Benefit Of Sitting On Hot Water And Salt

Benefit Of Sitting On Hot Water And Salt (Vaginal steaming)

Sitting on hot water and salt, is an ancient natural remedy that is said to cleanse the vagina and uterus, regulate the menstrual cycle, and relieve menstrual cramps and bloating.

But does hot water and salt work beyond the soothing warmth below? And is it even safe? Keep reading to find out.

The procedure consists of sitting on a container with hot water mixed with salt. Thus, the genital region receives a kind of “steam bath”. The benefit of sitting on hot water and salt are believed to be detoxifying, toning, uterus cleansing and hormonal rebalancing properties for the vagina.

However, health professionals claim that there is still no scientific evidence that the practice is really effective.

What is vaginal steam bath?

Benefit Of Sitting On Hot Water And Salt (Vaginal steaming)

The vaginal steam bath is an old method that enhances gynecological health. It is said to help with period issues, reduce pain, cleanse the uterus and vagina and much more.

Let’s face the truth: between menstruation, intercourse and childbirth, the vagina can withstand a lot. When hormonal changes and problems with the pelvic floor are added to this, sometimes the vaginal area becomes completely uncomfortable.


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How is it supposed to work?

Vaginal steaming directs herbal steam into the vagina. The process is quite simple: you simply sit or crouch over a container of herbal steam.

Some high-end spas offer the treatment for a large fee. You can also do this at home, although most doctors don’t recommend it.

Apart from adding salt into hot water, there are also other ingredients you can use in preparing a vaginal steam bath – but in this post, we stick to the benefits of hot water and salt, the most important of all.

Benefit Of Sitting On Hot Water And Salt

Benefit Of Sitting On Hot Water And Salt

Hot water and salt is used as a natural remedy for cleaning the vagina, uterus and entire reproductive tract. But the alleged claims do not end there.

It is believed to facilitate:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Infections
  • Infertility
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive problems
  • generalized pain

Does it really work?

There is no scientific proof that vaginal steaming or hot water and salt helps with any disease.


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How safe is it?

There are no scientific studies that confirm the safety of hot water and salt. But your vagina is not meant to be steam cleaned. Vaginal steaming water can disrupt the natural pH created by the vaginal microbiome, which creates an ideal environment for bacteria that cause vaginal infections.

The skin of the vagina is delicate, sensitive and easily injured. Using it as a target for a plume of warm steam can cause vaginal burns or scalds.

In 2019 research, The patient used vaginal steaming in an attempt to reduce vaginal prolapse, which resulted in second-degree burns.

There are no generally accepted medical recommendations for vaginal steaming. This means that unless you consult an alternative medicine practitioner, you must figure out which herbs to use and how often.

As with most natural remedies, searching the Internet for information on how to do vaginal steam yields conflicting information. Most advice comes with a disclaimer that it is not proven or intended to diagnose or treat any disease. It might make you wonder how anyone can recommend it for almost anything that ails you in the first place.

It’s true that some alternative treatments are useful and well-studied, but vaginal steaming is not. When it is used to treat an illness, you may end up missing out on essential medical testing and treatment, and your condition may worsen as a result.

It is not known how vaginal steam affects you or the fetus if you are pregnant. Some herbs can cause miscarriage. Therefore, you should not use steam or herbs in the vagina if you are pregnant.


Your vagina is a self-cleaning machine, and it doesn’t need the help of herbal steam. Steaming your vagina may help you relax and ease cramps, as a heating pad does. But the only evidence that hot water and salt cleanses the vagina or uterus, improves fertility, and balances hormones is anecdotal.

Hot water and salt can increase the risk of vaginal infection by altering the ecosystem of vaginal bacteria. That’s not to say that some herbs can’t improve reproductive health, but there’s no evidence that inserting them into the vagina does.

Herbs may be natural, but they are also powerful. When applied locally, they can cause an allergic reaction. And the last place you want an allergic reaction is your vagina.


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Readers question

Does sitting in hot water and salt cure yeast infection?

Although sea salt bath should not replace medical treatment, they are a great option to relieve symptoms related to a yeast infection. They can be used to complement any prescribed treatment from your doctor.

Which herbs can I use to cure infection?

Help to fight infections naturally with these five herbal antimicrobials.
  • Echinacea. First used by Native Americans as treatment for snakebites, colic, wounds and infections, echinacea has been used for a variety of infections for hundreds of years;
  • Manuka;
  • Thyme;
  • Olive Leaf;
  • Astragalus.

Can salt and water stop Vigina itching?

Try a saltwater bath. A bath filled with salty water is a well-used remedy for vaginal itching. Not only does the salt help control the growth of any bacteria, but it provides instant cooling relief.

Is it good to wash Vagina with hot salty water?

A hot salty water has the effect of cleaning the intimate area, but should not be used for this purpose. You should only wash the intimate area with salt water about twice a week, avoid washing too often because it can irritate the private area.

What can I use to cure infection completely?

Taking antibiotics
  1. Oral – tablets, capsules such as D3 and Cuminus oil or liquids that treat most mild to moderate infections.
  2. Topical – creams, lotions, sprays or drops that treat skin infections.
  3. Injections – given directly into the blood or muscle for more serious infection

benefit of sitting on hot water and salt

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