Female intimate hygiene and Intimate Hygiene Wash Product. All you have to know

The female intimate region is a gateway to bacteria, fungi and viruses that can cause ardences, irritations, discharge, bad smell and even diseases.

So, it is necessary to pay close attention to female hygiene and intimate cosmetics. Therefore, in this article we explain everything you should know about the importance of intimate hygiene. In addition, we recommend the most suitable  Intimate Hygiene Wash Product to take care of your intimate zone.

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What is female hygiene?

Female hygiene can be defined as the care of the most intimate areas of a woman. It is very sensitive and delicate parts of the female body, formed by mucous tissue and with a characteristic bacterial flora that plays a protective function. Therefore, it is very important that you know why, how and with what products you should take care of intimate areas.

Maintaining adequate female hygiene means preventing and avoiding discomfort in the intimate area. Some of the most common discomforts are vaginal inflammations or urinary infections:

Vaginal inflammations: They are called vulvovaginitis and may have different causes. The most frequent is candidiasis caused by the fungus Candida Albicans that is accompanied by itching and abnormal vaginal discharge.

In other cases, it may be caused by bacteria such as trichomonas, then it is accompanied by yellow-green vaginal flow, fish odor and itching. And we can also find vulvovaginitis by allergic reactions or for hormonal changes such as menopause (the most frequent).

Its symptoms are heavy vaginal discharge, bad smell, itching, redness, etc).

Urinary infections: the most common urinary infection is the bladder infection (cystitis). The symptoms of cystitis are pain when urinating, wanting constants of peeing and blood in the urine.

To prevent the discomfort in the intimate area, it is important to keep the natural pH of the vagina, maintain the bacterial flora of its own and avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

One of the ways to preserve the natural pH of the vagina is the use of products elaborated especially for the care of the intimate area.

Therefore, if you want to avoid vaginal infections, try not to use the same products when you treat the intimate area and the rest of your body. Depending on each stage of life, the characteristics of the intimate zone vary:

1. Children:

There is no production of hormones, the pH is 7, the skin of the area is thinner, the distance between the anus and the vagina is shorter and there is no pubic hair. All this promotes the appearance of vulvovaginitis in childhood. That is why it is important to educate girls on how to perform a correct hygiene. There are specific products for this age range.

2. Puberty and adulthood:

When the production of hormones begins, the mucosa is engrossed and the vaginal flora is developed. The pH varies from 3.5 to 4.5.

3. Menopause:

Hormones are left to produce, the thickness of the mucosa decreases and the pH is modified between 6-7. Decrease protection by more common infections and irritations.

4. Pregnancy:

There are hormonal changes, the secretions increase and therefore, special attention must be paid to hygiene.

How To Perform The Female Intimate Hygiene In The Right Way?

To maintain the hygiene of the female reproductive system, it is essential to wash the intimate area at least once a day. In case of the rule, it is advisable to do it more often (2-3 times a day).

The anal zone is cleaned in the same way as the vulvar region. What you should keep in mind is that the vulva can be contaminated with bacteria from the anus. Therefore, try to clean the intimate area from ahead backwards.

We explain the 6 steps you should follow:

1. Starting in the bath. Wash the region with plenty of water, for about two minutes, always in the vaginal region for the anal, to avoid infections that can be caused by microorganisms present in the feces. Soon after, dry the region with cotton towel.

2. Before using a product for intimate hygiene see if it respects vaginal pH (which is acid). The ideal is to use neutral soap. Avoid soaps with perfume formulas, this can cause allergies. The same goes for intimate perfume, absorbent, deodorants. Intimate deodorants are advised against because they can irritate the intimate zone, they can mask some disease and can alter the bacterial balance of the area.

3. Another tip for intimate hygiene during bath time, gently move the vaginal lips to clean the grooves between them. But the intimate showers are not indicated for it. When cleaning with the toilet paper, always make the move towards the front back (from the vulva to the anus).

4. At the time of dressing, you should also be attentive to your intimate region. Lycra panties prevent ventilation and create a more conducive environment for fungi and bacteria to proliferate.

5. Choose cotton panties – which should be washed with appropriate and dried soap in the sun. Avoid the use of underwear from silk and nylon. You should also avoid getting too long in wet bikini.

6. Absorbents (menstrual pad) also prevent ventilation from the region. Therefore, use them only in the menstrual period. And the change frequently.

Finally, at the time of shaving, instead of scraping everything, keep them trimmed – they work as a natural barrier.

What Can The Lack Of Intimate Hygiene Cause?

The lack of intimate hygiene can cause two types of vaginal infections, common candidiasis in women. Accompanied by vaginal irritation, intense itching and white discharge, and bacterial vaginosis. Symptoms such as: white-itchy discharge. Both complications can be treated with medicines.

Types Of Feminine Intimate Hygiene Products

Products used to perform and maintain intimate feminine hygiene contain neutral cleansing agents. These agents do not alter the pH of the genital mucosa , so they do not cause irritation or vaginal dryness.

You can choose between three formats of intimate hygiene products:

  • Gel for intimate hygiene: this format is the most conventional and is used during the shower or bath.
  • Mousse for intimate hygiene: the use of mousse is easy and comfortable and represents an alternative to the use of gel.
  • Wipes for intimate hygiene: Wipes are a perfect option for people who travel often or spend a lot of time away from home.

In addition, these products are used for both daily hygiene and occasional hygiene:

Daily hygiene: they are suitable for the daily care of your intimate area.
Hygiene on special occasions: it is also recommended that you use specific products after having suffered an infection or any other irregularity.

The Best Feminine Hygiene Products

To conclude this topic, we present you six feminine hygiene products that we always recommend to the clients of our pharmacy. It’s not just about the best-selling products, but also about higher-quality and trusted products.

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  • APIVITA Intimate Lady Gentle Foam:

Cleanser for the Intimate Area 6.76 fl.oz. | Natural Feminine Wash with Aloe & Propolis for Dry & Sensitive Skin | Care for Menopause & Vaginal Dryness – pH 4.

This is a gentle daily intimate foam for cleansing and prevention, specifically for healthy women of reproductive age. It cleanses and protects gently without drying, while it soothes irritations.

It contains organic chamomile plus organic chamomile infused water, allantoin, panthenol and bioactive aloe to soothe any irritations.

In addition, it contains Propolis which helps prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms while lactic acid, natural oligosaccharides and natural lipoaminoacids help protect the natural flora of the intimate area and respect its pH.


  • Vagisil pH Balanced Daily Intimate Feminine Wash for Women:

Vagisil pH Balanced Daily Intimate Feminine Wash for Women, Gynecologist Tested, Hypoallergenic, 12 Ounce- Pack of 3 (Packaging May Vary)

Vagisil pH balance vaginal wash has lacto prebiotic. It’s clinically proven to help maintain a healthy pH balance to fortify natural defenses. Use it every day to help support a healthy pH balance. And a balanced pH is an important step towards good feminine health.


  • Good Clean Love Rebalance Personal Moisturizing & Cleansing Wipes:

Naturally Reduces Odor & Supports Vaginal Health, pH-Balanced Feminine Hygiene Product, 24 Wipes.

This product gently cleanses & moisturizes and leaves you feeling clean, refreshed, pH-balancing feminine wipes are made with premium aloe and soothing botanical extracts, and help to clean, refresh and reduce abnormal odor, gently & naturally by supporting a healthy vaginal ecosystem.


  • Love Wellness The Killer:

Boric Acid Suppositories – Balance Yeast and Odor-Causing Bacteria, and Support the Vaginal Environment – Supports a healthy Vaginal pH Balance – 14 Boric Acid Suppositories

Safe to use externally every time you wash; it will safely cleanse your most delicate parts like the vulva without disrupting vaginal flora and pH levels.

The unique blend of ingredients does not disrupt the vaginal flora (good bacteria) and supports a women’s unique biology.


  • Rael Natural Feminine Cleansing Wash:

Gentle Foaming Intimate Wash, pH-Balanced, Sensitive Skin, Unscented, Daily Cleansing Wash, Natural Ingredients (5oz, 2Pack)

This feminine hygiene product is formulated with natural ingredients derived from coconut, basil, and sugarcane. It is made with only 8 ingredients, without harmful irritants and unnecessary fragrances.

Rael Natural Foaming Feminine Wash gently cleanses and freshens up intimate area while maintaining natural pH levels to alleviate odor and irritation.

  • Zero Taboos Wash:

Fragrance-free, Unscented, Sulfate-free Intimate Foam Wash With Prebiotics. Naturally control body-odor.

This wash provides noticeable decrease in body odor after 10-12 days of continuous use. Beneficial bacteria suppress odor-causing bacteria & support healthy microbiome. Zero Taboos Wash is Sulfate-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, no essential oils, and without herbal extracts for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.


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What Is Intimate Cosmetics?

Intimate feminine cosmetics can be defined as the manufacture and use of cosmetic products made for the care of the intimate area. It is also known as the cosmetics for the intimate areas and should not be confused with the cosmetics of pleasure.

Products intimate cosmetic provide women with some similar benefits as personal hygiene products. However, while the primary objective of intimate hygiene products is to clean the area and maintain the PH to avoid irregularities, the objective of intimate cosmetics is to provide hydration and comfort to the intimate area.

When To Use Intimate Cosmetics?

Intimate cosmetic products can be used throughout the year, but in summer their use is much more recommended

Who Can Use Intimate Cosmetics?

Intimate cosmetic products are designed for all women, but especially during the menopausal period to avoid dryness and when you want to avoid infections.

The Best Intimate Cosmetic Product

If you would like to know which is the best intimate cosmetic product, we give you our opinion. Based on the results it provides and the degree of satisfaction of our clients, we consider that the best intimate cosmetic product is Oleum Intimo di Pompeia Spray. Would you like to know more about this product? Keep reading and we will explain what it is and how it would benefit you to buy an Oleum Intimo di Pompeia Spray.

What is Oleum Intimo di Pompeia Spray?

It is the first intimate cosmetic made from natural active ingredients and plant extracts that provide comfort and well-being to the intimate area

What Are The Benefits Of Using Oleum Intimo Di Pompeia?

  • Thanks to its properties, this product calms the itching and irritation of the vulvar area.
  • Its regular use reduces the risk of vaginal bacterial or fungal infections.
  • Oleum Intimo di Pompeia Spray reduces the dryness that appears during certain periods of a woman’s life, such as pregnancy or menopause. Therefore, this product is ideal for women in menopause or for those who suffer from vaginal dryness during pregnancy.
  • Oleum Intimo di Pompeia Spray is indicated to act as a treatment for vulvar irritation (vulvar psoriasis, candidiasis, thrush or vaginitis).
  • Finally, due to its warm touch and sensual aroma, this product can be used during sexual intercourse.

Would you like to buy an Olevm Íntimo di Pompeia?

Now that you know all the benefits that the use of this product offers, the question remains if you would like to keep one. Go ahead, we recommend it.

Female intimate hygiene and Intimate Hygiene Wash Product. All you have to know

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