Is Yakult good for weight loss

Is Yakult good for weight loss?

Does yakult help with weight loss? This is a question most people who are trying to lose weight would be interested in.

Yakult is one of the most probiotic consumed drink, for both children and adults. Pregnant women can also consume it. Drinking a bottle of Yakult a day offers several health benefits.

However, Is Yakult good for losing belly fat? Some research benefits also show that yakult and all probiotics can help you lose weight and belly fat.

Probiotics are certainly known to most of us for their contribution to gut health and the immune system, but recently they have gain attention for another very interesting reason their relationship with belly fat loss and weight lose!

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What is yakult

A glass of Yakult

Yakult is a fermented milk product made from skimmed milk, fermented by lactobacillus, the probiotic known as Lactobacillus casei Shirota. These substances help regularize bowel functions.

According to Studies, certain strains of the Lactobacillus family can help you lose weight.

In addition to the traditional Yakult, there is also the Yakult 40, which is aimed at an adult audience, the Yakult 40 light, which is less caloric than the traditional Yakult.

Is Yakult good for weight loss in adults?

According to study, probiotics release appetite-regulating hormones in the body that reduces the possibilities of overeating and therefore, promote weight loss. Probiotics also have proteins that control fats in the body.

How does Yakult benefit your overall health? 

  • Balances the intestinal flora: It helps to prevent the proliferation of bad bacteria;
  • Stimulates the immune system: Because it increases the body’s defense cells;
  • Prevents the formation of gases;
  • Regularizes intestinal transit: It helps fight constipation and diarrhea;
  • Facilitates the absorption of nutrients;
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure

How fast does Yakult work?

If you’re taking a high-quality, multi-varietal supplement, you can expect to notice the first improvements and health benefits of probiotics in your digestion in as little as 1-2 weeks after starting probiotics. Some people feel a difference in weight after a few days.

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Can I drink Yakult on an empty stomach?

Is Yakult good for weight loss?

However, there is no specific time to for consumption. Yakult should be consumed every day as part of your daily diet. Most people choose to drink it after breakfast as part of their daily diet.

Side Effects of Yakult

Since Yakult is a food product, there are usually no side effects that may occur, but for those who try Yakult for the first time, bloating is usually experienced in the first week. This happens when the body tries to restore the normal balance of the intestinal microflora.

What happens if you take Yakult every day?

Taking Yakult every day gives you that strength to balance your health. Being available for day-to-day activities, feeling good, maintaining a balanced health.

Because one of the ways to achieve all this is to take care of what happens in your gut. However, Yakult is an industrialized product full of sugar and milk, we do not recommend it for those with IBS l, in addition to yacult not being the best choice for obtaining strains of lactobacilli, this product can further irritate the intestinal mucosa.



What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that have many benefits when consumed. Usually found in supplements and fermented drinks, including Yakult. Probiotics can improve immune function and digestive and heart health.

Which probiotics are best for weight loss?

It is important to know which probiotic foods are the best and, therefore, the most effective in case your goal is to lose weight. Among the different probiotic foods that we can introduce into our diet, here are some best probiotic foods which will help you lose weight:

  • Yogurt, preferably white and natural. This product represents the quintessential probiotics so it is recommended in any diet whether or not to lose weight.
  • Fresh cheeses. Among them, one of the best is Burgos cheese.
  • Kefir
  • Kombucha (an oriental tea that is made from a fermented drink of bacteria).
  • Miso (condiment)
  • Tempeh (fermentation of soybeans that is usually presented in the form of a cake).
  • Fermented foods (especially derived from milk). With fermentation, a series of bacteria are formed that counteract swelling and promote digestion, in addition to stimulating the proper functioning of the metabolism. They also have a satiating effect.
  • Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage)
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Foods with added probiotics: there are many foods that are processed or have added probiotics and that we can find on the market today. It is obvious that natural yogurt is still the best option, but these are also valid alternatives to add to our diet.

Can you gain weight from Yakult?

Fermented milk such as yakult is low in calories and thus can help with weight loss. By promoting the best functioning of the intestine, it also helps to reduce abdominal swelling and deflate.

How often can you drink Yakult?

However, the recommendation is that you consume Yakult in a day, since it contains more of Lactobacillus casei Shirota, that will help you improve your health gastrointestinal.

When should I drink Yakult for weight loss?

The best time to take yakult (and all probiotics) is before or after main meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner). That’s because food helps supplements pass through the stomach, a place with a lot of acid. Without aid, the chances of bacteria being destroyed in the midst of acidity are greater.


Yakult is a drink containing unique LcS probiotic bacteria which has been scientifically proven to reach the intestines alive. Thus, this drink can help build immunity and improve digestive health.

If you like to control your eating and stay in shape, the Yakult is the perfect choice. There are only 30 calories, a 41% reduction in energy value compared to Yakult Fermented Milk.

Is Yakult good for weight loss?

We hope this article helped you learn whether Yakult is good for weight loss. You may also want to learn wether Yakult is Good for Diarrhea, or check out our Diet & Nutrition category. 

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