exercise

Exercising regularly does not only have an impact on health. Physical exercise when exercising can actually make blood flow in the body run smoothly.

As a result, the blood flowing to the penis flows perfectly. This condition can help the penis look bigger due to maximum erection.

7. Consume ginkgo biloba

Consume ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is an herbal plant originating from mainland China. Consuming this plant is believed to increase blood flow to the penis so that the size of the penis becomes bigger.

A study in The Journal of Urology states that ginkgo biloba provides the strongest relaxing effect on vascular smooth muscle. That way, the erection can occur optimally.

8. Use a penis pump

How to enlarge the next penis by using a penis pump. The stimulation given when the penis is pumped aims to regenerate cells in the penile tissue.

That way, the penis will increase instantly up to 2.5 centimeters. However, avoid using this tool regularly. Because, continuous use can result in tissue damage to the penis, even impotence.

9. Avoid smoking

Avoid smoking

Chemicals from cigarettes can injure the blood vessels in the penis, preventing the penis from filling with blood and stretching. Damage to this blood flow can affect the ability to get an erection, even if you get stimulation though.

A study was conducted by a team at Boston University of Medicine involving 200 men. As a result, individuals who smoke have penises with shorter erections than men who do not smoke. Therefore, it is better to reduce and even stop smoking in an effort to enlarge the penis.

10. Kegel exercises

Not only beneficial for the vagina and women, Kegel exercises also have an impact on the penis. Kegel exercises involve contracting, flexing, and releasing the pelvic floor muscles, which extend from the urinary sphincter to the anus.

Doing Kegels regularly can make erections stronger and improve blood circulation in the penis. That way, the size of the penis also increases, while preventing the risk of erectile dysfunction.

11. Multiply vegetables and fruit

Multiply vegetables and fruit

Changing your lifestyle to be healthier will help a lot to increase blood flow to the penis. As a result, the penis can stretch to the maximum and give it a bigger size.

Spinach, apples, avocados, carrots, tomatoes, even chilies contain compounds that are useful for increasing penis volume. In addition, including these ingredients in your daily diet can improve sperm quality, increase testosterone, and even maintain prostate health.

12. Suspensory ligament surgery

The option for enlarging the 12th penis is through a medical procedure called suspensory ligament surgery surgery . In short, the doctor will remove the ligament and attach the penis directly to the pubic bone. That way, the angle during the erection will change and make the penis appear bigger.

However, this action is not without risks. Given that there are no ligaments that support the penis during an erection, the penis becomes unstable and has a high potential for injury. Also, ligaments can grow back and cause a shorter penis appearance.

13. Fat injection

Fat injection

Another medical procedure that can be done to enlarge the penis is fat injection. As the name implies, fat will be transferred by injection from other limbs to the shaft of the penis. That way, the penis looks bigger and longer.

Just like any other procedure, fat injection also carries risks. Some of the injected fat may spread unevenly or be reabsorbed by the body. As a result, the penis actually curved or uneven shape and looks irregular.

14. Tissue graft

Another technique that can be used to increase the width or length of the penis is tissue grafting. This procedure, which is also called a tissue graft, involves taking a piece of skin and fat layer from another part of the body. This graft is then sutured to the shaft of the penis.

Although it is often used as an option for medically enlarging the penis, there is no evidence that this procedure is safe. Reported by the Mayo Clinic, tissue grafts to the penis are at risk of infection and scarring. The result can actually damage the shape of the penis and affect erectile ability.

15. Penile implants

Penile implants

Not only breasts, large penises can also be obtained with implants. This surgery places additional material under the skin of the penis. That way, it produces the appearance of a thicker penis.

Similar to breast implants, penile implants also carry a risk of infection. In addition, problems with the implant being implanted require repeated surgery to remove the graft. In addition, side effects of shortening, scarring, and curvature of the penis may occur.

16. Penis fillers

Reported by Ro,  some doctors have filler procedures, aka temporary cosmetic filler injections into the penis. This surgery may involve Restylane and Juvederm which are proven to add volume to the cheeks, chin and various other areas of the body. This filler will last six months until it is finally absorbed by the body.

However, this option may be a wise choice. The penis is a highly vascular organ, full of smooth muscle and blood-holding chambers. When injecting filler, the risk is not filling the entire space. As a result, the penis actually looks bumpy and unnatural.

17. Penis thickness enhancement surgery

Penis thickness enhancement surgery

Still from the same source, increasing the thickness of the penis may be done by adding additional substances. There is AlloDerm or sterile tissue taken from corpses. The substance is wrapped under the skin of the penis like seaweed in a sushi roll and increases the thickness.

Unfortunately, AlloDerm is only approved for the treatment of burns and reconstructive surgery, not penis enlargement. However, healthcare providers may use it if it is the only option that is best for the patient.

The options for how to enlarge the penis above may work, but some have dangerous side effects. For this reason, communicating sexual preferences to partners will go a long way in improving the quality of sex without having to take long-term risks.


What results can i expect with penis enlargement surgery?

Release of the suspensory ligament of the penis makes it possible to achieve an average length increase of between 1 and 4 cm. The average circumference gain after a fat grafting session is 25 to 35%. These measurements should be taken 3 months after surgery, at which time the results are stabilized. Several sessions of fat grafting can be carried out according to the desired results and degree of absorption of each patient.

Benefits and risks of penis enlargement surgery and its treatments

Penile enlargement surgery in terms of width can be performed in three ways:

with injection of fat, injection of polymethylmethacrylate hyaluronic acid or placement of a mesh.

In the case of fat injection, the procedure is done through liposuction in another part of the body, such as the flanks, belly or legs, and then part of that fat is injected into the penis to fill it up and give it more volume.

Now, in the case of the surgery that cuts the ligament between the penis and the pubic bone, due to the ligament being cut, some men say that during the erection they end up having a greater elevation of the penis, as it is more exposed, which can improve their quality of life. time of intercourse.

However, the benefits also count and can have (and have) a very positive impact on the psychological and physical health of men.

Penile enlargement surgery can bring benefits such as: improved self-esteem, quality of life, increased safety, in the personal aspect, increased satisfaction of the person and the partner, and all this directly impacts men’s psychological issues.

This is because society has always ended up forcing patterns related to the male organ and this ends up generating insecurity in men who see themselves outside of these stereotypes, which can trigger a series of psychological issues.

That is, penile enlargement surgery ends up bringing a quality of life and well-being that men seek to feel good about themselves when it comes to penis size and this can reflect both psychological and even physical issues.

17 Ways to Enlarge Penis Naturally & Medical Methods

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