Silicone Prosthesis Before And After Everything You Need To Know To Achieve The Result Of Your Dreams

Silicone Prosthesis Before And After: Everything You Need To Know To Achieve The Result Of Your Dreams

For those who want to place a silicone prosthesis before and after are essential factors to evaluate. Because we want to know how the result will turn out, if we’re going to like it, if it’s how we imagined it…

We want those silicone and beautiful breasts, that make us look good, happy and fulfilled.

Currently, according to the latest census of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, found that breast implants is more popular in the western U.S.

And nothing better than seeing pictures of silicone to feel even more secure and confident when having the surgery, do you agree? 

To help you, we separate here everything you need to know about the before and after of the silicone prosthesis. 

It is useful information, obtained from the experienced plastic surgeons of more than 15 years and protocols extensively tested.

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Know what’s allowed and what’s not about silicone prosthesis photos before and after.

In this article, we will be looking at hide

Before And After Women With Silicone

Before and after women with silicone
Say goodbye to small breasts!

As soon as Vanessa Lopes discovered breast enlargement, one of her first researches was the “before and after women with silicone”.

Until she was 25 years old he had never had plastic surgery. So she was afraid of what the breast implant surgery would be like.

She had always suffered from small breasts. That’s why she knew that the only way to solve her problems of low self-esteem and inferiority was with a silicone implant.

And, like you, she had her doubts about the before and after of breast implants.

Would it look nice? Could it be based on photos of other women’s silicone implants? Would it look like that famous one? 

For that reason, she went after photos. She wanted to see as many before and after images of the silicone implant as possible to see how her result would look.

Where To See Real Silicone Pictures As A Reference?

Where To See Real Silicone Pictures As A Reference?
Photos of Silicone Prosthesis are for reference only.

Nothing better than seeing pictures of silicone to see how your result can look, do you agree? However, contrary to what many women think, finding images of breasts with silicone is not that easy. For two reasons:

1° Not all women usually disclose their before and after on the internet.

2° Plastic surgery clinics and plastic surgeons are prohibited from publishing images of patients.

Because this violates medical ethics, since doctors are not authorized to disclose clinical cases.

Thus, even if the patient authorizes it, doctors cannot publish their images of breasts with silicone.

This is a norm of the code of ethics of the Federal Council of Medicine.

Even if you see doctors who are publishing results and images of patients on their websites or social networks, be suspicious of this doctor, because he is going against medical norms.

And so, if he’s going against those rules, which guarantees us he’s not disobeying other medical rules, right?

However, if the patient wishes, she can publish photos before and after the silicone. But, of course, without medical influence.

When Van discovered this, she was devastated.

She wanted so much to see results, to know how her surgery would turn out, that she didn’t know what else to do.

It was then that Lari, her friend from work, came up with the solution.

She introduced Van to My health My skin exclusive patient group on Facebook.

The Ideal Place To See Images Of Breasts With Silicone

The ideal place to see images of breasts with silicone
Know where to find the best photos.

My health My skin patient group on Facebook is mainly of women with silicone.

It brings together more than 82,000 women, who take advantage of the space to share their results daily, with photos and texts.

The clinic surgeons do not participate in this group.

It is the patients themselves who disclose their silicones with final results, of their own free will.

They comment on their pain, how the doctor provided the care, how they felt after having the newly placed silicone, which the doctor indicated in the consultation.

It’s a perfect place to get rid of any fears and doubts you may have before surgery. And, of course, to see before and after pictures of the silicone

Just look at this example, a post that our patient Gisele Peniche made after performing the surgery.

“Satisfaction and happiness are the words that describe me, it’s worth every penny and every day of rest.

I won’t say it was easy because it wasn’t, especially the first week but then, we forget about everything…

I just have to thank Dr. who did a great job and the team at MhMs…everyone is wonderful… Ahhhh, I put 325 ml, super tall, I’m 1.56 tall and weight 55”

You can also be part of this group and see prosthetic before and after photos of women who managed to fulfill their dreams.

Click below and make your request:

WARNING: Don’t forget, the before and after images of silicone implants should only serve as a reference, not as definitive.

In other words, it’s no use arriving at the clinic thinking that your result will be the same as your friend’s. Several factors will influence your result and we will show you all of them below.

Silicone Sizes: Before And After Does It Change A Lot?

Silicone sizes: before and after does it change a lot?

The size of the silicone will depend on your expectation and physical structure. When we think of sizes for silicone implants, the question arises: how many milliliters (ml) should I put in? There are so many sizes of silicone that we are in doubt which one is ideal for our body. Look:

  • 100 ml of silicone
  • 150 ml silicone
  • 200 ml silicone
  • 250 ml breast implant
  • 260 ml silicone
  • 300 ml Silicone Prosthesis
  • 320 ml of silicone
  • 350ml of silicone
  • 380 ml prosthesis
  • 400 ml implant
  • 600 ml silicone, etc.

The size of the silicone prosthesis you choose depends on your taste, on how you expect the result to be and on its characteristics.

But like any human being, we can’t resist and do a lot of research on the internet. We want to get an idea of ​​how each size looks.

Vanessa Lopes was also looking for this. So, in addition to images in the group, she researched silicone sizes before and after in celebrities, to have a foundation.

Silicone Prosthesis: Results Of Famous For You To Be Inspired!

The silicone prosthesis is one of the most performed plastic surgeries by celebrities in Brazil. Many want silicone to outline their curves and improve the appearance of their cleavage.

To help you get an idea of ​​what the different sizes of silicone are like before and after, here we have separated the main prosthetic surgeries performed by celebrities so that you can analyze the differences in the size of silicones.

200ml Silicone Prosthesis: Before And After Photos Of Ivete Sangalo

200ml silicone prosthesis: before and after photos of Ivete Sangalo
Ivete placed a 200 ml silicone prosthesis

Vanessa still hadn’t made an appointment with the plastic surgeon, but she had already decided to boost her breasts.

He looked for 100 ml of silicone before and after, but didn’t find much. The same happened with the 150ml silicone: no before and after results appeared.

So, he decided to go for a slightly larger size: 200ml silicone prosthesis.

The first result he found was that of Ivete Sangalo.

The singer had put silicone in 2006 and in her body there was a good difference, even with Vanessa considering the low volume.

However, it was still in the first silicone results . I wanted to see more.

250ml Silicone Prosthesis: Before And After Photos Of Ana Hickmann

250ml silicone prosthesis: before and after photos of Ana Hickmann
Before and After the Silicone Prosthesis by presenter Ana Hickmann

In her research for a 250ml silicone prosthesis with before and after photos, Vanessa found model and presenter Ana Hickmann.

She had gotten the implant in the 2000s, with the intention of discreetly enlarging her breasts so that they looked very natural.

When comparing the images, she couldn’t see much difference, even when silicone prostheses of 260 ml and 285 ml before and after began to appear. The sizes looked very similar.

High Profile 300ml Silicone Prosthesis: Before And After Adriana Bombom

High profile 300ml Silicone Prosthesis : before and after Adriana Bombom
Adriana Bombom’s Silicone Prosthesis

When looking for a 300ml silicone prosthesis before and after, the results started to become a little more evident. Among them, the photos of the 300ml silicone of the dancer Adriana Bombom appeared.

The well-marked and evident prosthesis drew attention, but when looking at images of 300ml silicone before and after, doubts began to arise.

Vanessa thought that everything was very different, despite the size being the same. One woman presented a more discreet result, another was already very evident.

Later on, he would discover that the difference was due not only to the size of the prosthesis, but also to the implantation technique. Which we’ll show you later.

Anyway, the way was to continue the search for a greater volume.

350 Ml Of Silicone: Before And After Dani Bolina

350 ml of silicone: before and after Dani Bolina
Silicone Prosthesis, result Dani Bolina

Fifty milliliters more can make all the difference. That’s what Vanessa thought, but looking at the photos of 350 ml silicone before and after, which she found as a reference, she dispelled that theory.

When looking at the photos of the 350ml silicone prosthesis of model Dani Bolina, she didn’t see much difference with the women who had 300ml silicone implants.

And then other questions began to arise that she hadn’t thought of yet. Like the before and after of the 350ml high profile silicone prosthesis.

So far, Vanessa’s research has been limited to milliliters only: silicone prosthesis 380 ml before and after, silicone prosthesis 375 ml before and after…

Profile was something that, apparently, made a big difference in the result. But she still needed to know…

400ml Silicone Prosthesis: Before And After Ex-bbb Renatinha

400ml silicone prosthesis: before and after ex-BBB Renatinha
Before and after Renatinha’s silicone prosthesis

But before delving into other details, Vanessa also listened to her friends’ opinions and some were emphatic: “since you’re going to get silicone, let it be to make a difference”.

Therefore, she also researched the before and after of a 400ml silicone prosthesis. One of the results that caught her attention was that of ex-BBB Renatinha.

The prosthesis had been well marked, but it was not artificial.

600ml Silicone: Before And After Fitness Model Carol Saraiva

600ml silicone: before and after fitness model Carol Saraiva
Silicone implant, before and after fitness model Carol Saraiva

When she thought she couldn’t find better silicone results anymore, Vanessa was surprised.

On the internet he discovered the fitness model Carol Saraiva. She had placed a 600 ml silicone prosthesis in 2010, and her before and after was much more evident.

But Vanessa saw that, despite her large size, she was well proportioned to her body.

Despite finding some results on the internet, it was in our social group that she actually found before and after photos of silicone prostheses.

That indication to join the exclusive group was of great help. If you haven’t already, this is your opportunity. 

Come see photos of breasts with silicone and learn about the experience of women who have already operated on our social group.

Vanessa was amazed at so many different results from silicone breasts, before and after and after the surgery. However, the research helped to better understand the difference in sizes.

But could she get a result like that? That she left her breasts nice and close together?

Don’t Be Fooled By Silicone Prosthesis Photos

Breasts with silicone before and after, what to evaluate:
Types of silicone implants.

Your result will not be the same as in the image. Each body has a specific result.

Like Vanessa, many women believe that getting silicone implants corrects other problems, such as spaced breasts.

But it is important to point out: this is not the purpose of this plastic surgery!

The focus of the breast implant is to increase the volume of the breasts. With that, you can even reduce this separation.

But it is a consequence, not the purpose of the surgery.

For you to understand better, it is important to know that the prosthesis has a center marked by an internal seal. At the time of implantation, this seal must be positioned at the same height as the nipples.

For this reason, if the patient has breasts with lateralized areolas, known as East-West breasts, apart, this characteristic may even improve, but it will not be completely corrected.

In These Cases, The Solution May Be Mastopexy.

It is possible to correct breast asymmetry with a silicone implant if there is no marked sagging in the breasts.

Otherwise, it will be necessary to resort to mastopexy surgery.

For cases when the patient has only flaccid skin remaining, without asymmetry, the reasoning is similar.

If you have little sagging in the breasts, the prosthesis may be enough to solve the problem.

However, when sagging is more pronounced or moderate, the only way to deal with it is with a mastopexy.

But, of course, it all depends on a personalized assessment.

That’s why it’s essential to schedule your appointment with a specialized plastic surgeon.

Only in consultation will the doctor be able to define what is most suitable for your case.

What Interferes In The Before And After The Silicone Prosthesis ? The Best Tips To Have The Result Of Your Dreams

Although at first we take into account the amount in milliliters of the silicone prosthesis, there are other important factors that influence a more or less demarcated appearance of the silicone:

Remember Vanessa noticed that some results with the same size of silicone looked very different? This is because of these other factors.

For example, if a patient wants to have well-defined breasts, she should not just choose a high volume of silicone. She needs to define other factors with the doctor to ensure that the silicone has the “ball effect”.

Breasts With Silicone Before And After, What To Evaluate:

Breasts with silicone before and after, what to evaluate:
Types of silicone implants.

There are three techniques for implantation of silicone prosthesis. And each technique will meet a different type of need. There is a technique for those who want to have more marked breasts, and another for those looking for a more discreet appearance.

Therefore, each one will interfere differently in breast augmentation before and after. Check out:

Silicone Prosthesis Over The Muscles

The prosthesis is placed below the mammary glands and above the muscle. It is one of the most common positions, especially for those who want to have the result of a well-marked breast prosthesis , with the ball effect.

Silicone Prosthesis Under The Muscle

In the silicone prosthesis under the muscle , as seen in the illustrations above, the plastic surgeon lifts the pectoral muscle to place the implant.

This technique is usually used in those looking for a natural silicone appearance , in which the cervix is ​​not very projected, before and after the procedure.

Subfascial Silicone Implant

In the subfascial silicone implant technique , the prosthesis is positioned on top of the breast muscles, but under the fascial layer and glands. That is, it combines the previous techniques and also merges the two results.

The choice of the type of implantation must be made with the doctor. Because he will evaluate your skin and define which implant is the most suitable for you.

That’s why it’s important to choose a great plastic surgeon, so that he or she can guide you according to several important issues for those who are going to have silicone breast implants.

Do you want to better understand how each implant works, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each one? Access here and find out if you should put silicone over or under the muscle.

Types Of Silicone Prosthesis: Before And After

Types Of Silicone Prosthesis: Before And After

There are different types of silicone , and each one will define a different result for the patient. Some can make the result more discreet, and others can emphasize the ball effect. 

Therefore, the patient should also analyze the best type of silicone with the plastic surgeon.

Natural Silicone Or Gout Anatomical Prosthesis: Before And After

Natural Silicone Or Gout Anatomical Prosthesis: Before And After

The anatomical prosthesis has a drop shape. For this reason, it brings a more natural before and after appearance, marked by the slightly sagging breast. 

Generally, the anatomical drop prosthesis is used in cases of breast reconstruction due to some disease or injury.

This model is rarely chosen for cosmetic surgery.

Conical Or Super High Profile Silicone Prosthesis: Before And After

Conical Or Super High Profile Silicone Prosthesis: Before And After

The conical prosthesis, also known as super high profile silicone, has the smallest base and the greatest projection.

Typically, super high profile silicone is used for those with a narrow chest and small breasts.

In the MhMs group, Vanessa saw that the results of the conical prosthesis before and after left the breasts more projected.

Round Or High Profile Silicone Prosthesis: Before And After

Round Or High Profile Silicone Prosthesis: Before And After
High profile silicone shape before and after

The round silicone prosthesis fills the upper part a lot and leaves the cervix well marked. This model is suitable for those who have a slightly wider chest. 

Vanessa noticed that most women ended up putting the high profile silicone prosthesis, to have a before and after with greater contours in the breasts.

In addition to these silicone prosthesis formats, there are many others. You can check out all types of breast implants here.

Remembering that the format should be discussed together with your doctor. Only he can define which type of silicone prosthesis best suits his body. Don’t do like Vanessa did…

Silicone Before And After: How Not To Be Disappointed?

Silicone Before And After: How Not To Be Disappointed?

Talk to your doctor to understand how your breast silicone result will look like.

When we see before and after photos of silicone prostheses or even the result of a friend, there’s no way around it, we take it as an example of what we want for ourselves.

However, many times we do not take into account all these factors mentioned above about Augmentation Mammoplasty.

With Vanessa, for example, it was like that. On the day of the evaluation appointment, she had already decided on the quantity of milliliters: she wanted to have 350 ml high-profile silicone.

That’s because, in addition to increasing, she wanted to keep her breasts together. For she found them spaced out. In her head, she thought that a bigger volume would solve this problem. But she soon realized that was not so.

First, your before and after reference of silicone breasts was of a woman 10 cm taller.

And, the plastic surgeon explained that, despite being able to reduce the separation of the breasts, the placement of silicone prosthesis does not have this objective.

Together they managed to arrive at a size that would suit their needs, and would adapt well to their body.

Evaluating, Before Putting Silicone Prosthesis Is Essential!

Each woman is unique and requires a face-to-face assessment to identify and indicate the best format to achieve her goals.

By the end of the consultation, Vanessa was confident. That feeling that part of her body was disproportionate to the rest was finally going to disappear.

She still needed to do the preoperative consultation and evaluation with the anesthesiologist. After all, he is the one who will evaluate the anesthesia needed for the patient, in addition to answering questions about the surgery.

After consulting with the anesthesiologist, Vanessa felt much more confident for the procedure, as she had all her doubts answered.

I was delighted just to think that soon…

  • No need to be ashamed of wearing bikinis anymore
  • I would put aside the insecurity of having a more intimate relationship
  • Get rid of padded bras for good

In short, it was a wonderful feeling, an achievement translated into the happiness of being able to feel good about herself.

How Silicone Surgery Works: Before And After The Procedure

Before silicone surgery, you must respect preoperative recommendations , such as quitting smoking, avoiding certain medications and not drinking alcoholic beverages.

Following the recommendations, the surgery begins.

Initially, anesthesia is applied by the anesthesiologist. The doctor will make an incision, which can be through the armpit, through the areola, or under the breast. Then, he will introduce the implant through the cut in the determined place together with the patient. And finally, close the cut.

We explain in detail how silicone prosthetic surgery works here!

After being discharged from the hospital, the patient can go home. However, it is necessary that she correctly follow all the surgeon’s recommendations for her post-op to be the most comfortable of all.

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Silicone surgery can be pretty straightforward, as long as you choose a good surgeon and a trusted clinic to perform the procedure. After all, this is also one of the factors that will influence your result. 

How To Choose The Ideal Doctor For My Surgery?

How to choose the ideal doctor for my surgery?
Training is synonymous with quality. Choose only specialized doctors

For some women, the decision to get breast implants before and after is a quick one. For others, it takes a little longer.

Regardless, it is essential to choose a specialist and experienced plastic surgeon. 

Thus, you are not harmed by a doctor without the proper knowledge and experience necessary to provide a great result.

After all, you won’t have to redo your surgery because the doctor didn’t do it right the first time.

Another important point, still at this stage, is the choice of plastic surgery clinic, which, in addition to being specialized, must be recognized and have good recommendations.

A Clinic with good recommendations is a great sign, even because no one recommends a service that was not well attended or had an unsatisfactory result.

Tips for Choosing a Plastic Surgery Clinic

Tips for Choosing a Plastic Surgery Clinic

A good plastic surgery clinic will offer safety and quality.

By choosing the clinic well, you don’t run the risk of being helpless during the process of your plastic surgery. After all, there will be a great support structure from the pre to the postoperative period.

For example, Vanessa had many advantages when putting silicone on her breast, before and after the procedure:

  • Right to consult with an anesthesiologist specializing in plastic surgery and with the clinic staff. In other words, more commitment to your life.
  • certainty of being operated on in a recognized hospital and previously selected by strict quality standards.
  • Peace of mind to operate with first-rate materials, from the most basic items to silicone prostheses, which must be registered with ANVISA.
  • Support from prepared physiotherapy and nursing teams, who can guide and answer questions over the phone.

These points are part of the essence of the clinic. From the choice of specialized and experienced plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists, to the creation of an exclusive channel for the care of patients.

With it, you can talk to the nurse by phone whenever you feel unwell or have questions during the post-op.

Doubt: Silicone Prosthesis: Before Or After Pregnancy?

Doubt: Silicone prosthesis: before or after pregnancy?

If you have plans to get pregnant soon, the best thing is to wait!

Many women wonder if it is better to have silicone implant surgery before or after pregnancy. The recommendation is that if you intend to get pregnant in a short time, it is best that you wait to have the surgery.

This is because, during the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breast can end up falling out and showing stretch marks. Then I would have to do another correction procedure.

Now, if you have no intention of getting pregnant in the short term, you can have the surgery without any worries.

Because, over time, with or without prosthesis, the shape of the breast will change and there may be sagging. The choice of breast augmentation with prosthesis will be indifferent if you want to get pregnant in the long term.

Photos Of Silicone Breasts Before And After Is Just A Reference

Photos of silicone breasts before and after is just a reference

The silicone prosthesis pictures are just an idea of ​​what you want.

Searching and looking at prosthetic before and after photos is normal. We do this often, but it’s important to know that these images are just a reference, an idea of ​​what we want.

In other words, the fact that you take the before and after photos of Ana Hickmann’s 250ml silicone prosthesis  to the appointment does not mean that your breasts will look the same.

Because, as we mentioned, there are a number of important factors that influence the result.

And, many women fear that their silicone prosthesis will be too exaggerated, but after surgery it is common to happen just the opposite, they always think they should have put on a larger size.

So, do a lot of research, but mainly talk to your doctor and ask all your questions about the before and after the silicone prosthesis

Schedule an evaluation by Whatsapp using the button above and talk to our surgeons. Come find out if plastic surgery is really for you!

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Silicone Prosthesis Before And After: Everything You Need To Know To Achieve The Result Of Your Dreams

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